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How to Combat Fatigue when Working Night Shifts

by Terrys Fabrics(more info)

listed in sleep and insomnia, originally published in issue 249 - October 2018

Working night shifts can cause havoc for your sleeping pattern, as unsociable hours often mean sleeping during the day to prepare you for work at night. To help people manage their sleeping pattern, Terry’s Fabrics have spoken to night shift workers and hypnotherapy expert, Dipti Tait, to compile top tips and advice when it comes to getting that all important rest, even in the summer months.

Dipti says: “Shift workers do play around with their natural body clock, but this does not mean that their sleep has to suffer. Sleep is a restorative system that our brain and body needs to effectively recharge and reboot, it is crucial that we know how to sleep well to be efficient, healthy and productive.” If you find it difficult to rest after a night shift, these top tips might help you to drift off to sleep.

Fabrics 249 Working Night Shifts

Experiment with Relaxation Techniques

When it comes to relaxing and unwinding, find what works best for you. It’s important to feel calm before bed, as this will enable you to have a better sleep, without interruption.

Dipti says: “Experiment with relaxation techniques – this helps to calm and quieten the nervous system which sets the scene for switching the brain into sleep mode.”

Former Huddersfield nightclub worker, Jess McDonnell, 27, said: “I was often working from 9/10pm at night until 5 am in the morning, or sometimes later. I found that switching off my technology when I got home helped me to relax and ensure I could get to sleep faster.”

Shut out the Light

Hotel worker Charlotte Bowen 24, from Cambridgeshire, reveals her top tip for sleeping after a night shift: “I have blackout blinds, which are excellent for sleeping past 11am. They’re a great way of shutting out the daylight, so your body thinks it’s night time”.

Dipti reiterates Charlottes advice, saying: “The main benefit of sleeping in a darkened room is that your brain will have reduced visual stimuli. When the visual centres are inactive, the brain finds it easier to switch off.”

Paul McGuiness, the owner at Terrys Fabrics, says: “Products such as blackout blinds or curtains are great as they keep the sun out during summer and keep the warmth in during winter. They’re available in a range of colours and styles too, so you’ll always find something to suit your bedroom décor.”

Reduce your Stress Levels

Everyone has different methods of dealing with stress but one thing remains the same for all of us:  stress impacts our ability to sleep.

Dipti says: “You need to reduce those stress levels before you go to bed. Nobody will ever be able to sleep if they are stressed or anxious. Find ways that work for you so that you are able to manage stress in your life.”

Wake up Naturally

Having an earlier night can help you to wake up naturally in the morning, which in turn helps you to feel more refreshed and ready for the day.

If you have trouble with your sleep, Dipti has some advice on how you can help yourself to wake up naturally. She says: “A lot of people I speak to about their sleep patterns tell me they wake up just before their alarm clock is about to go off. This is because they have subconsciously programmed their waking up time into their brain, and the brain naturally wakes them up at the right time. To make use of your internal alarm clock, all you have to do is instruct your brain to wake up at a certain time.

“Try an experiment and simply tell yourself as you get into bed: I will wake up at 7am tomorrow, feeling refreshed and raring to go!”

Paul McGuiness adds: “Getting enough sleep is so important and if you’re struggling to fall to sleep at night, or are suffering from disturbed sleeping patterns, it can really impact your health and wellbeing.

“If you work night shifts and struggle to sleep during the day, there are options available that will help you get enough sleep and be refreshed for your next shift!”

For a quick and easy way to block out the light during the brighter months, take a look at the range of blackout blinds available at Terry’s Fabrics:


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