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Levitated Water and Health

by Michael O\'Connell(more info)

listed in water, originally published in issue 58 - November 2000

It is written in ancient Hindu architectural sutras that the universe is brought into the temple by way of proportion. Or, to put it another way, the universe communicates to itself through the action of geometric resonance. This science of morphogenesis must surely be one of the creator's greatest thoughts. There could be no life on earth without crystals; they were growing here even before the planet had an atmosphere.

Crystalline formations give to our world formative forces functioning as templates upon which RNA and DNA, the basic building blocks of life, are modelled. Pythagoras taught that if one of two strings tuned to the same pitch were plucked the other would also begin to vibrate. It is this very law of resonance that is at work in the birth of a seed crystal. Let us take the example of quartz: imagine uncrystallized silicone dioxide being randomly subjected to diverse stimuli such as pressure, temperature, and morphogenetic and electro-magnetic fields, causing it to arrive at a harmonically resonant pitch and rendering it receptive to being configured in accordance with a hexagonal matrix – as above so below, a crystal is born, a tiny aperture to the beyond sending out SOEFs (subtle organizing energy fields) to the physical world, engendering further crystallization. As the crystal grows, the aperture gets wider, amplifying and modulating transmissions of information.

The Levitation Machine

The Levitation Machine


The directional flow of water

The directional flow of water

One has to marvel at the convergence of sheer genius and simplicity when one contemplates some of the properties of crystal. A crystal is a vibratory object. The piezo-electrical effect shows that if an electrical potential is applied to the face of the crystal it will cause it to contract; when the potential is released it relaxes again. Quartz makes very stable oscillators. Conversely, if pressure is applied to a crystal it emits an electrical potential. A string vibrating upon a crystal whose signal is amplified allows remarkably true sonic reproduction. In 1957, scientists synthesized a hair-like quartz spring only an inch long which could extend to an arm's length. This elasticity is at the heart of why quartz has such an extraordinary breadth of frequency response capable of resonating to the most subtle of energies. I would like to cite the case of glycerine crystals, which were formally unheard of until something occurred to a shipment of liquid glycerine in transit from a factory to a laboratory. By the time the consignment had arrived and the barrels subsequently opened, the glycerine was found to be crystallized. Not only that, but stocks of glycerine that were already at the lab began to crystallize as well, in the absence of physical contact. What can be extrapolated from this incident is that the glycerine in transit received a rare morphogenic input, which was precisely the right key to unlock a cascade of self-replication. By way of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, the signal was boosted and then broadcast ever further to 'ears' that would hear. Could it be that the crystal dimension is but an eventual, tuning, orchestra playing alchemical symphonies to the universe in order to inspire matter to attain its ultimate, omniscient, destiny?

The very mention of the word 'inspiration' must lead us directly to water. This element that we share so intimately with all other living things, is one whose essence pervades the biosphere spanning the four states of ice (crystal), liquid (quasi-crystal), gas and negatively charged bio-electrical particles otherwise known in Yogic traditions as 'prana'. And so we come to see that life is surrounded by and suffused with shape-shifting crystallinity conveying rhythmic energies from the cosmic to the cellular.

It is important at this juncture to give a clue as to how nature may pass on the baton from the mineral kingdoms to organic life. Both water and quartz naturally share a common morphic modality. Two British water researchers, Bernal and Fowler using x-ray diffraction measurements showed that at a temperature of below 4 degrees centigrade water has a rhombic crystalline structure as in the crystal tridymite, whilst between 4 and 200 degrees centigrade it has a structure like that of quartz.

When assessing the quality of water, it is not enough to know whether it is free from chemical pollutants, for it is the 'structural' aspects of water to which most of its multifaceted talents can be attributed. It is only right and proper at this stage to raise our glasses to a few people that over the last 80 years or so have given us a wealth of insight, which, if applied, could be of incalculable benefit to the health of all life systems. Cheers to Victor Schauberger, Theodor Schwenk, Felix Franks, Jacque Benveniste, Henri Coander, Gael & Patrick Flanagan, FA Popp, Wilfried Hacheney and F Batmanghelidj. The work of these and other scientists has led to a greater understanding of water's role as information carrier and basis of colloidal systems. To explain the properties of water, physicists use cluster models in which water molecules are bound loosely together in groups. Dr W Ludwig postulated that information uptake happens by means of a dynamic change in the water cluster structure. This could occur by the action of vibrations within molecular chains. The specific surface area of the water plays a vital role, for, according to Resch and Gutman, it is the molecules on the phase boundaries that take up information, as in the case of succussion, the technique of agitation used in the production of homeopathic remedies. The larger the surface area produced between solute and solvent the greater the transfer of information. This propensity of water to remember underlines a difficulty in processing our drinking water. Pollutants leave behind traces of molecular patterning in water even after they have been physically removed; this is also true of distilled water. This sort of information held in our drinking water can produce adverse effects on our metabolism.

It is common knowledge that the metabolic processes of all living organisms are based on colloidal solutions; blood, lymph and plant juices are obvious examples. Disturbances of the colloidal state leads to disease. It is possible to gauge the health of an organism by monitoring the colloidal state of its constituent parts. In an ideal colloidal state, dissolved particles remain suspended in solution and do not precipitate out. In order to achieve this, the effects of gravity must be nullified by other forces. The one that is most understood is the electro-negative charge or 'zeta potential' which colloids smaller than ten microns naturally assume in order to maintain distance from each other, as like repels like. There is yet another force which has been the subject of much interest in university departments at home and abroad called 'enfolded negative entropy' or ENE. Victor Schauberger, who was originally responsible for bringing it to light, called it 'implosion energy', it is also known as 'levitation force', a term coined by Professor Wilfried Hacheney who, with his knowledge of vortexial dynamics, has designed and built machines capable of producing levitated water.

It was in my capacity as a practising detoxification therapist, privately pursuing a line of inquiry into morphogenic potentization, that I required a quality of water that fulfilled certain criteria, namely:

  • The water had to be free of acquired molecular patterning, rendering it suitable for re-configuration;
  • The water had to have a critical surface tension below 45 dynes per centimetre, making the water 'wetter' and consequently more easily absorbed by biological systems at a cellular level;
  • The water had to facilitate colloidal stability and discretion allowing the transport of nutriments into the organism and the efficient elimination of metabolic wastes. Levitated water possesses all of these characteristics.

If you will excuse the play on words, Hacheney's technical concept for producing energized water is 'revolutionary'. He describes it thus:

"Water is accelerated at great speed in the levitation machine by means of a suction rotor. The water moves upwards in a helix in the outer container in a clockwise direction. The shape of the upper end of the container ensures that the rising water is directed into the inner container. As this occurs, the direction of motion is changed by means of guide plates placed at the upper end of the inner container. The water then flows down in a helix in the inner container in an anticlockwise direction. At the lower vent, the water performs a circular motion in a horizontal plane, where it encounters the suction rotor turning in the opposite direction. Thus substantial relative velocities approaching the speed of sound can be reached in the immediate neighbourhood of the rotor so that the water once again moves in a clockwise direction. The spatial course of the water motion therefore describes two nested contra-rotating helices. A matter of seconds after start-up, a clearly discernible, rhythmic pulse can be heard as the pressure just above the rotor rises and falls, so that the water in the inner container is periodically drawn downwards. The process is rather similar to the compression and extension of an accordion, as the specific surface area of the water is periodically modulated."

During the levitation process, water is stretched over a large surface so that it is, as it were, opened up so that it can be enriched with energy by finely controlled movements in the microsphere. This changes the cluster structure and water as information carrier is initialized. The water is then compressed into an enclosed volume where the induced energy is taken up in the form of micro-vortices. Thus after the energy has been induced the water is closed up again. So it is by means of an artificial manipulation of the surface area of water, that kinetic energy is channelled into a modification of the water structure. The effect of gravitation is related to specific surface area; that is, the surface area of a body in relation to its volume. If the volume virtually disappears and the surface becomes infinitely large, the effects of gravity vanish, because gravity is only effective for masses with a finite volume. The levitation process raises water from its gravity-dominated state to a metastable equilibrium at a higher energy level.

Therapeutic Applications of Levitated Water

Levitation machines for the treatment of drinking water have been available to interested parties since 1987. Since then, over two hundred systems have been installed worldwide. The common experience of those who use levitated water is that they find it easier to drink, and that, after the first glass, a second or third glass is often desired. The accumulated experience, which has been medically observed and documented, confirms that levitated water improves the state of health of humans, animals and plants.

The colloidal state of human blood can be examined by a wide range of methods, notably the Bradford Test. Degenerative diseases in particular can be identified in the early stages using this technique.

Fig 1. Day 1
Fig 1. Day 1
Fig 2. Day 80
Fig 2. Day 80
Fig 3. Day 160
Fig 3. Day 160

The pictures above of the Bradford Blood Test, which involves putting a sample of capillary blood on a slide and examining it under a microscope. The Bradford procedure can diagnose reactive oxygen toxic substances (ROTSs), free radicals and toxic chemicals with aggressive hydrogen bonds. Figure 1 shows the blood test of a subject with clearly visible signs of a degenerative disease with strong free radical activity. The individual was found to be in the early stages of cancer. The colloidal state of the blood here is badly disturbed and the blood appears to be falling apart. Figure 2 shows the same person after 80 days of drinking 1.5 litres of levitated water, per day. Figure 3 shows the continuation of the same level of consumption for a further 100 days, indicating a regenerated colloidal state and an absence of ROTSs. Furthermore, the extent of resulting cancers among patients in a pre-cancerous condition was on average reduced by 38%. (Hacheney F. 1994).

Levitated water is continuously in use in medically super-vised treatment programmes. Reports confirm an improvement in the following areas of human health:

  • Stamina
  • Concentration
  • Digestion
  • Diabetes
  • Blood pressure imbalances
  • Narcotic and alcohol intoxication
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Hydration levels
  • Psoriasis
  • Nutritional assimilation
  • Acne
  • Dissolution of kidney- and gallstones
  • Inflammations
  • Burns (topical application)
  • Cancer
  • Enhancement of homeopathic remedies
  • Neurodermatitis


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Many thanks to Friedrich Hacheney for his kind permission to use material from his book.


  1. Carole Kelly said..

    Excellent article with far reaching ramifications for health. I can confirm the claims for levitated water and we should be taking this further and making access to this water more widely available.

  2. Amrei Bertelsmann said..

    I came across this levitation machine when I was studying in Vienna. But I am living now in Melbourne/Australia and would like to know whether there is anyone here in Australia with this machine. Hopefully you may know someone.
    Regards Amrei

  3. Patrick said..

    Hello, I'm looking to purchase a few of these water levitators to bring good water and health to sydney. Could you please direct me to where i can source these machines.

    thank you

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