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Why Can’t I Work Out What’s Wrong With Me?

by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black(more info)

listed in neurological and neurodegenerative, originally published in issue 273 - September 2021


So many of us have multiple symptoms that seem to be dissociated. Visits to the doctor yield referrals to different consultants each giving tests and diagnoses within their own speciality field.  Symptoms with little semblance of connection, for example, potentially any combination of sight, hearing, throat, heart, lungs, digestive organs, appendix, liver, gall bladder, spleen, kidneys, immune system, inflammatory conditions, emotions and cognitive function can seem an overwhelming task to make sense of. However, these can be connected through a common thread: the Vagus nerve.

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Even at the GP level, Vagus nerve involvement is not always considered relevant in multiple symptom presentation.   Such a variety of symptoms might be suggestive of psychosomatic illness and medications based on that misdiagnosis might be prescribed, sometimes long-term. This could be debilitating with drug side effects and despondency at ever getting to the bottom of health issues with such diverse symptoms.   

The diagram below gives an excellent representation of why the Vagus nerve is derived from the Latin for wandering.  It is the tenth cranial nerve and its signals go from the brain to the body and return with sensory feedback from the organs it supplies. [2]

Vagus nerve path

Path of the Vagus Nerve [2]

The Vagus nerve exits the brain, from the medulla oblongata where the brain stem connects the brain to the spinal cord.   As part of the parasympathetic nervous system the Vagus nerve is all encompassing so it is vital to see the above areas as a whole and not as separate compartments.  There will be some symptoms that apply to one area of the body/mind, for instance injury or acute poisoning, but consideration of Vagus nerve involvement could still be applicable to treatment.  It would certainly be applicable to recovery where the sympathetic nervous system was activated for some time, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) issues.

Symp and Parasymp diag

The Vagus Nerve is part of the Parasympathetic nervous system [3]

Because the Vagus nerve has far reaching effects on overall health, it is pertinent to assess the state of Vagal function.  Health of the nervous system is just as important as health of vascular, digestive, skeletal and hormonal systems etc,  As with other parts of the body, both structure and function efficiency are relevant. 

The state of Vagal health, called Vagal tone or cardiac Vagal tone, can be measured by assessing the difference between the heart rate when breathing in and the heart rate when breathing out.  Vagal tone is the difference between the two measurements.  The importance of  knowing this is because low Vagal tone is associated with low states of health and high Vagal tone with better health and ability to recover more quickly from sympathetic nervous activity.  Physiological flexibility and metabolic equilibrium can be less efficient with low Vagal tone. 

It is all very well knowing about the calming, balancing effects of the Vagus nerve but how can low Vagal tone be boosted in acute and long term problems?  This would need both structural and physiological approaches.  Structure determines function.  If structure is impaired, function will be below-par.

“NHS rolls out a headache-busting gadget across the country.[4]”  This gadget, called GammaCore, uses gentle electrical stimulation of the Vagus nerve to bring pain relief and is now available on the NHS for cluster headaches.[5]  Other devices are also available but for some reason very hard to find. NEMOS ear device,  Net1000,  Nervana Headphone device are three mentioned on the healthrising website.  If stimulating the Vagus nerve activates the pain relieving ability of the Vagus nerve it also activates the parasympathetic nervous system which could have significant impact on all the other issues involving the Vagus nerve.

Stimulation of the neck or ear massage can stimulate the Vagus nerve.  Paramedics attempt to stimulate Vagus activity by massaging the neck or creating abdominal pressure in cases of tachycardia but this does not always guarantee success.  Acupuncture or acupressure of the external ear can also provoke Vagal activation.  An example of Vagal acupressure can be seen at where the seeds exert pressure to Vagus nerve points.

Vagus nerve EAR

Representation of Vagus nerve pathway [6]

The Vagus nerve is made up of cells called neurons.  Neurons have myelinated axons.  The myelin sheath is made of just under half lipids, about 40% water and the rest protein. This fatty tissue, insulates the electrical messages going from brain to structure, and sensory feedback to the brain.  Multiple Sclerosis is an example of damage to the myelin sheath diminishing the potential of electrical messages getting to their destination.

Diagram of normal nerve cell terminating at a muscle

Diagram of normal nerve cell terminating at a muscle [7]

Diagram of nerve transmission disruption where myelin is damaged

Diagram of nerve transmission disruption where myelin is damaged.

It is well known that heavy metals, namely mercury amalgam dental fillings and other toxic dental products target fatty tissue and kidneys.  The myelin sheath, being fatty tissue, succumbs to erosion by heavy metal toxicity.  Other toxic matter in food production, tap water and drinks, household chemicals, plastics, cosmetics, vaccines, drugs and air borne contaminants also play their part.  The issue here would be how to repair the myelin sheath.  The first step towards this goal is to remove all exposure to the toxins.  This would include finding a dentist who is familiar with the safety protocols for amalgam filling replacement.  Also, consideration needs to be given to other dental metals, mixed metals causing oral currents, root canals and materials including plastics, aluminium and fluoride. 

Structural and physiological functions of the nervous system need appropriate intake of nutrition which usually includes suitably absorbable nutritional supplements.  These might include a broad base multivitamin/mineral, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 and possibly others depending upon an individually determined nutrition profile.  The uptake of the best nutrition and supplementation will be hampered by toxicity and dehydration.  Both of these need to be taken seriously.  It takes only one broken link to disable a chain.

Herbal remedies are also appropriate for boosting the immune system, nourishing the nervous tissue, aiding lymphatic drainage and enhancing circulation.  Acupuncture, acupressure, essential oil massage, chiropractic adjustment, kinesiology re-balancing and head massage all have potential benefits.  Personal circumstances and medical history are relevant to choices in nutritional, herbal and homeopathic remedies and essential oil selection.  A personally relevant selection of  therapies, directly or indirectly, will boost Vagus nerve vitality and thus the organs supplied by it.  Nutraceuticals, NADH, Modified Citrus Pectin, CBD oil, certain amino acids and others also have important roles to play in the metabolic field.

There is relatively little research carried out on the potential of Vagal involvement in multiple symptom treatment.[8] Some areas, such as electrical implants for epilepsy, irregular heart rhythms and depression are known to have some effect but Vagal stimulation as a recognised treatment factor for connecting multiple health problems is an area of great scope for research. 

One therapy not put to more use because of its relative unavailability is hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT).  The NHS restricts HBOT for a very limited number of health problems. 

HBOT has been shown to help far more health issues than included in the NHS list, including PTSD and depression, both of which have been shown on single-photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT) scans to have significant brain anomalies which can be restored, from some degree to totally, with properly prescribed HBOT sessions.[9]  This could possibly have a great impact for war veterans who suffered at the hands of war and experimental vaccines.[10]

Another great area to research is the effect of brain anomalies caused by prolonged labours, premature births and birth injuries.  This could be an area of great importance to many people, especially in the climate of current obstetric practices.[11]  It would be logical that any therapy that helps or cures problems like PTSD, depression, motor and sensory nerve damage, emotional aberrations, internal or external tissue malfunction/damage would invariably help Vagus nerve structure and/or function.

The education in the pharmaceutical industry-controlled medical schools lacks exposure to anything that cannot benefit the controlling political and financial interests, or discredits it. Once qualified, doctors hands are tied.  If they make a diagnosis they are restricted to the treatments available for that particular diagnosis by a restricting and controlling “standard of care”.  Many doctors have lost their licenses to practice, and worse, for prescribing outside of this control system and for exposing the stranglehold placed upon them to the detriment of their patients.  

People on the ground level could connect locally to form support groups and enlarge awareness of non-harmful solutions to health problems brought on by our sick society, along with exposure of that sick society and how people are being fed lies about poisons in our air,[12] water, food, land, medical treatments and minds.  Repetitive politically-biased propaganda is accepted as norm across mass media outlets.  Indeed, several generations have been reared in this controlled environment and are not even aware of anything amiss.  Awareness of even a few examples of this would drive many to bury their heads at such alarming differences between what has been believed and what is actually true.  When the human mindset is shaken it takes patience to work through the surprisingly inter-connected areas of society that have always been believed to be either true or for the ‘apparent benefit’ of people.[13]    

One essential area which must be faced in any health issue is that of stress.  Stress is part of life and no one is exempt.  How we handle stress is the important factor in illness.  Handling stress adequately, or even well, on a conscious level is a plus for healthy outcomes but entirely another matter where inappropriate stress-handling mechanisms were formed in the first seven years of life.[14]  This takes us to the subconscious level, including self-sabotage programs, and needs different tools to tackle the foundational issues.  If life is likened to climbing the rungs of a ladder but the ladder is placed against the wrong wall, then the goal you want to reach at the top of the ladder is already defunct.  The blessing of becoming aware allows us to get the foundation sorted before climbing.[15]

A relaxed, happy, healthy lifestyle is foreign to most people.  A perpetual struggle to pay bills, ill health, job dissatisfaction and relationship problems are common to far too many of us.  The few hours a day, where rest and relaxation are possible, are commonly filled with extra burdens, exhaustion and settling for escapism by what controlling powers want in our heads via negatively biased ‘entertainment’ media and depressing news. 

Take back a connection with the land,[16] light,[17] with ourselves as sovereign beings.[18]  Become aware of our beliefs, emotions, attitudes, prejudices, breathing, posture and demeanour.  Consider ‘why’ for each one until you come to the final ‘why’.  Fear of disapproval, separation, isolation, ridicule, hostility, loneliness, rejection and even death are some answers that usually surface.  The challenge of dealing with our own negative thoughts and emotions takes determination and courage.  We are all individuals and we can find relief and freedom from emotional shackles if we don’t give up.

Awareness and gratitude during a time of peaceful, slow ‘belly breathing’ will calm the nervous system and, if done on a daily basis, can make inroads into living more peacefully. 

Laughter is great medicine.[19]  Peace and good relationships are goals well worth working towards.  Even difficult people can see a light shining through others.  Never be weary in well doing.[20]  Let persistence be seen as a worthy value.  We might never know how something we said or did impacted someone else for their good.


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