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A Trophy For Life: How Champions Evolve or Fade Away

by Michael Levy(more info)

listed in personal growth, originally published in issue 205 - April 2013

Tiger Woods was interviewed on TV a few years ago when he was in his prime. He was asked, "What is your game plan to win the Open major tournament." He replied. "I will listen to what my body tells me to do." The interviewer did not grasp Tiger’s reply, for he then asked. “What is your strategy regards your swing." Tiger replied, "I rely on - 'My Feel' -to take me around the course."

Michael Levy 205

You will notice both answers had an abstract attachment, or should I say detachment. Most of the other golfers that I witnessed in interviews, talked about keeping their emotions under control and how great they were playing. So what was the big difference? What makes a true champion and how can we apply our own genius to encompass being a champion in all sections (health, wealth and joy) in our life? Over the past few years Mr. Woods has fallen from grace, and although he keeps winning a few PGA tournaments, he has not won a major for 4 years. It seems his inner genius has deserted him for now, but why?

One point that every one deems as the truth .... "We become what we think." Reflecting on truths will bring rewards. Speculating with half-truths and fabrications will fetch grief and heartache.

  • So why is it that most folks have lost money in the stock market and so few have gained money?
  • Why do some folks become wealthy and some do not?
  • A few folks will stay healthy all their lives, whilst most will have to rely on doctors and medication;
  • Why are some folks always happy, whilst most moan and groan their way through life?

Authentic prosperity cannot be credited to displaying a talent, religion or intellect.

Genuine comforts of life have little to do with luck or skills. There are many skilled and talented folks in all walks of life, but only a few make and keep hold of their money, well being and gladness. You cannot successfully embrace one, without living the others.

There is one common factor in all accomplishments. It is the reality that we cannot live a prosperous life outside Universal Laws. Yes, we have the free choice to go in a different direction, but if we do, we will suffer the consequences.

Fire burns, water drowns and gravity makes objects fall to the ground. All are Universal Laws.

Our thinking is universal energy and if we do not know how the laws apply to our mind:

  • We will get burnt often with the stock market gyrations;
  • We will drown in a sea of negative emotional thoughts, which will result in our business or sport suffering;
  • We will fly with a continuation of distress and worry. Then over many years of stomach churning anxiety, our health will descend into dis-ease with a crashing fall.

We require the mastery over our own ego / intellect, to be able to live on earth in a state of bliss.

If we allow Ego to be the cause of all our addictions and bad habits, its effects will become responsible for the many consequences of our behaviour. Illness and an early demise are the ‘normal’ results.

At the present moment in time, we class our everyday actions as normal, for that is what our society dictates, but normal is no longer natural.

  • Living on medication is now normal, but not natural;
  • Losing money on the stock market has become normal;
  • Losing a golf tournament in the final nine holes is normal for golfers who live with negative emotions.... Who the heck wants to be normal?

Mores - the - point ... Who lives naturally?

Consequently, we need to discover the correct route to travel ... The free-way of an uncluttered mind  where prosperity thrives in a smooth, effortless, transitional journey. Our ingenuity is located in the authentic, creative genius within us all. Luck plays No part in following our genius, for the more we practise our creativity...The ‘luckier’ we become.

Universal intelligence is the real key of our genuine make-up. We need to uncover the secret origin of thought, so that we may unlock the source of wisdom. It is a treasure chest of insights and 20 / 20 intuition. If we do not spend the time examining and investing in it, we will lose the dividends of a successful life.

Now we know why the real champions playing such great golf. They have discovered their inner-genius; they allow it freedom of control in their mind.

Like all authentic winners, as long as Tiger allows his inner genius to be his guide, he will win tournaments. The periods when he loosens his dedication to his authentic self, and is distracted by outside events, he will struggle with his game and not be the winner.

Once we give our genius freedom, it will light up all our senses.

  • We will get a great feel for a joyful life and leave the adverse emotions stewing in its inessential pot;
  • We will gain insightful vision that makes decision making ‘child's-play’;
  • We will touch our soul and experience tender love;
  • We will smell fragrant delights of beauty everyplace we walk;
  • We will hear enchanting music to spark a dance of Joy.

All the senses come alive with our awareness to our true self.

The genius has awoken from its slumber. Our aim is focused on scoring a winning round. Our swinging passion is alighted by a perfect bliss. Now we will shoot ‘par excellence' on the enchanting course for life. When the time comes to walk up the final fair-way, the heavenly angels will give us a standing ovation and praise that will last forever. Our winning trophy will be the prosperous life we lived on earth and we will abide in the zone eternally. It is not education that breeds success; rather, it is the success (spirit) in the breed ...That educates others.


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