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Letters to the Editor Issue 32

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listed in letters to the editor, originally published in issue 32 - September 1998

Electrical Emanations

I am soon to be moving into a new bedroom, but am worried about the effects of a large electrical fuse box situated on the west wall of this room. The exit door and a window are on the south wall. Can you or a reader suggest what I can do to make this room safe to sleep in?

I am grateful for any help that you can give me.

Virginia M Saunders (Mrs)
Cyclades, Greece

P.S. Love Positive Health! It gets handed around the island for others to read before returning to me for reference.

Ann and Roy Procter reply…

We suggest that she puts a crystal on her fuse box.

This is because of work done by two scientists, Mike Adams and Alan Hall; they needed to investigate what was happening in the health of their families, with no research to guide them. Some people are affected by domestic electricity, some by emanations from cathode ray tubes in TVs and computers, some by both. Microwave ovens rarely “leak” harmful emanations, but the damage they cause to the subtle energies of food is considerable, and their use should be avoided if possible.

We are talking about natural crystals, not lead crystal or cut glass. Cluster crystals are lumps with lots of points, not just a single bar. This gives more surface area. The minute (one molecule thick) layer of water on the surface absorbs the electromagnetic and microwave emanations which affect some people, hence the need to cleanse/wash them regularly, as if squeezing out a sponge! We suggest a good rinse under running water. To give them a real “spring clean” leave them outside resting on earth for a few days (we do this for ours when we go on holiday), then they are treated by all four elements – earth, air, fire and water.

Amethysts are usually cheapest for size, and you only need something 2-4” across for each computer or TV or for your electrical input. You should find specimens in “New Age” shops at less than £5-7 each.

You may care to look into the matter further by obtaining Alan Hall’s book Water, Electricity and Health (Hawthorn Press 1997 ISBN 1 869890 94 9). If you want to buy a copy phone the author on 01452 81054.

Stop abusing the animals!

I am a great supporter of homoeopathic remedies, but I don’t see the need for using animals to obtain them (‘The Proving of Homoeopathic Remedies’, Positive Health Issue 30).

By taking blood from a caphie falcon not only are you taking something that does not belong to you, but you are supporting in your words “disciplining through starvation & sensory deprivation.”

There are enough answers in the 1000s of plants & other substances to help us, leave the animals alone. We’ve abused them long enough.

Mandy Griffiths

Peter Fraser replies…

Although most of the remedies used by homoeopaths are made from minerals and plants, there are a significant number that come from insects, reptiles, birds and animals. These remedies cure disease states that do not respond to other known remedies, but they can cause problems for vegans, vegetarians and those whose religion has a taboo against blood.

Homoeopathic remedies, when potentized beyond 12c, contain no particle of the original substance and the dilutions used mean that a single sample will provide many billions of doses of the remedy. In animal remedies the protocols demand that all the remedies are made from a single sample, the only one that will ever be needed.

It is my personal belief that, like North American Indian medicine, Homoeopathy works by connecting with the Spirit of the substance. If this connection is not made with respect and gratitude the Spirit will not be inclined to give the assistance that we request for our patients.

In the case of Falco the single drop of blood was taken with great care by an experienced Vet and the bird was entirely unharmed. Not only have several people come to a state of health otherwise not available to them but we have come to a deeper understanding of the Falcon, an important step in coming to treat him better.

I am truly grateful to the spirit of the Falcon for this understanding and for the cures that it has produced. I believe that it has given of itself out of love for humanity, however undeserved.

Peter Fraser

Let us spray!

I was aghast at a recent broadcast by the BBC which suggested that plant toxins are as dangerous to the human body as any manufactured pesticide. As a homeopathic practitioner who has been in practice for 30+ years, it showed a grave lack of knowledge of chemistry and how the body functions.

It was stated that “plants wage their own chemical warfare against pests using a bewildering range of toxins” and that “these are present in much higher concentrations than their synthetic counterparts” and therefore more harmful to us. However, the biggest difference between plant and pesticide “warfare” is that the body has the necessary defenses to deal with natural plant poisons but is completely at a loss in being able to destroy pesticides. Therefore, they are deposited somewhere in the body – and that somewhere is the insula (central) lobe of the brain. This causes energy to slow down and finally cease flowing altogether, resulting in deep problems in the body.

Depending on how large the blockage is, different parts of the body are affected in and various conditions can result. Usually the first to “silt up” are the feet and the legs, requiring veins being extracted. Also we see a reduction in bone marrow in the femur which lowers the immune system. Then the next area to be affected is the thighs – hence the massive increase in cellulite. And so on…

On the contrary, I would advise anyone to be extremely wary of pesticides and to avoid ingesting them if possible. I believe it is misleading to suggest to the general public that they should think otherwise.

Jack Temple
Homoeopathic Dowser/Healer


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