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Important Questions / Meaningful Answers From a Professional Optimist

by Michael Levy(more info)

listed in personal growth, originally published in issue 221 - April 2015


1. Q: In a world that seems so full of despair, or as the Buddhist puts it, when all life is suffering, is it possible to maintain a healthy and Optimistic world view?

A: Suffering is a state of mind that holds tommyrot ... Why live in a garbage bin? Intellectual opinionated convictions beam as the truth erodes. The most reliable technique to demolish the truth is to intellectualize it and then market it to the masses as disciplined, authentic facts. Allow the heavens and stars to praise your ability to become nothing in a comfortable state of mindlessness. From this location God exists as your partner and you dance together as one spirit inside the rhythm of the cosmos.


Michael Levy 221 Professional Optimist


2. Q: How is it possible to maintain an optimistic world-view in the face of Reality, i.e., global warming, inevitability of death, war, etc.?

A: Throughout a person’s lifetime, the truth awaits in silences for wisdom to prevail. Somewhere along on the way, beliefs lead to interpretations ... Interpretations lead to opinions ... Opinions lead to conflicts ... Conflict leads to death. Physical death is inescapable and world events continue to project disasters; however eternal energy cannot disappear, cannot burn and cannot drown ... Why fear death and disasters when the immorality of the essence of a human being feels so much better. More often than not belief and faith resist the truth.

3. Q: How do you keep a positive outlook during major life setbacks?

For example: A loved one who has been in a major car accident, your honour roll teenager who has taken a turn on the wrong path, a young mother/father who is dealing with a child in their terrible twos, a person dealing with vindictive in-laws, or one who has been fired from a job with no income to pay the bills?

A: The true identity of a human being does not see life as a duality of positives and negatives. Only the ego views life's events on an emotional roller coaster. Everyone will experience things that hold the potential to set their negative emotions alight. When their wisdom intervenes and they view the negative emotions as finite illusions, joy becomes unavoidable. Bottom line -To make life simple, look for possible problems before they occur and then work out possible solutions.

4. Q: A sceptic might ask if an eternal optimist is simply delusional. How would you respond?

A: People who compare themselves to other people live a mediocre existence. Not only sceptics will view my philosophy as stupid; most clever people will also view them as delusional and I have to say I agree with them most wholeheartedly. In the eyes of people who consider themselves clever, I will always be stupid and I am happy with that. A wasp on an outside window cannot sting you.

5. Q: Can you recommend positive thinking exercises that one may use to guard themselves from pessimists and negative thoughts. When negative influences do nothing but make you self-doubt your inner strengths, what can you do?

A: There is no way to avoid positive or negative thoughts if a person is the participant in any event in their lives. By living with an objective detachment, as a witness rather than the participant a person can avoid negative thoughts. The truth is surrounded by everyone else's point of view. The mind and body cells function on original intelligence systems that differ from the thoughts transmitted from the thinking brain. The mind/body cells indulges the intellect that can oppose its intelligence a little; however, if the discord continues for any lengthy period, the naturally happy mind/body cells are not amused. The best way, to get your own way, is to learn to be happy anyway.

6. Q: How do people stay positive in a society that is increasingly Superficial?

A: Enjoy all the superficial stuff as long as the ego is the servant and not the master.

Big Ego = Big Fall

Little Ego = Little Fall

Joyful Ego = Joy-F-All

Positive Ego = Enjoy God's Order

Negative Ego = Ease God Out

Bottom Line ... Try not to fake yourself too seriously

7. Q: Does optimism usually tie into religion or philosophy or is it simply a personal attitude?

A: Any doctrine that raises the fear threshold has a negative value. No human intellectual understanding can talk truth; therefore personal views are very limiting. A connection to universal intelligence feeds the mind all the things it needs to live a prosperous life on earth...who can ask for more. Bright lights shine brightest in dark shadows.

8. Q: Depression characterizes - and is often the result of - a chemical imbalance. Couldn't a habitually optimistic outlook be viewed within the same biochemical framework? If so, what are the implications?

A: A human brain and body function by chemical balance amongst other effects. It is the thoughts, fed by or starved of universal spirit that regulates the scales of balance. Life is permeated with riddles. Some are small, some are large, and some are sent as half riddles. Every riddle requires understanding before they can be solved. If we only have half the riddle we need to explore where the other half exists and what the whole riddle means... Then and only then will we find true answers. I never try to challenge truth ... But I am delighted to live by it. Inasmuch as my heart, lungs, other organs, trillions of cells, particles and molecules communicate to me what they desire. I then try to understand the subconscious part of my brain that is connected to this vast reservoir of intelligence and allow the conscious part of my brain to fill the requirements.

9. In what ways do negative thoughts affect a person? What effects do positive thoughts have on a human being?

A: All positive and negative thoughts have a cause and effect on a person’s health, wealth and happiness. So, when a person eliminates positive and negative thought all will become divine. The universe supplies everyone with a treasure chest of unprocessed energy by way of creative thoughts ... How they refine them accommodates the harvests or the famines in their life. Always remember ... People who put both feet in one trouser leg shuffle through life!


Everything carved in the halls of time erodes on the breeze of eternity.


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