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Spongiform Encephalopathies, Principles and Ramifications Part II

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in nutrition, originally published in issue 202 - January 2013


Part Two: Look Beyond ‘That Which Is Evident’

Spongiform encephalopathies are diseases

where the brain goes porous, like sponge.

In Part One clear associations were made between spongiform encephalopathies (SE), auto-immune reactions and nutritional deficiency states.

Conclusions from research into SEs should always be examined carefully so that we are not relying solely the reports of the ‘foxes that guard the hen houses’. ‘The Jury is out’ is often a valid verdict because of missing conclusive evidence. It is wise to shelve such matters until further information is available, but in so doing not to blindly gamble with health or even life based on the propaganda and fear tactics of media-promoted vested interests.

Understand Research Background

Amongst the volumes of valid and credible research, there is much commercial research, which the general public seem to have misplaced confidence in, carried out to sanction what the researchers’ commission. Research has a purpose and whoever pays the researcher may want them to fulfil that purpose. For instance, a company might pay researchers to prove that ...(‘whatever’). The researchers will do just that and look at the research commission from the specified angle. Other commercial companies with opposite vested interests might employ the same researchers to prove the contrary ...(opposite to ‘whatever’). The researchers will then look at the commission from this opposite premise. This would explain so many seemingly contradictory pieces of research on virtually any health topic you care to name.

Research itself, defined as a quest for established facts; knowledge and understanding is a neutral and potential ‘window on what is’ but can only be that if it is applied in an honest and scientific fashion incorporating all aspects of the topic under research which is virtually impossible in the fluid stream of life. The definition of research, as we understand it, can only apply to static or past situations within the narrow confines of the research parameters used in any given research remit.  Research in reality, always within its limited remit parameters, can range from benevolent, scientific, truthful, unbiased, unfunded or funded, slanted, biased and misrepresented to outright fraudulent and criminal. 

Although at long last there are international moves to reduce the use of mercury in dentistry, those who manufacture amalgam fillings will fund research to prove that there are no health risks from mercury in amalgams. They will certainly not fund research to prove the opposite and discredit their own business and associated profits, but those who have suffered from mercury toxicity or have no vested interest in the manufacture of amalgam might well fund (or carry out) research to prove that mercury from amalgams is toxic. The link in reference[5] (randomly chosen from several readily available) is an example of a credible online information source giving a broad overview, reputable links detailed information and references. Take this principle into research on BSE or CJD. Is it likely that any vaccine or drug company investigating the potential role of vaccines or drugs in connection with SEs, would commission research negatively implicating themselves? Such research would be commissioned to confirm the safety and non-involvement of their products, just as drug safety testing is. Remember pharmacy is multi billion $£ international business.

To avoid total confusion over the implications of quoted commercial research papers, it is very important to understand the premise upon which research is based.  All aspects of a topic need to be considered realizing that, invariably, there are other factors involved. Understanding the most accurate interpretation from research requires a compilation of all information from all angles of a topic, along with knowledge of who funds what. It is important to be able to ‘read between the lines’ and keep things in balance. Be diligent to get information from various sources and not rely solely on research carried out by those with vested interests.

Media Coverage Evaluation

BSE has had prominent media coverage, but poultry could be in the same situation. This would be difficult to assess because many commercially raised birds are reared in cages and forced artificially to lay until they die young (by slaughter because they would not last much longer and the profit from the sale of the bird would be lost).  If we, as consumers, continue to buy such products without knowing, or in many cases even caring, what we buy then we are condoning by default and cannot expect to ‘pass the buck’ to self-regulation of vested interests or to government. Where food production standards compromise the health of consumers or neglect the welfare of animals/birds rendering them disadvantaged or unfit for consumption, then a short spell without sales would be enough to get the attention of any food producer and if the food producer’s remit was from further afield then their policies would also have to change.

However, this stand is highly unlikely in this day and age and the above only serves to highlight the massive problem of things being out of hand because they are too big. If our meat suppliers were local, then the above would be highly effective but our local communities are all but gone in power and we have this untouchable, nebulous national (and international) situation where, in effect, nothing can get done unless it is tackled by some ‘agency’ at the top.

There are small numbers of organic and natural farmers who see

the simplicity of the situation and farm naturally - they have no BSE![6]

Have consumers become lethargic because of powerlessness on a day to day level? Thankfully, we can do things for ourselves as individuals and there are those who stick to principles despite the ‘seeming lack of profit’. Our thanks go to those small farmers and outlets who offer organic produce. Also, notably, Prince Charles has not compromised his support for natural farming and although I would not imagine that he suffers from ‘seeming lack of profit’ he has done a great deal in leadership qualities for our great nation despite opposition as much as is possible considering his position.

Vegetarian Alternative?

Many would advocate vegetarianism as a solution.  Eating a polluted, deficient vegetarian diet along with not addressing other factors such as metal and chemical toxicity is not based on nutritional reality or health principles. I have known vegetarians who quite happily consume toxic hydrogenated fats, drink polluted cows’ milk and other polluted fluids, white flour and sugar products, jellies and animal gelatine capsules, artificial sweeteners and would happily consume vegetable soup not knowing or caring what the stock is made with (animal blood, ‘gunge’, etc.). This ignorance is based on a vegetarian cult mentality, not a realistic evaluation of food products and nutrition.

Eating properly slaughtered organic meat from healthy animals is not the same as eating improperly slaughtered, toxin-laden meat from unhealthy animals. Many professionals consider that eating a moderate amount of healthy meat (both red and white meat) is necessary for a balanced diet; there is no doubt that animal protein and nutrition is different from that of vegetarian and has different physiological effects. There are aspects of nutrition from clean meats which cannot be replicated from a vegetarian diet.

One step up from the vegetarian mentality is the eat only fish and/or fish and chicken mind-set.  There are nutritional attributes to red meats (beef, venison, lamb, goat) which are not so abundant in white meats (chicken, turkey, game birds) especially in relation to vitamin B12 and its co-factors. The importance of this vitamin cannot be over-emphasised because although it is recycled to some extent whilst present in the liver, once the stores are used it has to be obtained from foods. Low vitamin B12 is implicated in a wide array of disease states including those involving brain function, myelinisation and Alzheimers. 

Each fish, bird and animal has unique composition of nutritional attributes which, undoubtedly, haven’t even been fully appreciated yet and, therefore, we do not differentiate between types of ‘flesh’.  We have a wide variety of meats and fish and an appetite for selection ensuring balance and moderation. However, ‘perversion’ of the appetite through malnutrition, dehydration, toxicity, eating junk food or emotive issues will diminish the food bank which provides nutrition.

Some items are not considered suitable for human consumption even though these technically might contain vitamin B12. Pork is one of these items and ghosting of red blood cells has been observed just twenty minutes after eating.[7] Negative changes to cartilage structure is a further detriment to eating pork.[7]

Any protein requires water and enzymes for its digestion and where these requirements are inadequate digestive problems will follow sooner or later. Proper digestion is essential to good health and adequate pure water and unrefined sea salt are paramount.

Each of us is entitled to choose to eat meat or to not eat meat

but let us separate nutritional fact from emotive preferences.

We need to acquire more information and not passively expect others to spoon-feed us. However, the other side of the coin also applies - those who provide information for others should not betray that trust. We cannot all know everything in detail so there must be a balance of trust and integrity between the above two areas. Blind passivity, though, is asking for trouble whether by an individual or a nation. Conversely, blind panic is not only useless serving no purpose, but harmful in reducing thinking capacity and stressing the adrenal glands and immune systems.

What We Can Do

Realistically, we need to take the matter seriously, become informed and take sensible steps not to eat contaminated matter be it animal or vegetable and not take into our bodies toxic or biologically hostile material through non-digestive tract avenues.  Sometimes it seems as though the more we know, the more we generate further questions; we can act on what we do know. We know that we can improve our tap water using efficient filters. We can choose the best available food and supplement our diets with bio-available vitamins, minerals, intestinal flora (right gut bacteria), essential fatty acids and digestive enzymes.

We can ensure pure water intake of minimum five pints daily with unrefined sea salt (not toxic industrial-grade sodium chloride), and most importantly, not put any more toxic substances into ourselves, our children, pets and animals. Toxic metals can be removed from teeth[8] and then detoxification can be carried out according to an individual toxin history. People with Alzheimer’s have done this and recovered and one farmer has reversed BSE symptoms in cattle using mineral supplementation. The media do not, in general, cover these stories or cover the real causes of health problems, preferring (by way of vested interests) the sensational and mainstream aspects. We have to look beyond that which is evident in order to get things into perspective. The information is usually available for a little effort.

What can we do to ensure maximum resistance to disease?  Besides taking in and digesting fluid and fuel appropriate for the human mind and body, the immune system plays a key role in defence and attack. Maintenance of healthy digestion, liver and excretory organs is relatively easy. Nutritional supplementation and support remedies help to boost the natural functions of the immune system, liver, kidneys and lymphatics.


Example of Organ Support Remedies[9]

Where problems exist, steps have to be taken to identify and eliminate toxic material from further intake, and movement has to be stimulated to effectively eliminate that which is already stored in body tissues. Lymphatic drainage massage, physical movement as in gentle exercise, liver, kidney and bowel cleanses all have their part in regaining a healthy active in-out-balance regime.

A personal detailed toxin history will furnish the information needed to tailor-make or select appropriate homeopathic and/or herbal detoxification and support remedies to whittle away at the stored toxin load. A supported and stimulated liver, kidney, bowel and lymphatic system will ensure the avoidance of any unnecessary healing crises which can feel extremely uncomfortable and possibly overload the eliminatory systems. Where necessary, the help of an experienced practitioner might be needed.

Xenobiotic Detox

Example of Homeopathic Detox Remedies.[10]


Part Two


6.            (provided no contaminated outside stock is introduced to the organic farm)

7.            V Bradshaw-Black, ICHC Diet and Nutrition Principles

8.            Mercury amalgam removal has to be done correctly and replaced with fluoride-free white composites - V Bradshaw-Black, ICHC Mercury Poisoning from Amalgam Fillings article and ICHC Fluoride article.

9.            Examples of Liquescence organ support remedies which could include Immune Stimulation, Kidney and Liver liquescences.

10.           Examples of homeopathic detox remedies could include remedies for heavy metal toxicity, water toxins and industrial pollutants which would be determined by personal history.


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