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Mind, Miracles and Meaning Part III: The Answer to Life’s Mysteries

by Gina Pickersgill(more info)

listed in psychospiritual, originally published in issue 223 - July 2015



“The substance of your ideas is yours! It is of your mind. The substance of the reality may not yet be yours. To make it yours, you must make the body of your ideal coincide with the body or actuality of that which you desire.”

(Brown Landon, 1922, p.61)

42 Meaning: The Answer to Life’s Mysteries

Learning to live your life through meaning that others have bestowed on you is by no means an easy task. What has transpired through your mind are those things that have been ‘posted’ by others - to use a Facebook analogy.  Why would you want to take on all those ideas and give yourself the grief of understanding what they mean so that you can live by their codes?  What I am saying is that when you take on the meaning to be your own you are living a life that is not really of your own making, but that of another person’s ideals.  This is why most people, when asked what is their main purpose in life,  don’t know. So what is purpose and how can it help us find meaning in life?

Purpose is for Living; Meaning is for Creation

Creation comes when people have an idea and want to express it usefully. Look at all the businesses that spring up to provide a service or product to people who need it. These are examples of ideas that have been created using imagination, application and dedication. So what is it about using imagination to bring forth ideas we wish to realize that keeps us motivated, enlivened and full of joie de vivre? The answer is energetic bonding.

In the microcosm of living energy there exists the potential to manifest ideas through thoughts that have high vibrational frequencies. Therefore, when we focus solely on the energy vibration that will bind thought with emotion,  we attract the outcome of that idea to us.  If this is to become a habit, it becomes a sustainable behavior which in turn becomes ‘just who we are’. So there is logic to this rhythmical essence; it’s in understanding this logic that we can begin to assess what we need to assess more clearly. In doing so, we find out that what we thought was true was actually somebody else’s idea that we just took on board as ours. So how do we create an assessment that is truly ours and how do we manage its nuances over time?

Well the first thing is to understand that what we thought we knew was just a bunch of ideas that seeped into our neurology and gave us behaviour that allowed us to act out those scenarios in ways that fit with our interpretation of them.  So changing that interpretation is a crucial first step in idealizing our own application of an idea. It’s called creativity.

Creativity is the aspect of ourselves that wants to fulfill its potential. It’s the part of us that needs to manifest an idea and bring it into being.  Its purpose is to help us focus on the elements required to make it work and so ‘making it work’ becomes the aim, the purpose for its creation. Therefore we have to utilize what works in order to make it a successful outcome. Then, once you have made this decision, things become easy and you can show the world you mean business. This is what you strive for. This is what lets you know you will succeed. The path to success then, is one in which you make decisions towards your joy.

Meaning: The answer to life's mysteries

Little Bird Sketch drawn by the Author

What is Joy?

Joy is that moment in which you realize you have hit upon a truth. Truth being that thing that makes you realize it has happened. For example, let’s say you have just been given an award for something you achieved with flying colors. That award represents something that you have made happen and the effort you created to do so. Therefore, the decisions you made were what helped you move forward on that ideas. So looking back you can see that you made decisions that worked. In view of the fact that decisions are made with hindsight when planned for in advance, it is well to know that planning is the key to making things work. However, it’s not always exact, but the direction has been set in its aim. It is this direction that gives us the momentum to move forward and make decisions that last. So let’s look at why decisions are important and how they lead us to joy.

Joy Decisions

Making joy from outcomes that are fuelled by decisions that work in the direction of your goals is one of the few skills you will need to transgress your current reality. What I mean by this is the ability to know when to choose a path or action that will lead to joy. In this sense, the decisions you make must be fuelled with a sense of integrity and a firm belief in your sense of self ownership. This means that no matter what your circumstances you can create a reality that is made with your deepest desires in mind.  A mind that can transgress reality in favour of a new and more enlightened one has the power to create miracles. When we focus on what matters, we realize the truth of what we have been thinking and we can make reality our own.

The next step in realizing the creativity of our visualizations is to understand the thinking that created it. In other words, we have to acknowledge the ideas that come forth through them. In essence, this process is the key to making reality seem real because of the elements that surround the nature of creation. The element that I am referring to make sense in that they contribute to the overall management of how creativity is born. In learning how these work to provide meaning, we first have to understand the principle of engagement and what it means to be in the flow of creative thought or muse.

The Rules of Engagement

The banishment of ideas that don’t support your well-being and happiness can sometime make you focus on the things that make you squirm. In that sense, the focus must be on what makes you feel joyous. Therefore, wanting to be at one with the all will make you come up with ideas that have that end in mind. In view of this learning, you have chosen to make decisions based on what you feel to be right.  This means that intuitively you know how to spend your time more usefully and therefore more engaged with life. Engagement with life is the application of knowledge that instructs those who wish to utilize it meaningfully are able to do so easily. This means that they enhance the richness of their experience to engage the feelings of joy they bring. In one sense they live in the moment with awareness of what they are noticing in relation to that moment, and in another they are creating judgements about what is useful to the extent that joy is maintained. In maintaining joy, they are engaging the rules of enjoyment and flow.

Meaning: The answer to life's mysteries

What is Flow?

Flow is the ability to naturally pursue that which is meaningful and engaging. Therefore, flow is a state of immersion that provides the individual with a sense of peace and feelings of completeness. So flow as an engagement tool is the special element that deserves the most satisfaction in terms of being at one with the moment. This zone focused mindset is what many psychologists refer to as ‘being in the zone’ or ‘runners high’. So flow is the ability to remain engaged with the program of activities or tasks for periods of time that enable enjoyment and wellbeing to flourish naturally.  How does flow engage our sense of meaning?

Flow engages our sense of meaning by allowing us to be in tune with what we naturally desire. This means that when we want to achieve something from a place of holistic integrity, we naturally gravitate towards those things, people and places that give us the opportunity to do so. In view of this idea we will now look at how flow generates meaningful action in the direction of our highest potential.

Meaning: The answer to life's mysteries

How Flow Orientates us for Meaningful Action

Flow orientates us towards meaningful action in a way that allows us to express a deep yearning to create something new. The traits that we develop enable us to change our minds about what we are able to create according to the ideas that we adopt in the process of learning new things. So what is it that enables us to change our mind in such a way as to create meaning?

When we focus on something new we have to learn how to embrace the understandings that we perceive in the process of getting it assessed and managed. In relation to this we understand it in a way that engages our attention and captures our imagination. The process of learning enables us to make meaning as we go forward with understanding new material, experience or ideas. So when we engage with new material we embrace the understandings that get known in our psyche. Present yourself with a new idea and you will experience confusion, understanding and learning in a way that defines the meaning it gives you.  For example, if you were to learn a new skill, you would need to analyze the tasks and motions that involve making it real for you.

You would then need to put them into a sequence that makes sense for the outcome to be successful and then you would need to practise this sequence until you have mastered the nuances that make it happen to a level that is acceptable. So learning involves making meaning at the level of understanding. In short, meaning is what you make it mean according to how you perceive and understand its learning. How you learn depends on what you focus on and how engaged you become in the process. How engaged you become depends on what you accept as important, salient and idealistically pertinent.


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Gina is a transpersonal coach who brings multimedia to her practice.  She created an authoritative eMagazine on NLP and Healing, based on The Healing Pool, a virtual sanctuary she owns in Second Life as her avatar 'Nina Lancaster'.

An NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Society of NLP Trainer, Gina assisted co-creator of NLP Richard Bandler on their London NLP, seminars from 2001-5.  Originally training as a fitness instructor specializing in fitness for the fuller figure, she gained a degree in Sports and Exercise Studies in 1999 and introduced the concept of Lifestyle Coaching to Virgin Active Health Clubs. She is a published holistic article writer and regular contributor to NLPLife Training Newsletter. Gina is now focused on working towards a new paradigm of delivering NLP training to a virtual world audience via various forms of multimedia platforms in partnership with sponsors and organizations.

Gina is passionate about raising awareness of virtual worlds, their potential for training change and personal development, where they will have the best benefit to a global audience, as well as to those who need more traditional methods of learning such as books, CDs, audio and one to one coaching.

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