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Why Dreadful Things Take Place in Nice Peoples Lives

by Michael Levy(more info)

listed in personal growth, originally published in issue 177 - December 2010

One day a young man was walking in the countryside feeling part of nature. He listened to the birds singing and wondered why life in the big city, where he worked as a stock broker, could not be so serene and peaceful. A little old lady approached him and asked if he could help her with a gift of some money as she had not eaten in many days and neither had her six children.

Feeling full of compassion, he expressed how sorry he was to hear of her plight. He pulled out his wallet and gave her everything he had. She thanked him and asked if she could walk with him for a while. "It would be an honour," he replied. As they meandered by the river watching an elegant swan, he expressed how wonderful life would be if it was always so beautiful. He wondered why God made a world with so much suffering and unfairness.
The old lady replied that even though she had no money to feed herself and her children, she had never complained, for God (whom she regarded as universal intelligent energy) had always provided for her and the family in many abundant ways. It is not God that makes the world a difficult place to live and love; rather it is human beings themselves that create their own mayhem.
The young man thought about this for a moment and responded. Ah! But I have been taught that everything on earth is Spirits evolving creation, so all the chaos and pandemonium is down to God / Spirit.
Well, you may well see it in that light, but perhaps the truth of the matter is not quite like that. You see humanity is born in the centre of the heart of universal intelligence, as are all of the creations. The difference with humans is they have been given a conscious brain that be-lie-ves it can think for itself and make up doctrines, rules and regulations that lead to many conflicts.
When humanity was created, all was good, and they were content to live in the center of universal intelligence's heart - in paradise. However, they became curious and decided to explore the territories outside the centre. As they investigated many areas outside the centre, their intellects, (that sophisticated itself from universal intelligence guidance), found its way into God's digestive track, through the intestines, through the colon, and eventually became the excrement that passes through the back passage.
That is Spirit's waste ground where universal energies pile up large dung heaps waiting for it to rot into manure so that it can generate new construction that is content to live in the centre. When we live outside the centre of the Universal intelligence system and create our own way of thinking for sure, we will end up on the dung heap of negative emotions that leads to all types of sickness, chaos and wars.
As they rounded a bend in the pathway a magnificent castle appeared. Well, I'm home the old lady exclaimed, and in an instant whipped of her mask and cloak to reveal a beautiful princess. Giving the young man his money back she asked? "Would you like to come in for a cup of tea?"

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  1. Susan said..

    so nice to read on the day after family gatherings and personality meshing! thk u for this reminder of the teachings of torah and great wisdom from many spiritual realms. have a great life!

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