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Spongiform Encephalopathies, Principles and Ramifications

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in nutrition, originally published in issue 198 - September 2012

Part One: The Auto-Immune Connection?

Spongiform encephalopathies are diseases

where the brain goes porous, like sponge

The most well known of the spongiform encephalopathies (SE), which have been known about in animals for over two centuries and concurrent with the rise of ‘modern’ medicine, veterinary medicine and agriculture’, are called ‘Scrapie’ in sheep (because the sheep scrape themselves against posts until they are raw), bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or ‘Mad Cow Disease’ in cattle because the cattle stumble and appear unstable and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) originally reported in humans by German doctors Creutzfeldt and Jakob in 1920. CJD is a neuro-degenerative disease, like Alzheimer’s Disease but with more rapid progression.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) made from the pituitary glands of corpses (above, classed as injectable drugs) given to children with apparent growth problems, has been well documented as a cause of CJD. This should speak volumes. Documented side effects of treatment with HGH are pain at the injection site, bone, joint or muscle pain, bad headaches, flu-like symptoms, malaise and fatigue, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting or pain when light is in their eyes might indicate increased intracranial pressure.

There is a definite connection between Alzheimer’s disease, heavy metal toxicity, abnormal mineral status and fluoride intake. Similar disease states which are involved with some of the same causal factors include multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson disease spectrum and the autistic spectrum.

Spongiform encephalopathies are associated with mutations of the normal prion proteins[1] of the mammalian brain and central nervous system. The function of normal prion protein is not understood but Prof Aguzzi, Institute of Neuropathology University Hospital of Zurich, has done experiments on mice which indicate that there is an association between normal prion protein function, Schwann cells and myelinization. Some toxicology studies (e.g.[2]) have linked the abnormality of prion protein to mineral disruptions. It is already well established that toxic metal poisoning is associated with degeneration of the myelin sheath which insulates nerve transmission and associated with mineral profile aberrations.

It appears that several theories have arisen as to why there has been an outbreak of BSE in Britain since 1986 and whether it is transmissible across the species barrier (e.g. whether a human can ‘catch’ it from sheep or cattle). Cannibalism in one form or another seems to be one aspect, i.e. cows fed the same ‘cannibalistic’ foodstuff and/or substances injected and could have the false appearance of a contagious outbreak in the herd, but each cow could be contracting it individually from the group-fed foodstuff and/or mass-administered treatments. It does seem to be passed on via the placenta from mother to offspring, but this also goes for other aspects of nutritional and genetic inheritance. Experiments have also enabled BSE to be injected into a non-bovine animal, but the disease contracted is BSE and not the species-specific form the recipient animal would normally have. For example, if a sheep is injected with BSE material, the sheep contracts the artificially induced BSE not species-specific Scrapie.

This is gross engineering which would not occur naturally

and indicates that there is no simple crossing of the species barrier.

If there were, the sheep in the above example would have developed Scrapie and not BSE.  It also appears that cows cannot get BSE from eating sheep remains, but only cannibalistic eating of cattle remains, i.e. where feed is contaminated with protein supplements from cattle remains. However, would there still be some sort of penalty for the gross perversion of cows eating any sort of meat considering that they are vegetarians and do not have the digestive capacity for any other type of food?

Factory-farmed meat products contain pollutants, chemicals, drugs, vaccines and goodness knows what, but nevertheless, it is not logical that eating meat in the normal manner, i.e. via the digestive tract, has any connection with animal SE forms. If it had, we should all have it by now because Scrapie has been around for, apparently, some 200 years. During that time many sheep parts, now classified as illegal, i.e. bones, brains, spinal cords etc., have been eaten by humans and if the ‘contagion/cross-species’ theory holds, there should be few of us without CJD.

No specific organism, e.g. bacteria or parasite, has been isolated with spongiform diseases but changes in prion proteins,[1] have been identified. Another thing to consider in the enigma of spongiform diseases is that if cats and dogs caught spongiform disease from eating other cats and dogs, then most pets should have it by now. It is well known that pet foods contain all sorts of very questionable protein sources and toxic ingredients, but there has been a relatively small numbers in cats and other animals not normally associated with spongiform diseases. It would seem that there is clear category differences between animals suitable for food and those not suitable for food such as dogs, cats and horses.

There are certainly unexplained factors missing from

the information we have on this subject.

It seems more logical that whatever causes Scrapie, BSE, Kuru (a tribal form of CJD which disappeared when cannibalism stopped), CJD and other associated disease states are common factors which have yet to be accurately and publicly identified. However, metal and chemical toxicity and aberrations in nutritional status are widely acknowledged as factors.

Mark Purdey[3] [deceased 2006], has shown the connection between BSE and the use of organo-phosphates (OPs). These widely used highly toxic chemical pesticides and insecticides, which are sprayed on crops and used as animal dips, become embedded into the recipient’s biochemistry, target the brain and nervous system and prevent the enzyme cholinesterase[4] from working. They also cause nutrient deficiencies which could well lead to susceptibility to changes in the brain protein.

Also consider that drugs, vaccines etc. affect essential fatty acid status which is a cornerstone of cellular health. Each cell membrane depends upon its integrity for intake of nutrients and discharge of waste. Another vitally important factor missing from the general health of humans and animals over the past few generations is unrefined sea salt. We have had in its stead processed industrial grade sodium chloride with toxic additives, a major health hazard and unfit for human or animal consumption, and along with alkaline mineral depletion allows for an internal acid environment which is fertile ground for disease states and resulting internally mediated toxic tissue ‘clean-up’. Unrefined sea salt and enough pure water form an essential foundation for good health.

What we do have in recent history is an unparalleled experimentation with biologically hostile materials such as those used in vaccine manufacture[5] using all sorts of cross-protein-contamination involving animal and human products, directly targeted at the blood stream. Consequences can be hidden from public awareness by being mislabelled / renamed and attributed to scapegoat causes.  Disregarding all bodily protective mechanisms such as skin, mucosa, digestive tract, tonsils etc., these unnatural cocktails are injected directly into the blood stream of our animals, ourselves and our babies (before the maturation of their brains and immune systems) at our peril. Vaccine practice is based upon the arguable premise of external microbes being the source of disease. If this premise is so, then by the same logic, rats and flies must be the source of our household garbage.


Amongst things worthy of note, there are also some nasty things coming out of laboratories and the expository articles on ‘Gulf War Syndrome’ (information readily available through online searches) are enough to encourage strong incentives to become educated about such matters appreciating the potential impact upon personal health. Of course, this is strongly discouraged by those with vested interests and those who raise questions are ridiculed or discredited. The folly of injecting animal into human seems unquestioned by those who are thirsty for experimental results.

It does not seem apparent that researchers of spongiform diseases consider the areas of vaccines and drugs (especially by injection) although, apparently, areas such as organ transplants and blood transfusions/blood products have been considered. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) made from the pituitary glands of corpses (above, classed as injectable drugs) given to children with apparent growth problems, has been well documented as a cause of CJD. This should speak volumes. Documented side effects of treatment with HGH are pain at the injection site, bone, joint or muscle pain, bad headaches, flu-like symptoms, malaise and fatigue, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting or pain when light is in their eyes might indicate increased intracranial pressure. Is there something here which makes prion proteins turn on themselves in an effort to destroy a foreign component, i.e. an auto-immune reaction?

These symptoms cry out biological hostility and this is a major factor

in immune system malfunction and auto-immune diseases!

There is no room for emotive, defensive or self-righteous ideologies: we must face the simple truth or face the consequences sooner or later.  Are questions being raised about the folly of growth hormones being given to cattle and poultry? What are the sources of these hormones? Why give them anyway? It is a nonsense biologically, and economically, for sound farming.  There is no discussion of hidden agendas here but there are those who read between the lines and raise alarms.[6]  When investigating health, or more accurately sickness, the ugly faces of politics and questionable profits are never far away. The abuse and degradation of old ‘Daisy’, the milk cow of yesteryear is a sad story. 

We have to question the foundational premise and content of vaccines[5, 7] and drugs given to our farm animals and why they are given. The sow and reap principle of both animal husbandry and farming will sooner or later expose malpractice and its motives. The ‘all-too-simple’ can be easily mystified by being enshrined in Latin, ‘scientific code’ or expedient explanatory media smokescreens to avoid questions being raised by potential objectors - the most dangerous ones being the thinking and questioning general public. 

However, it takes two to tango and finger-pointing at the side of the partnership with vested interests is not the objective of this article: simple information to provoke thoughts and questions is. 

References: Part One

1.     The normal form of prion protein appears to be involved in efficient nerve insulation. Its distorted and abnormal forms are identified in prion diseases or spongiform encephalopathies.


3. [Mark Purdey died in November 2006.]

4.     Cholinesterase is an enzyme that facilitates return to the resting state of cholinergic neurons after activity.

5.     Vaccines are laced with toxic metals and other toxic chemicals (formaldehyde being one) and foreign proteins from animals and birds, aborted foetus cells and other questionable sources. A list of ingredients is readily available from online searches.

6.     Catherine O’Driscoll, What Vets Don't Tell You about Vaccines, Abbeywood Publishing Ltd, Second edition. ISBN-10: 1929242492, ISBN-13: 978-1929242498. October 1, 1998.

Martin J. Walker, Dirty Medicine - The Handbook, Slingshot Publications; First edition. ISBN-10: 0956409318, ISBN-13: 978-0956409317. 2011.

7      An article in the Daily Mail of 23rd December 1997 entitled Could a holiday jab really give you CJD? explains that a holiday jab contains gamma globulin which is a blood product obtained from pooled blood of about 3000 separate donors. The article states that, “Government committee which killed off the T-bone steak is also investigating the possibility that CJD can be passed through blood from one person to another - and the gamma globulin jab is a blood product.”  However, this would not explain why all of those who have received gamma globulin do not contract CJD.  There is obviously more to the whole question of ‘transference’.


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