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Letters to the Editor Issue 181

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listed in letters to the editor, originally published in issue 181 - April 2011

Terrible Effects of Toxic Toothpastes
by Ashok T. Jaisinghani

Most of us begin our day with brushing our teeth by using some brand of toothpaste or tooth powder. That can be the our first action of poisoning ourselves every morning. For many, it can also be the last action of poisoning their bodies every night with the toxic chemicals present in almost all the dentifrices. When we begin and end the day by poisoning ourselves, do we really have any chance of effectively fighting against environmental pollution or the adulteration and contamination of foods, cosmetics and medicines?
Many toothpastes (and tooth powders) contain large amounts of fluoride. Fluoride ingested in excessive amounts can cause various maladies like constipation, rheumatism, arthritis, chronic fatigue, heart disease and cancer. There are many other more dangerous chemicals, besides fluoride, that are also put in the toothpastes. Most of the toxic  chemicals are not even listed on the tubes of toothpastes. Such chemicals can also produce  many other diseases even worse than the above-mentioned ones in the users of toothpastes.
The chemicals of a toothpaste are absorbed by the teeth, gums, mucous membranes of the mouth, and also other parts of the gastro-intestinal tract due to some toothpaste getting swallowed along with the saliva, especially by the small children. The toxic chemicals ingested from toothpastes can cause poisoning of the teeth, bones, blood, muscles, nerves, and other parts of the body. Over a period of months and years, the whole body of the user is adversely affected.
The toxic chemicals ingested from toothpastes can cause stiffness in the joints of shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, backbone, hips, knees, ankles, toes, etc. Later, there can be soreness and pain in all these joints along with weakness in the whole body. There can be stiffness and pain also in the muscles around the joints as in rheumatoid arthritis.  When the nerves get affected by the toxic chemicals, there can be pain and spasms in other muscles of the body too.
Pain-killers are put in many toothpastes to prevent the incidence of pain in the gums and teeth of users. In the process, the nerves in the mouth are deadened as they get poisoned more and more every day by the toxic chemicals of toothpastes. Gradually, over a period of months and years, during which toothpastes are used, the poisoning spreads to all the nerves in the body. The affected person's limbs and other parts of the body get stiff and lethargic and, when he moves the different parts of his body, he suffers from the type of pain associated with rheumatism and arthritis.
The nerve poisons in toothpastes produce the crippling diseases in the users by weakening the muscles in the limbs and other parts of their bodies. They can cause spasms in the muscles, including the heart muscles. Due to the stiffness of muscles, they cannot be stretched easily, as the stretching causes pain in the muscles.
Toxic Toothpastes can cause Heart Disease
The regular ingestion of some toxic chemicals from toothpastes causes the breathing to become shallow; the heart beats become arrhythmic; and the blood gets poisoned, producing the symptoms comparable to those found in anaemia. The poisoning with the toxic chemicals of toothpastes can produce cramps in the muscles in different parts of the body. When the heart muscles get affected, even heart failure becomes possible.
Some toothpastes contain blood-clotting chemicals which prevent and stop the bleeding of gums. The daily ingestion of these clotting agents, and their accumulation in the body, can promote the formation of blood clots which can cause heart attacks and strokes.
Many of the toxic chemicals of toothpastes cause sleeplessness and depression. By weakening the muscles and nerves, the toxic chemicals can cause lethargy as in the chronic fatigue syndrome.

Some American manufacturers have been promoting the sales of their toothpastes by wrongly using my article.[1] I have never endorsed or recommended the costly toothpastes of such American manufacturers, which can be harmful because they contain some toxic ingredients. I am sure that they know nothing about any formula which can make their toothpastes completely non-toxic.
Which is Best and Cheap Teeth Cleaner?
For many years, I had been searching for suitable non-toxic toothpastes and tooth powders for my own personal use. I had tried many different types of toothpastes without coming across even a single brand that did not produce any harmful side-effects. I had got very disappointed when I realized that the top scientists of the world had not succeeded in creating even a single toothpaste of any type, which could clean the teeth without producing any toxic effects in the users.
Can any non-toxic teeth-cleaning formula be obtained from one of the following items, or from the combinations of two or more items, which are very commonly used as ingredients in dentifrices?

  • Neem paste, Neem leaves, Neem sticks;
  • Babool paste, Babool leaves, Babool sticks;
  • Sodium Chloride - NaCl - common table salt;
  • Baking Soda - NaHCO3;
  • Washing Soda - Na2CO3;
  • Detergent or soap;
  • Hydrogen Peroxide - H2O2;
  • Dicalcium Phosphate - CaHPO4;
  • Tricalcium Phosphate - Ca3(PO4)2;  
  • Calcium Carbonate - CaCO3;
  • Sodium Fluoride;
  • Stannous Fluoride;
  • Potassium Nitrate;
  • Sodium Citrate;
  • Sour lemon juice;
  • Silica - SiO2 - fine sand;
  • Glycerine;
  • Powdered Charcoal;
  • Tobacco.

Even though a number of ingredients mentioned above are known to be harmful, as they can damage the teeth and harm the gums, many manufacturers of toothpastes and tooth powders still use them in their products, which they make and sell in India. The Indian manufacturers also export their dentifrices to many foreign countries for Indians and other Asians who prefer to use such toothpastes and tooth powders.
Getting Sparkling Teeth Costs me Only One Rupee in a Month!
After searching unsuccessfully for about 43 years, it was by fluke that I was recently able to find one ingredient for a good dentifrice that not only cleans the teeth very efficiently, but it also makes them sparkle. When I used it for the very first time, I found that my teeth had become so clean and smooth that I often licked the teeth with my tongue to make myself feel sure about what had happened to my teeth. I could not believe that there would be such a great change in my teeth just by brushing them once!
In a few days more, I found out another ingredient, which also cleans the teeth and makes them sparkle, but it is much more useful because it does the work without causing any damage to the enamel physically or chemically. I just had to combine the two ingredients in correct proportions to make an ideal dentifrice for my own use.
It is three months now since I started using the new dentifrice, but there are no signs of any harmful side-effects like pain in the teeth or the bones of jaws, neck, shoulders and head, as it happens due to the toxic effects caused by the regular use of most toothpastes that contain fluoride. When the dentifrice based on my formula is used at night, it does not cause any sleeplessness, as it happens after the use of many toxic toothpastes.
After using the new dentifrice based on my formula, my stamina has increased a great deal. I can ride my bicycle and exercise for about 25 to 30 percent more time than I did 3 months back. Even though I am 68 years old, I feel like singing and dancing due to the great improvement in my health! Of course, I have to restrain myself from such activities in the presence of others.
Surprisingly, for the dentifrice based on my formula, the cost of ingredients is only about one rupee or two rupees per month for one person. It seems clear that no manufacturer of dentifrices knows any formula like mine; otherwise there would have been much cheaper non-toxic toothpastes available in the market, which could clean the teeth very effectively and efficiently.
I wish to state very clearly that I have NOT mentioned the names of ingredients of the dentifrice based on my formula in the list shown above, which contains the names of only some of the most common ingredients used in manufacturing the toothpastes and tooth powders.
The ingredients of the low-cost formula, like the one I have discovered, can easily be put in the toothpastes by most of the manufacturers. Of course, I shall NOT disclose my formula for an indefinite period. The names and other details of the ingredients will not be given because I have still to find out a number of things related to this research.
I feel that the ingredients of my dentifrice can even turn some of the tartar, or sticky dental plaque, back into dentin and enamel of the teeth! As the tartar vanishes due to the regular use of the dentifrice, the gums begin to hold the roots of the teeth more firmly. The colour of the gums changes from dark brown to light brown and then to pink. Halitosis, the condition in which foul smell is produced in the mouth, also gets cured. There is even a pleasant sweetish taste in the mouth.
I have a very good reason to keep my findings secret for some more time till I succeed in finding out all the details about the improvement in health due to the beneficial changes in the teeth and gums.
We often hear the news about some tribal people, living in a few locations in different parts of the world, who have very clean, sparkling and strong teeth. Most of them have beautiful teeth and charming smiles. Only a few of them have any damaged, diseased or missing teeth. Many individuals among such tribes are also so healthy that they are able to live even up to 100 years and more. Knowingly or unknowingly, such tribal communities have been getting some very beneficial ingredients from their natural sources, which are helping them in keeping their teeth healthy and strong, as well as in prolonging their lives. A lot of research is required to find out all the causes that contribute to their excellent health.
Jaisinghani A. 1. Use Toothpastes to get Sparkling Teeth And Die Young with a Charming Smile! Dec 2002.

Ashok  T. Jaisinghani,  Editor & Publisher:


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