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Unlocking Your Hidden Abilities – the Easy Way

by Geoff Merrigan(more info)

listed in personal growth, originally published in issue 98 - April 2004

Imagine if you had an extraordinary latent talent just waiting to be released and all it took was someone to point out one or two little keys. A famous sculptor was hard at work one day producing a wondrous figure of an angel from a block of stone. He was asked how he managed to carve so beautifully. The reply came, " I am not cutting the stone in the shape of an angel, I am simply releasing the angel from the stone and chipping away all that is unnecessary." When you view abilities in the same way this turns learning on its head and makes everything so easy and so much fun. It is also why learning can take place so quickly if you let it.

Geoff Merrigan demonstrating part of a healing strategy to a Complementary therapist
Geoff Merrigan demonstrating part of a
healing strategy to a Complementary therapist



My father died while I was relatively young and it was only many years later that I discovered he had some remarkable gifts. My family originally lived in Ireland and local farmers used to get him to dowse for water on their property. Apparently he was very successful. My mother confided in me one day, years later, that whenever she had a headache he would simply take it away from her by placing his hands on her head. I have to confess that this came as a surprise to me, and in any case I was too analytical and scientific to really truly believe that stuff about healing, especially as, at that time, I was training to be an industrial chemist. My world was about to change!

Geoff and Simon editing the Audio Courses
Geoff and Simon editing the Audio Courses


There comes a time when we have to put our world view on one side, suspend disbelief and say to ourselves, " OK, I'll go with it for now – so prove it!". This is where the story starts. Being scientifically minded, I needed to find a number of examples of healing and test the theories. "You need the right tools for the job", I remember my father saying.

Finding The Tools

The next number of years I dived headlong into the study of a number of healing systems, both hands on and hands off. Also having extensively studied neuro linguistic programming (NLP), the way your brain codes and makes sense of the world, and, with this passion to find how healing works, I went off on a little mission to talk to as many different people from different healing systems as possible to find out what they do that works so well. There were some startling revelations along the way that made me check and recheck in complete amazement. Although gifted healers, from psychic surgery to Reiki to Shamanic healing etc, said that what they did was unique and different from other healing systems, at the point when healing takes place, the most effective healers all did something similar in their body and mind. And it worked!

For example, watching Leslie Kenton performing and describing the 'extraction' from Shamanism was so similar in essence to other methods of working, only with slightly different symbolism. She sat in a circle with people drumming at a certain beat, and then you would see her reach out with her hand and collect up 'something' from a person lying in front of her, and throwing it away. Compare this to another healer who points their hands at a recipient's abdomen making a swirling motion and then flicking 'stuff' away from the recipient. Both practitioners say that they are engaged in a different activity but they use such a similar metaphor of pulling energy away from one place and placing it somewhere else. A few years later, I discovered that these findings were backed up by other research that showed really effective healers had the same measurable brainwave frequencies at the point of healing across a whole range of healing systems!

Imagine what it would be like if you could just set the correct brain wave patterns going at will? That same question went through my mind and I found that it is possible. I would like to share at least part of the secret of how this works with you now.

If you set a metronome ticking at a rate of sixty beats per minute you will begin to help induce what is termed alpha frequencies (8 – 12 hertz – cycles per second). Other technology added to this will actually help your brain produce its own frequency from two dissimilar inputs. One of the elements I stumbled across while taking part in the Gateway Project by the Monroe Institute in America was that external sound of certain beats will help your brain to entrain to a specific frequency range. Simply put, if you play one frequency into your left ear and another different frequency into your right ear, then your brain makes up the difference and sets up a standing wave of that frequency. This has become termed as binaural beats. Most people in the field think that these inputs can be in any range but in actual fact due to the way your skull has evolved, there is only really a narrow band that works practically as opposed to theoretically.

How Your Body Controls Your Mind.

It may even surprise you to know that your posture is hardwired to produce a multitude of states in your mind. Stop for a moment and perhaps try out this little experiment:

1. Slump forward and allow your head to drop downwards. Let your face become slack, looking down. Now try hard to think of something that motivated you;

2. Now sit upright with your head balanced comfortably on shoulders that are pulled back slightly. Look a fraction up and focus your eyes into the mid distance, like looking down a long straight line. Now think of the thing that motivates you.

Most people notice that just those small postural cues tell their mind to become more motivated. Now, this is really where NLP comes into the story. Many people describe NLP as, "how your brain subjectively codes anything and what you can do with that." I have learnt that what you can do with this system is to find out how really extraordinary people do really amazing stuff. Taking just their "brain coding of how to do", you can teach it incredibly fast to anyone who wants to learn it with some startling results. I am continually surprised as to what is possible. This means that you cannot get locked into a story about how their ability works because that would actually detract from seeing beneath an individual practitioner's metaphor for healing, etc.

When I was interviewing an accomplished healer, he started to relate some of the more spectacular and profound healing changes that he had been involved in. While he was telling me this, I noticed him do something with his body that I had seen before. The way he shifted weight between his feet. The same thing happened with the next person that I interviewed who practised a completely different flavour of healing. So I did the same and I began to notice different sensations in my hands. There were more of these phenomena to uncover and now there were the tools to shortcut the process.

Traditional Teaching is Madness, Today

Time is an increasingly scarce resource for more and more of us, and still there are training and educational tools that have unnecessary packing. I know this will sound rather strong, but to me that packing is like stealing your time, stealing your life. There is even still debate in some of Complementary Alternative Medical governing bodies that training should be time-based i.e. a course should be so many years long. This presupposes a certain limitation on both the student and teacher. My question is this, "If training is effective, you will see certain outcomes achieved by the student. Why not, instead of measuring their time served, a sentence, measure their achieved skills, an outcome?" This is why Quantum Healing and the audio courses came into being. You learn the common coding of most of the major 'energetic systems' and they are astoundingly similar, which still strikes me as so sensible. When you think about it, we are all human beings with similar physiology so what one person can do, no matter how extraordinary, you or I should have a fair chance at emulating to some degree at least. This thought excites me: to realize that you and I can do so much and are not limited by out dated methods of learning that work in a linear fashion because our minds work differently. taking in many chunks of information at a time when we let it.

Further Information

For further information about the available courses or audio products please see or call direct: 01458 253797.


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About Geoff Merrigan

Geoff Merrigan (director of Accelerated Professional Training and author of Quantum Meditation) is a master practitioner and trainer of NLP who has turned this amazing technology into tools to access the core of a number of fields and pass the discoveries on to people who train with him. One such achievement is the growing number of audio and attended training courses available from the Quantum Series Website. He can be contacted on Tel: 01458 251997


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