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Short Features and Brief Takes Issue 169

by Cherry Coad Aldridge(more info)

listed in product news, originally published in issue 169 - April 2010

Brook Seminars' Active Isolated Stretching And Scar Tissue Workshops

Medical, Fitness and Massage Professionals Learn Integrative Fascia Therapy Programs

Brook Seminars' Active Isolated Stretching And Scar Tissue Workshops

Bodywork Instructor Marjorie Brook of Brook Seminars brought her specialized seminars on  Scar Tissue Release Therapy and Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) to an audience of UK healing professionals last fall and winter.

Both Scar Tissue Release Therapy and AIS are based on the principle that fascia (the soft tissue component of the body's connective tissue system) should move freely without any restrictions for the body to maintain a healthy balance. AIS is a scientifically designed flexibility system involving targeted muscle stretches in short repetitions, while Scar Tissue Release Therapy reduces pain and visible scarring by releasing and realigning adhered tissue. Both techniques approach the multi faceted matrix of fascia three dimensionally to promote full range of motion and balance through the body.

Integrating these specialized healing stretches and bodywork is highly effective in treating pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and everyday injuries, with the ability to improve physical health for the general population. Many doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, athletic and personal trainers and Pilates instructors are integrating these programs into their practice.

Marjorie's upcoming United Kingdom seminars includes Scar Tissue Release A Three Dimensional Approach to the Body and  How to Improve Your Posture with  Active Isolated Stretching in Carmarthenshire, Wales on June 12-13, 2010 and Galway, Ireland on June 19-20, 2010.

Further Information
To register and learn more about Brook Seminars please contact Marjorie Brook on Tel: 001 516-409-1240;   Marjorie's private practice caters to a wide clientele of healthy and special needs adults and children.    

John de Ruiter: Finding Real Meaning and Purpose in Life

Bristol UK: April 15-18, 2010

John de Ruiter: Finding Real Meaning and Purpose in Life

Renowned Speaker and Philosopher John de Ruiter is visiting Bristol UK to offer profound answers to the questions surrounding Real Meaning and Purpose in our lives. John has touched thousands through his public meetings and seminars. His responses to questions are practical yet profound. He teaches that the "the easiest, most effortless and perfect answer can be known by all".

Speaking from his own experience and his "unconditional surrender and servitude to Truth" John offers audiences "a release from the bondage of self-generated mental and emotional illusion into an absolute freedom of what is real". He illustrates this not only through his clear insight, but also through his quiet presence and gentle manner.

Meetings will be held daily at the Winston Theatre, Bristol University Students Union, Queens Road, Clifton BS8 1LN at 14:00 and 19:00. They may last up to three hours and often include periods of silence. Pre-registration is available at Tickets may also be purchased at the venue for single meetings or for the entire seminar.

Canadian born John de Ruiter founded The College Of Integrated Philosophy in Edmonton, Canada, where weekly meetings and quarterly seminars are held. He also holds seminars in various parts of the world.

Further Information

Please contact John de Ruiter via

Aneid UK: Medical Taping Concept In Paediatric Care

24 and 25 July 2010
University of Bedfordshire, Luton Campus

Aneid UK: Medical Taping Concept In Paediatric Care

This 15 hour course is designed for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, osteopaths and chiropractors interested in learning specific taping techniques for paediatric disorders. It consists of a theoretical (30%) and a practical (70%) part. All materials necessary for the clinic will be supplied (2 Cure Tape rolls).  It is mandatory to take scissors with you.

Course Contents:
The Course is focused on learning practical applications and taping techniques (Medical Taping Concept) specifically for orthopedic and neurological paediatric disorders. Evidence of the effects of elastic and non-elastic taping on children will be presented. Taping possibilities for the young infant will be discussed. Videos of various paediatric cases will be presented.
Course Instructor: Esther de Ru
Paediatric Physiotherapist. Member of NVFK- Dutch Society of Paediatric Physiotherapy /SEFIP-Sociedad Española de Fisioterapia en Pediatría. AEVNM Instructor

Further Information
Please contact Aneid UK on Tel: 01582 485209;  To register:

Metta College of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Founded by Amy Ku Redler and Andrea Baglioni, the Metta College of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage offers trainings in this ancient healing art.

Metta College of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage
Daisy Cobra

The Metta College of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is run by the UK's leading teachers and trains students in Central London and the West End of Glasgow.  The college is one of the founding members of the TTYMA (Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Association) – the first governing body to protect the standards of this growing healing practice. The college offers diploma and advanced diplomas in this ancient healing art.
London Diploma starts Sept 2010
Glasgow Diploma starts June 2010
Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing practice, originating from India.  Unlike conventional massage, it is practised fully clothed on a futon on the floor. The practitioner uses thumbs, fingers and hands, as well as the elbow, forearm, knees, and feet to apply pressure. Hatha-based yoga stretches (such as Cobra, Locust and spinal stretches) are also incorporated working on the principle of tension and tension release to create maximum relaxation. Based on affecting the energy system of the body, the practitioner works from the tips of the toes, to the fingers and scalp. A full body massage is recommended 2 hours.

Thai Yoga massage has many therapeutic benefits including: relieving headaches, back, knee, shoulder pain and Sciatica, as well as being an intensely relaxing massage.

The College also offer CPD trainings, Yoga and Pilates workshops and Diploma's in Thai Foot Massage

Further Information
Please contact Amy Ku Redler, Director, Metta College of Thai Yoga Massage on Tel: 0141 339 3709; Mob: 07956 911159;

Contour® USB – Blood Glucose Meter with Unique Plug & Play Diabetes Management Software


Contour® USB – Blood Glucose Meter with Unique Plug & Play Diabetes Management Software

Bayer's CONTOUR® USB is the first blood glucose meter that plugs directly into a computer, providing users with instant access to information that can help optimize diabetes management. The CONTOUR® USB meter has integrated Glucofacts™ software for easy retrieval of data, as well as longer-term tracking and analysis of blood glucose test results. Bayer's CONTOUR® USB meter connects directly to a PC or MAC and can store up to 2,000 test results.

"Bayer's CONTOUR® USB is an innovative meter designed to allow individuals with diabetes to take a more active role in their condition. For the first time they can simply visualize and review previous trends in their meter data on a PC without the need for additional equipment or software and use this information to inform future insulin decisions." said Dr Iain Cranston, Consultant Physician, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth. "This is an ideal blood glucose meter for patients who are highly engaged in managing their diabetes, particularly those who must test frequently and wish to learn from their results."

Bayer's CONTOUR® USB meter is based on Bayer's CONTOUR® system, with accuracy, No Coding™ technology and no interference with maltose, galactose and oxygen. As with Bayer's CONTOUR® it also provides automatic correction for haematocrit and common interfering substances (e.g. paracetamol, vitamin C), as well as a 5-second test time and small (0.6 ìL) sample size – all of which helps to simplify life with diabetes. Bayer's CONTOUR® USB meter uses CONTOUR® blood glucose test strips currently available on prescription.

Further Information
For further information and to purchase CONTOUR® USB meter please visit   For purchases before the 30th of June 2010, save £5 by typing USBPR5 in the promotional code box.

Healing Addiction with Yoga: A Yoga Program for People in 12-Step Recovery 3rd Edition

by Annalisa Cunnnigham.
Published by Findhorn Press. April 2010. £9.99 ISBN 978-1-84409-170-6  .

Healing Addiction with Yoga: A Yoga Program for People in 12-Step Recovery 3rd Edition

Whether you are addicted to chocolate or junk food, alcohol or coffee, sex or gambling Healing Addiction with Yoga will give you a tool to help you overcome your addiction. In her book Healing Addiction with Yoga: A Yoga Program for People in 12-Step Recovery, Annalisa offers you a map to a spiritual path and awakening.  As you open your heart and listen within to your own spiritual truth you will bring wholeness into your life and free yourself from your crippling addiction.

Healing Addiction with Yoga presents a comprehensive wellness program that includes a 21-day yoga program using dynamic affirmations, relaxation techniques, nutrition and lifestyle suggestions, aerobic activities and journal writing. Especially oriented toward those in 12-Step programs, or for anyone who wants to enrich their physical, emotional and spiritual life, Cunningham's personal and persuasive text describes how adding yoga can enhance program recovery and enhance the mind/body connection.

This is the 3rd edition of the book and has all new illustrations and additional information. Healing Addiction with Yoga is dedicated to everyone who is following a 12-Step recovery program.

Annalisa Cunningham is a certified yoga teacher (Ananda Yoga tradition, White Lotus Yoga, Integrative Yoga Therapy) and a communications teacher with a master's degree in counselling. This book is based on her successful yoga classes for people in recovery. Visit her website

Further Information
Available from all good bookstores and from Amazon

Warming and Naturally Healing Lavender Products from co-operative Xest

Lavender pure essential oil is well known for its healing properties, from easing tension and relieving sore muscles to aiding sleep.  Co-operative Xest has a variety of wonderful lavender accessories to aid healing and provide you with warmth and comfort.

Warming and Naturally Healing Lavender Products from co-operative Xest

Made from 100 per cent soft cotton, filled with natural Cotswolds wheat grain and fragranced with lavender, co-operative Xest's lavender products ease the stresses and strains of the day. To use, simply warm in the microwave and feel your troubles drift away.

Lavender Feet Warmers are ideal for arthritis sufferers, poor circulation or those who enjoy the luxury of toasty warm toes!

The Lavender Body Warmer is shaped like a traditional hot water bottle but is softer, safer and stays warmer longer. Ideal for keeping you warm and aiding sleep, whilst the helping with muscle aches and pains. Gently shaped to mould to the contours of your neck and shoulders, Lavender neck warmers helps to relieve sore muscles and stiffness, sooth headaches, tension and alleviate anxiety.   Perfect to sit down with after a busy day out shopping or looking after the children.

Further Information
The products are available to purchase by calling Tel: 0800 622 6001 and from

Clear Ear, Nose and Throat Conditions with Propolis and Essential Oil Remedies

RhinoPhase and PulmoPhase capsules and syrups combine apitherapy (all things from bees, in this case propolis, acacia honey and white beeswax) with aromatherapy (chemotyped, certified organic essential oils). These work in synergy to bring swift relief from the symptoms of coughs and colds. 

Clear Ear, Nose and Throat Conditions with Propolis and Essential Oil Remedies

Propolis – a natural resin collected by bees from plants – has been recognized for decades for its antiviral and antibacterial properties.  Due to its biochemical complexity, it has multiple properties and has shown to be antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-viral and anti-bacterial.  

RhinoPhase helps to free up the nose and relieve the throat
It helps to relieve nasal congestion and soothe a sore throat improving the natural resistance of ear, nose and throat disorders.  It is antiviral, anti-inflammatory, expectorant and decongestant.  It comprises antiviral red propolis with rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils in an anti-viral, anti-infective remedy.

PulmoPhase helps to free up the respiratory system and ease breathing. 
It helps alleviate the symptoms when a cold has 'gone to your chest' and more serious complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia.  It is an antibacterial expectorant that could ease an infected respiratory tract.  It comprises antibacterial brown propolis with rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils.

Further Information
These products may be purchased  by calling Tel: 0870 458 7561;  

Advaita Pranamat Eco is delighted to announce the exclusive arrival of the Advaita Pranamat Eco to the UK. Combining ancient wisdom with modern technology, the Pranamat Eco promises to relax, revitalize and restore the energy flow of your body.

Advaita Pranamat Eco

221 elegant lotus flowers, each with 25 sharp petals stimulate active nerve centres and intensify the local blood flow and lymph circulation. This reflective action triggers the release of endorphins – a natural pain killer and happiness hormone. The placement of lotuses resemble a honeycomb – which is a traditional, natural design that promises to fill you with energy.

Pranamat Eco will help you to:
  • Increase energy levels;
  • Activate the immune system for faster healing and regeneration;
  • Reduce inflammation and pain;
  • Improve metabolism and reduce fat tissue, improve skin's elasticity and tone;
  • Effectively fight depression and stress;
  • Ease muscle spasms and reduce muscle tension;
  • Help during menopause and PMS, and improve fertility for both sexes;
  • Compensate for lack of physical activity;
  • Complement hatha yoga practice and meditations The Pranamat Eco was created by a team of yoga teachers and professional designers who worked together to produce a safe, comfortable and eco-friendly product.
Pranamat Eco is made with 100% natural, organic materials, including linen and coconut fibre. Advaita use non-glue technology to keep the Pranamat Eco hypoallergenic and free from chemical additives. The mat is available in five natural earthy colours.

Further Information
Please contact Sally Lovett at Yogamatters on Tel: 020 8888 8588;

Vibram FiveFingers

Vibram FiveFingers connects you to the earth and your surroundings in a way that is simply not possible in conventional shoes. It puts you in touch with the earth beneath your feet and liberates you to move in a more natural, healthy way. FiveFingers stimulate the muscles in your feet and lower legs to build strength and improve range of motion. The footwear aims to imitate the motion of going barefoot which leads to an increased sense of balance, greater agility, and visibly improved posture.

Vibram FiveFingers

6 Reasons to Barefoot in Style with Vibram FiveFingers
Not only do Vibram FiveFingers bring you closer to your environment, they also deliver a number of positive health benefits-by leveraging all of the body's natural biomechanics, so you can move as nature intended. The new collection boasts the following benefits:
  1. Strengthens Muscles in the Feet and Lower Legs;
  2. Improves Range of Motion in Ankles, Feet and Toes;
  3. Stimulates Neural Function – Important to Balance and Agility;
  4. Improves Proprioception and Body Awareness;
  5. Eliminates Heel Lift to Align the Spine and Improve Posture;
  6. Allows the Foot and Body to Move Naturally, which feels good!
Further Information
The brand new collection of Vibram FiveFingers is available on Tel:  0161 975 5380;  

Organic Cotton Babygros and Baby Gift Baskets

With spring just around the corner, Cool Green Attitude Ltd are pleased to announce the range of our 100% organic cotton babygro's and new organic baby gift baskets.

Organic Cotton Babygros and Baby Gift Baskets
Their natural baby products include organic baby clothes, toys, organic gifts, skin care, baby bath time products, unique baby gifts, sets and gift baskets and eco friendly gift ideas.

The organic baby Buddy clothes are made from super-soft organic cotton making them chemical free, allergy friendly and super soft next to baby's sensitive skin. These natural baby clothes have been produced under Global Organic Textile Standards and/or the Soil Association UK.

These unique baby clothes are designed using an organic water-based ink system to ensure that even the printed designs are skin and eczema friendly. From the softest baby gro, sleepsuits, baby hats, baby bibs and baby t-shirts are available for age 0 – 18 months.

Cool Green Attitude also offer eco friendly baby gift baskets including organic baby toys and a beautiful selection of organic baby gifts presented in recycled luxury gift boxes for new baby girls and new baby boys that contain a selection of our best selling organic products for babies aged from 0 – 12 months.

Further Information
Please contact Julie Griffin, Managing Director – Cool Green Attitude Ltd on Tel: +44 0844 800 5346; Fax: +44 0844 800 5347;  

Extra Roomy Sandals with Washable Insoles

Cosyfeet has launched extra roomy sandals with washable insoles.  The two new sandal styles have cushioned insoles which can be removed and machine washed for hygiene and freshness.

Extra Roomy Sandals with Washable Insoles

Named the Summer and the Rosie, both styles are designed to combine the support of a shoe with the coolness of a sandal, and are ideal for ladies with swollen feet. Each incorporates a padded collar which cradles the ankle area, and soft, washable insoles which are punched to allow air to circulate around the foot.

Both the Summer and the Rosie can be adjusted to accommodate varying degrees of swelling. Extension pieces can also be purchased for the Summer in case of severely swollen feet.

"People with swollen feet often avoid wearing extra roomy footwear because of what they regard as unflattering styling," says Cosyfeet's Katie House. "These sandals have been designed to look modern and ageless, and to provide a genuinely comfortable fit."

Further Information
For more information please call Tel: 01458 447275;


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    LCTA Collaboration with Leading TCM College in Arizona

    The London College of Traditional Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (LCTA) has signed an agreement with the Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture (PIHMA) in Phoenix Arizona. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a common language, which crosses language and geographical barriers, and PIHMA is very similar to LCTA. It was set up 14 years ago and shares the views and teaching ethos of LCTA. They are looking at the possibility of a collaborative TCM research initiative.

    Further information on PIHMA:
    Further information on LCTA or to receive a prospectus: 020-8446 3332

    Finding Your Aliveness – Bioenergetics Special Workshop

    The Alexander Lowen Foundation is announcing a three-day Bioenergetics workshop led by Frank Hladky MD and Heiner Steckel ECP/EAP. The workshop entitled Finding your Aliveness – Bioenergetics Special Workshop is to take place is Tulsa, Oklahoma on 28-30 May 2010. The workshop will be limited to 18 participants and will be held at Parkside Clinic. The course will focus on discovering that your body is THE important ally in the process of Finding Your Aliveness.

    Further information
    Tel: 001 203-966-3474

    Mokosan Vitality for Digestive Discomfort

    Many people are affected by mild digestive discomfort causing problems such as flatulence, bloating and a feeling of fullness. The main causes are lack of exercise, dietary fibre and insufficient liquid intake. These can cause an imbalance of friendly bacteria in the gut.

    In a trial conducted by Bioforce to investigate the effectiveness of Molkosan Vitality, 197 participants with mild digestive discomfort took a glass of Molkosan Vitality (11g Powder into 200ml) every day for a period of four weeks. 78% said it reduced flatulence and bloating; 92% no longer experienced a feeling of fullness; 45% reported significant reduction in digestive discomfort and 74% felt an overall digestive improvement.

    Available from health stores. For stockists Tel: 01294 277344.

    Further information:  

    Natural Greens Supports Yes to Life

    Natural Greens have become one of the first companies in the health sector to sign up to support the charity YES TO LIFE and are now hoping to persuade others to follow their lead.

    YES TO LIFE is a new charitable initiative that aims to help those suffering from cancer, but which could ultimately benefit the whole of the health trade and deserves their full support.

    Their aim is to improve access to, and acceptance of, complementary and alternative  cancer treatments within the UK, provide a point of contact for support, promote an integrated approach to cancer care within the NHS and to provide information on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), practitioners and suppliers.

    Further information:

    Traditional Chinese Medicine and Thyroid Disease

    According to the World Health Organization, Acupuncture can be used to treat thyroid diseases. Several studies suggest that Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can be beneficial n treating hypothyroidism. TCM herbs for treating hypothyroidism include Rehmannia (shu di huang), Dioscorea (shan yao) and Cornus (shan zhu yu). Kidney Yin Tonic (Liu Wei Di Huang Wan) is the herbal formula most often used and Liver Cleansing (Zhi Zi Qing Gan Tang) and Heart Yin Tonic (Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan) are also used.

    In treating hypothyroidism, TCM practitioners would recommend cinnamon (rou gui) and Aconite (fi zi). The most often used is Kidney Yang Tonic (jin Gui Shen Qi Wan) and formulas such as Right Restoration Formula (You Gui Wan) are also widely used.

    Further information Tel: 001 619 574-6909; Toll Free within USA 800 729-0941;

    Allergy Consultants Masterclass

    Leading UK Allergy Consultants will be delivering a Masterclass at The Allergy & Gluten Free Show on 21 May 2010, the first day of the three-day show.

    Speakers will include:
    • Prof Stephen Durham, Head, Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Imperial College and Royal Brompton Hospital, London.
    • Dr Adam Fox, Consultant Paediatric Allergist, Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals.
    • Neil Shah, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Great Ormond St Hospital.
    • Dr Rubaiyat Haque, Consultant Allergist, Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital.
    The Masterclass if free to all health professionals and is designed for GPs, Community and Practice Nurses, Health Visitors, Pharmacists, Paediatricians, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Respiritorists and Dermatologists.

    Pre-registration is essential and places are limited. Further information:

    Spring Clean with Manual Lymphatic Drainage

    Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), is a non-invasive, light touch massage that uses specific and gentle movements to the skin to stimulated and increase the rate of removal of waste products, toxins and excess fluid from the body's tissues. Results may include clearer and cleaner skin, reduced puffiness round the eyes, reduced cellulite, reduced fluid retention and improved skin tone.

    Further information and to download the Detox Mini Guide

    International Teaching Seminars Essential NLP Workshop

    International Teaching Seminars (ITS) offers flexible Certified Courses. For example, should you miss two or three days of the NLP Practitioner Certification Programme, they can easily be caught up, and even if you miss a whole module, you can continue with the rest of the programme and take the missed module next time it runs.

    Find out if there are any places available to join the Spring NLP Practitioner Certification Programme from Module 2.

    Essential NLP Workshop is running on Saturday 19 June 2010, in Hammersmith, London from 10am-5pm. Designed to give you a thorough introduction to the basic principles of NLP.

    Further information
    Tel: 01268 777125  

    Klamin Nourishes the Brain and Alleviates Depression

    Klamin(tm)  from the Really Health Company, has been shown in clinical and pilot studies to have a positive effect on depression and anxiety, with many additional health benefits.  A natural product, Kamin(tm) is a new generation extract from Klamath blue green algae, a wild nutrient-dense green food which grows in Lake Klamath, Oregon, USA. It is not addictive and has no side effects and can be taken alongside existing medication or on its own.

    Further information Tel: 020-8480 1000

    Wild Ride to the Heart Game for Children

    Wild Ride to the Heart is a new board game, which is specially designed to teach children how to recognize, express and balance their emotions. It is fun to play but is based on over 20 years scientific research and field studies into the physiology of emotions and the intelligence of the heart conducted by researchers at the Institute of HeartMath(r).

    The aim of the game is to be the first to reach the centre of the heart on the board by completing challenges. This could be to make a face to show frustration or happiness, or to tell about a time when they felt calm or scared.

    Aimed at children ages 5-15, the game works best when played as a family.

    Further information:

    Omega-3 Fatty Acids Associated with a Dramatic Reduction in Ageing

    The advantages of having a high Gene Smart Omega-3 Index(tm) score continue to expand with the latest report linking high omega-3 levels to the slowing of the biological ageing process. Recent research reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), demonstrates that omega-3 fatty acids may help prevent shortening of telomeres in patients with cardiovascular disease. The rate at which telomeres shortened is associated with the rate at which human cells age and hence, the work suggests that omega-3 fatty acids may play a critical role in slowing biological ageing.

    Further information:

    The Allergy & Gluten Free Show 2010

    The Allergy & Gluten Free Show 2010 is offering all readers a pair of free tickets worth £18 to the show from 21-23 May 2010, Olympia, London. All free ticket registrations are automatically entered into a free prize draw to win £200 worth of ASDA Free From food vouchers.

    The show has expert, free-to-attend seminars, expert advice, leading Paediatric Allergy Consultants, a Free From cooking demonstrations, a recipe exchange and 1000s of products, solutions, therapies, treatments, ideas and solutions for family health care.

    Further information:"inputmagazinename"

    Spirulina Help for PMS

    Spirulina has been available in UK health stores for over 15 years, but recently, more women have started to find the algae useful for helping with PMS symptoms.

    Natural Greens have launched a new spirulina brand in the UK. The range of spirulina powders and capsules are easy to use, good for your health and for the environment and the charity YES TO LIFE.

    Powders can be added to water, smoothies or juice. Powders and capsules are 100% pure, non GM, gluten-free and registered with the Vegan and Vegetarian Societies, and a percentage of Natural Greens profits go to the charity YES TO LIFE, which supports people with cancer in the UK.

    Further information
    Tel: 0844 567 0547;  

    Simple Test that Plays a Key Role in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

    Seven out of ten men who are at an increased risk of prostate cancer are not aware of a simple blood test which can give an early indication of the disease which kills one man every hour in the UK. The inequities surrounding men's knowledge and access to the PSA blood test were highlighted through research commissioned by The Prostate Cancer Charity to time with the launch of its annual awareness month in March.

    This year, The Prostate Cancer Charity is using Prostate Cancer Awareness Month to expose the fact that the disease is the hidden cancer and to cast light on all the unseen aspects of the disease.

    Further information:

    Acupuncture Relief for Endometriosis

    Research has shown that Acupuncture can be beneficial to women with endometriosis, by reducing pain and regulating the menstrual cycle. Common symptoms include painful and irregular period cycles, pain during sex, abdominal bloating, depression and a lack of energy. In some cases it can lead to fertility problems. Many women with endometriosis have found that a course of treatment with a British Acupuncture Council (BacC )- registered Acupuncturist can greatly relieve symptoms and in some cases infertility. In addition to relieving pain, Acupuncture can help balance the monthly hormonal cycle which may help regulate periods.

    Further information
    call the British Acupuncture Council. Tel: 020-8735 0400;

    Eczema Cure Guide

    Eczema Cure is a guide which informs the reader about how to eliminate eczema from their life permanently and naturally without the need for long term use of steroid creams and other medications. Eczema Cure is a journey of one family's struggles to overcome eczema.

    It gives step by step instructions on how the family managed to successfully banish eczema forever.

    Further information

    Pollen and Bee Venom Counteract Sensitivity to Pollen

    There are two types of pollen. The airborne anemophile pollen is the type to which sensitive people have a reaction. The entomophile pollen is the type gathered by bees; it acts as antidote to the anemophile pollen. If taken in small doses it can desensitize the immune system of vulnerable people so that when they come in contact with airborne pollen, their reaction is greatly reduced.

    Bee venom is also highly effective in desensitising the body's immune system to a whole series of allergens. Bee venom is also anaesthetic, analgesic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and helps reduce and calm allergic reactions.

    Allermin Drops help to correct poor natural defence mechanisms during seasonal hypersensitivity, increasing resistance to severe reactions provoked by pollen, dust, and other irritants.

    Further Information  

    Allergy Season

    The SmartQ Breezer, is a clever fan that uses NANO technology to help neutralize bacteria, viruses and allergens in the air. As well as cooling you in the warm weather, it acts as a mobile decontamination and deodorizing unit. It gives any room a pure and clean air smell which is instantly noticeable, helping to significantly improve the quality of air being breathed by the sufferer. The SmartQ Breezer unit is ideal for use at home, in nurseries, hospital and GP waiting rooms, surgeries, offices and public places.
    Available in two sizes, the Breezer purifies the air within a room by up to 99%.

    Further information

    Summer Skin

    Viridian's Organic Ultimate Beauty Skin Repair Topical Oil is a blend of healthful seed oils which will help restore your winter-ravaged skin ready for the warmer weather. The oil is an organic blend of Rosehip seed oil, Jojoba oil, Sunflower seed oil, Borage, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Calendula and Lavender. Formulated without synthetic fragrances or colouring, it is a nourishing and easily absorbed massage oil with Omegas 6 and 3.

    SPF Skin Pro-Factors offers a combination of ingredients to prevent sun damage. Though not a replacement for suncreams, the SPF Skin Pro-Factors capsules offer skin support.

    Further information:

    Spring Clean your Body with Chlorella and Spirulina

    Chlorella is a green single-celled fresh water alga that has many health benefits, but is particularly known for its detoxifying qualities. Chlorella cells capture toxins such as mercury and other heavy metals and carry them out of the body.

    Find Nature Complete Chlorella tablets and powder are available from most good health food stores and help to prevent these metals remaining in the colon, reducing the gut's ability to absorb vitamins.

    Nature Chlorella and Spirulina come in powder or tablet form. Spirulina is a microscopic blue-green alga that flourishes in fresh water lakes in warm climates and help naturally detoxify the body and restore the immune system.

    Further information:

    SoyLife Supports Bone Health in Postmenopausal Women

    The results of two recent studies in Holland to SoyLife soy-germ isoflavones as an effective ingredient for bone health and show both short-term and longer-term effects. The Osteoporosis Prevention Using Soy (OPUS) study was funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and  confirmed that SoyLife is effective in reducing bone mineral density loss in postmenopausal women.

    The OPUS study, a double-blind placebo controlled intervention trial followed 403 postmenopausal women for two years.

    Further information:  

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