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Letters to the Editor Issue 162

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listed in letters to the editor, originally published in issue 162 - September 2009

Protect your Right to Vitamins

A new law designed to hand over the control of natural remedies to the pharmaceutical giants is under-way.

We need to act now; otherwise we will not be able to buy  vitamins or health /nutritional supplements without a doctor's prescription – as  they will be banned from 31st December 2009. 

Please, sign the petition to the Prime Minister before 5th September .  . It takes 10 seconds!
Please click on this link below ... Once you have added your name, they will send you an email and you must then confirm that you want your name added, so watch out for the email.  

Please also view this important video, narrated by Dame Judi Dench.  

More Details:
Some of you will be familiar with this, for others you may not be aware of what parliament is about to do in your name.  Codex Alimentarius is a law designed to hand over the control of natural remedies to the pharmaceutical giants.  One more attempt to regulate us – with potentially dire consequences.   Unless we take this last opportunity and act now, we will not be able to buy vitamins or health / nutritional supplements without a doctor's prescription – they will be banned from 31st December 2009. 

You may think this can't happen, you may think why haven't I heard about this before. The reason is that there are vested interests, giant multinational pharmaceutical companies, and it's not in their interest that you know about and oppose this. They and our lawmakers in Europe are banking on public apathy.  Despite considerable pressure already exerted our government is still planning to implement this law – unless there is massive opposition it will go ahead.

Like many health and safety matters, CODEX was started with good intentions, in 1962 by the United Nations, to establish international free trade foods, but has become a major threat to our civil liberties and freedom of choice.

For more information, Google 'opposition to codex alimentarius' or look on Facebook,  and you'll see that the threat is very real and opposition is from people from all walks of life, in many countries.

The Codex Alimentarius Commission is an inter-governmental body that has been around since the early 60s. The main job of the Codex Commission is "protecting consumer health, ensuring fair trade practices in the food trade, and promoting coordination of all international food standards work" However the truth is that Codex is influenced by Big Pharmaceutical, Big Chemical, Big Biotechnical, Big Medical and Big Agribusiness companies. It has become nothing to do with health; it has everything to do with money.

Codex Aliemtarius are slowly bringing in 300 guidelines and changes to the law that effect our health and food. When it does (in the words of Dame Judi Dench):

"Governments will be free to replace the teachings of all ages with toxic lies. Timeless natural medicines, food and herbs with which we have evolved, calved from thousands of years of collective wisdom will be swept away, crushed under the myopic world of corporate greed."

Codex Guidelines Include:
  • All nutrient supplements would be classed as drugs; this potentially means that vitamins would be illegal in the same way heroin is illegal;
  • Homeopathic remedies, most natural therapies and alternative remedies would also be banned;
  • Under Codex it would also become law that ALL foods would have to be sprayed with pesticides;
  • Genetically Modified foods will be freely available without labelling;
  • Also, all natural herbs such as garlic, peppermint, in fact anything with a therapeutic property, would be banned from usual sale and controlled by the pharmaceutical companies!
  • Doctors who discuss natural alternatives and remedies with their patients can be imprisoned!;
  • Fluoride will be added to our tap water – fluoride makes us complacent, infertile and has been found to cause cancer (osteosarcoma, especially in male children). Update – this is already in place in many parts of the UK.
This not only would affect us, but would have a disastrous effect on developing countries who cannot afford to meet with the Codex Law, so their own farming industries that feed them would collapse.

The urgent problem for us is that on 31st December 2009, the EU is going to implement the European Food Supplements Directive, and even though this has nothing directly to do with Codex, it is within the Codex guidelines, and they are forming the basis for the rest of the Codex guidelines and compliance to follow.

The EU Directive will bring in a ban after 31st December 2009 of any vitamin or mineral food supplement that has yet to be approved. This means that many food supplements containing vitamins and minerals that have not been approved as safe and bioavailable by the European Food Safety Authority will indeed be banned from 1 January 2010. What they don't tell us is that the safe guidelines will also change. But it is NOT Codex that is causing these bans (despite many other claims that it is) – it is the European Directive (although undoubtedly this is driven by Codex). The same European Directive will also likely impose restrictions on maximum dosages on vitamins and minerals in 2010, following Codex recommendations to class them as poisons and set their safety levels for human consumption exactly the same way. This means that the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals that will be allowed to be added to foods or available as supplements will be the same maximum amount of poisons such as pesticides and other dangerous chemicals.

It is vital and urgent that we address these matters and get the EU Directive and Codex Alimentarius implementations stopped. Never heard of it? I'm not surprised; it is yet another erosion of our rights and choices that the commission is trying to steal from us by stealth. We can easily blame the governments; however they too are being manipulated. The commission does not want the public to have any powers of choice in the matter; of course they would prefer us to believe that they do this for our own safety...

Typical responses we often are met with are How can they do this? or They can't do that – the industry is too big, worth millions.

Well, some of the CODEX proposals already exist as law in Germany and Norway!!

The National Health Federation

The NHF are one of the very few organizations that attend codex Alimentarius commission meetings. Directed by Scott Tips, who regularly gives lectures on Codex, Scott attends the CODEX meetings as an Observer and can make comments on the agenda.

Alliance for Health

Please visit the Alliance for Natural Health, where there is also an petition to sign.  

Want to do something? First of all sign the petition mentioned above. Sign the Downing Street Petition. Keep a look out for protest or information lecture events in your area and become involved. Write to MEPs. Most importantly – Spread the word to everyone!


Chris Burley ND


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