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Letters to the Editor Issue 110

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listed in letters to the editor, originally published in issue 110 - April 2005

Michael Lever Replies to Alexander Tennant's letter in Issue 108 Feb 2005


During the 1980s as a hobby I used to provide business development and marketing advice to self-employed (and wanting to be) therapists, etc. The point you make about not having enough financial resources to practise full time was not unusual then, and since you say the same nowadays, I can say the real issue is not the lack of financial resources as such, but not having what it takes to attract enough clients to get the business up and running. I have put my advice on the internet free of charge at

All new business face the same challenge. Until you change from employment to self-employment and commit yourself wholeheartedly to what you honestly want to achieve, you will probably never feel secure enough to take the risk.

Michael Lever

Reader's Comment re Healing Energy. The Power of Intent


I have read many Positive Health articles on your website, but would like to comment specifically regarding Steve Gamble's article (Healing Energy and Water Issue 71 Dec 2001).

I am not a doctor, nurse, nor nutritionist. Yet, I find every aspect dealing with the body both physically and etherically fascinating. I have prayed for the gift to see and hear. When family members health's were declining, I would search for foods or alternative means to sustain their quality of life while the physicians feed them full of chemicals and pills. I firmly believed our minds possessed inner healing possibilities, but I couldn't quite figure out how this worked? I found myself wanting a specific food and intuitively knew to reach behind and find the fresher item. I could pick up two identically looking packages, yet found one felt better than the other. Why? What was the reasoning? Especially when you could clearly see the contents in the package, they looked identically fresh or crisp, yet one felt heavier and the other lighter (metaphysically speaking).

The more my spiritual quest heightened, the more I became aware. Trying to condense a long story, these are a few things that happened to me.

1. A lady I knew recommended I purchase a personal protection device that would absorb negative energies/entities. I had no faith in it, but in desperation, I bought it. It would sit 'there' for a while and somewhere inside of me would say get it out of 'here'. I'd give it a pitch in the yard. A while later, I'd pass it in the yard, think of the $75.00 I wasted on this piece of plastic resin, get upset, and bring it back in the house. Looking back on it, I think it was a way of clearing it through the earth's energies.

This past September, I had prayed for the ability to see and hear, I decided to fill a bottle with Holy Water from the church. About 3 weeks passed, one night I was saying my prayers and began to meditate while holding the blessed water against my chest. My heart area became warm and I clearly heard a male voice recite the Lord's Prayer. I was stunned, pulling it away from me. When I put it back, I heard nothing. During the course of 1 week, I continued to hear more from the water and what I finally figured out, it was the FULL MASS spoken at the church. Including the two singers voices. However, not one parishioners voice. Why? Because everything spoken was directed towards the members.

Afterwards, I began hearing 'voices' inside products. Back to the expensive piece of plastic I put on my nightstand and paid zero attention to. Again, my friend kept telling me how well that resin thing worked and it was more powerful than my cross. I begged to differ with her. While having this conversation, I reached over and picked up that plastic tower. I heard a woman's voice this time. It said; "this harmonizer was designed to protect a person from both entities and electromagnetic fields that can interfere with our bodies on more subtle levels". It gave the full instructions as to how and where to place it (space proximity). As I was pulling it away from me, the comedy was what I heard next; "AND BY THE WAY, WE SELL MANY OTHER PRODUCTS FOR YOU AS WELL" (basically, don't hesitate to call us so we can accommodate your needs)!!! This company/woman had placed a subliminal message in her products (perhaps all of her products). It surely irritated my friend to no end. She was truly upset because it was the first time she realized people may sell their product claiming it works and at the same time taking advantage by encouraging more sales. The 'my intent is only for the highest and best good of man' as opposed to 'my other intent is buy more so I can make more'.

After I finished my telephone conversation, I put the harmonizer down and picked it back up again. You have no idea the magnitude of JUNK 'defined as astral' this had inside of it! I had absolutely no faith in it, yet it worked or did what the lady said it would do. The other thing I discovered was, no matter how long it sat outside or what I did to it, the subliminal message remained. I managed to clear it or bring it back to its original state, but trust me when I say, that vendor's voice would not leave my $75.00 resin tower of plastic. Sorry, but one needs humour when talking about things like this. It had been in and out of my house for almost 1 year. My point is this, whatever a person's intent is behind their product or thoughts, they remain whether or not they are aware of it (good-bad-or indifferent).

2. A few days after this happening, I needed to go to the grocery store. I wanted to buy some tofu and test my skills on what looked good versus felt the best energetically. Never thinking what was about to happen, while deciding and weighing out in my mind which one I'd buy, I passed the containers of organic milk and cheese products. Again, you have no idea how deeply our food source is affected by manufactures and their employees. Well, perhaps you do. But, one product specifically had a younger male voice that said;

"yeah, buy this healthy junk, it might be good for you, but it tastes like cardboard". I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at that. There actually were some honest and good products in the dairy case. However, for the most part, there sure are a lot of angry employees placing their thoughts on the food we eat. Imagine, we buy healthy food because we think it is organic, but it really has rage written on it and interjected into it.

As I said, when I began my spiritual path approximately 2 years ago, I never dreamed I would experience such wonderful things. For almost a year, I felt led to bless everything in sight. I later learned why. What I discovered brings to light Steve Gamble's last two paragraphs in his article: "Thoughts and words and a person's intent can be felt across the world or in his own home."

I did shut down the ability to hear. To me, it became an invasion of privacy. Now, I am very cautious as to what I think, do, and how I react understanding the responsibility we owe to the world as a whole.

Be encouraged. On the beneficial side of things. Blessing truly work. They do transmute the energy and illustrate good does win in the end!

Blessings, Mary Jeffash

Steve Gamble Replies to Mary


There have been many interesting scientific developments relating to the consciousness of plants/vegetables and the energy interaction between all living things. They demonstrate that ALL of Nature responds to pain, the emotion of love or hate and has 'memory/consciousness'. Backster demonstrated plants could identify a 'murderer'; Sauvin, how he could control a model aeroplane by transmitting his thoughts to a plant; Vogel, that plants with fleshy leaves and a high water content were easiest to communicate with and influence; how rock music proved detrimental to the well being of living matter, whilst classical music proved beneficial; how radio waves were used to relieve farmers crops of unwanted pests.

For full details see: Shopping For Spirit Part Five at

The 'memory' of water – its ability to store and share information – is the key to explaining and understanding many of today's so-called esoteric mysteries, especially 'past-life' experiences. As the Universe is replete with water, and the Earth much more so, the 'memory' of water also explains how the Astral Reality (Veil/Shadow) has been created over time by our imbalanced thoughts and beliefs, our fears, and the need of our 'leaders' to control people through ego and greed.

All of this has happened because water stores and shares information from, and with, ALL living entities. Living entities with a high-water content, such as human beings, are more easily influenced by this reality, and as a consequence, readily buy into its deception becoming 'Channellers' of so-called spiritual wisdom. This is how the astral 'disease' in consciousness is spread.

Thus, when we tap into this external ego-reality through whatever means, we take on board and store the imbalance on a subliminal/subconscious/soul level. Then, irrespective of our intent, or how intellectually sound our reasoning may be, this imbalance is shared as a subliminal 'message/memory' with whatever energy products we produce. It is this 'inner' memory/consciousness/programming that some people, like Mary, can actually tune into.

Water's memory – our Spiritual illusion!
Steve Gamble

Regulation and Dietary Supplements


Yes, the physicians at the Institute of Medicine honestly believe that dietary supplements should be regulated like drugs.

I simply ask, "Why"?

There are few deaths attributed to dietary supplements despite an estimated 85% of the public using them. Most of the deaths 'linked' to supplements have not been scientifically proven. But some doctors do think that anything that is not regulated like drugs is 'unregulated'. It depends on your perspective. Yet supplements simply do not kill people like drugs do. Adverse reactions to 'properly prescribed drugs' cause over 100,000 deaths a year, while taking a dietary supplement is statistically safer than eating a meal. Why must we treat them the same?

You claim that supplements are sold with disease-curing claims. This is expressly forbidden by the same law that you claim 'deregulated' supplements (DSHEA). The FDA has actively enforced this ban.

You mention that dietary supplements may interfere with drugs. But the same thing holds true for food. The solution is more after-market studies and warnings on the (regulated) drugs, not new bans on vitamins and herbs. Why not regulate grapefruit, too?

You claim that DSHEA stops the FDA from having the power to control new dietary ingredients from being sold. In fact, DSHEA forces all manufacturers to get pre-market approval of any new ingredient. The FDA says that it "is responsible for taking action against any unsafe dietary supplement product." Based on the record, supplements are reasonably assumed to be safe, requiring some proof of harm to remove them. Even that standard was overturned recently by the 'powerless' FDA in banning the herb Ephedra, despite a lack of scientific evidence that it caused harm. The new standard is that since safety studies weren't required to bring it to market in the first place, a lower level of proof is required to ban it: only a reasonable suspicion of danger, even without any evidence that it has caused anyone harm.

The dietary supplement industry has addressed quality control while waiting for FDA regulation mandated by DSHEA. Ten years later the FDA is still formulating Good Manufacturing Practices rules. But there are both voluntary and mandatory programs in place for most manufacturers, with third-party certifications. The industry has clearly progressed in the direction of quality controls in the ten years since DSHEA. But DSHEA is far from the deregulating law that some claim.

The same experts that have failed to monitor and regulate drug safety after approval now tell us that we need to do that for dietary supplements, which are tens of thousands of times safer. They are simply misrepresenting the facts.


According to a survey co-sponsored by the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) and General Nutrition Centers (GNC), 85 percent of the general population has used some type of nutrition supplement in 2003, with more than 59 percent reporting using them on a daily basis. 2003 Health & Wellness Trends Database:
Incidence of adverse drug reactions in hospitalized patients: a meta-analysis of prospective studies (JAMA):
Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_ uids=9555760&dopt=

FDA recent Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts:
FDA regulation of supplements:
HerbalGram article on third-part certification:
Third party certifications:
Original Editorial

Neil E. Levin, CCN, DANLA
Saint Charles, IL 60174
Source: Elwood Richard

Mineral Effects on Autism


I read the above article by Sandra and Max Desorgher which appeared in Issue 57 of Positive Health October 2000, which discussed different dietary components affecting autism or the incidence of autism in an etiological sense. I noted they mention molybdenum. I happened to be reading on the influence of the use of artificial fertilizers, specifically potash in crop production, and it was pointed out the greater input of this into the soil negatively affects the molybdenum content of the crops. Since potash production and use has been increasing continuously since the turn of the last century, it is interesting to see some correlation in the incidence of autism. The reference was from the work of J. Benton Jones (Science 2-4, 1965, p. 94) of the Ohio State Experimental Station. There is no question of the inhibitory effect of potassium on Mo content, the inverse correlation is extensively proven in the study, but I'll quote two contrasting samples in per cent composition: where K was .57 %, Mo was 4 parts per million; when K was 2.49 %, Mo was 0.9 parts per million.

It would be interesting to know if, in development, Mo-sulfur-transferases are insufficient towards synthesis of essential brain proteins resulting in autism. In following this I did find a paper suggesting a link, evidently not well reported or recognized as telling:

Hereditary xanthinuria type II associated with mental delay, autism, cortical renal cysts, nephrocalcinosis, osteopenia, and hair and teeth defects R Zannolli, V Micheli, M A Mazzei, et al.

It would also be interesting to follow along these lines to see if there is some correlation to dysfunction in the enteral and parenteral digestive enzymes and related hormones activating their secretion, since there is some indication these enzymes play a role in progressing the activation of brain proteins. This link seems to have been missed in the anomalies related to the use of secretin in affecting some autistic children. Naturally the simple application of secretin may not go very far if in fact it relates back to an insufficiency in the normal production of these enzymes affected by secretin. If metal co-factors are out of balance in the food supply, there is bound to be a reflection in the biology of the developing human.

Roger Cathey

Obituary – Howard Kent – Visionary And Philanthropist 2/4/1919 to 15/2/2005


Howard Kent was an extraordinary man and he had an extraordinary life.

Howard devoted the last thirty five years of his life to the advancement of Yoga both in Britain and worldwide. This started in 1970, following a meeting in America with the Controller of the Channel Five company, Larry Frieberg. He formed United Television and brought the American yogi, Richard Hittleman, to Britain.

They made 64 episodes of the programme Yoga for Health, a subject that had not been covered by television at that time. It was first screened in January 1971 and over the next three years it was shown on almost all ITV channels two or three times, reaching an audience of over four million people. The programme was broadcast in over 20 countries.

The book produced to go with the series sold over one million copies, and a subsequent lecture at the Albert Hall attracted three thousand people.

The intense viewer response caused Howard at the end of 1972 to set up a non-profit organisation, Yoga for Health Clubs, and in 1976 Howard put up the money to form the Yoga for Health Foundation as a registered charity. Run on a shoestring and the tireless efforts of enthusiasts, the Foundation grew, and in 1978 a lease was taken on Ickwell Bury, a manor house in rural Bedfordshire, which became the residential headquarters and the beloved home of the Foundation. Here the Foundation thrived and grew, becoming the worldwide organisation it is today. The Foundation has over 27 years built up a worldwide reputation for its therapeutic work, developing special techniques to assist people with a range of health conditions from the problem of unrelieved stress to major chronic disabilities including cancer, MS, Parkinson's disease, ME, asthma and arthritis. Thousands have benefited from the Foundation's pioneering work. Many have visited Ickwell Bury down the years and found that the peace and gentle healing plus the special magic of 'the Bury' had a profound and transformative healing effect on their lives.

A few years ago the centre was described by the chairman of the Bedfordshire Health Authority as essential both to the NHS and the local community, providing support to those who need it most. The Foundation now has 120 clubs nationwide and operates in around 20 countries around the world. Howard commented that it is possible to lead a full life with little attention to money and that money and help came to the Foundation just when needed. He often stated his belief "put your heart in one place and nothing is impossible to you".

Howard wrote a number of books including highly successful practical books on yoga such as Key Facts Yoga, Yoga for the Disabled, Complete Yoga Course, Breathe Better Feel Better and Yoga: An Illustrated Guide. He completed his last book in 2003 – The Beginner's Guide to Yoga, which he co-authored with Claire Hayler.

Howard Kent was born in Croydon on the second April 1919. After attending Whitgift School he went into journalism and publishing. He set up the New Vision Publishing Company which published Seeds of Chaos by novelist and peace activist, Vera Brittain. After the war, having edited a number of local newspapers, Howard joined the News Chronicle in Fleet Street becoming Chief Picture Editor before it closed in 1960.

A few months later he was digging his garden when he received a phone call asking him if he was interested in working in Jordan, Syria, the Lebanon and Spain. He ended up spending six months abroad working under the official title of Picture Editor on the film Lawrence of Arabia. In fact he became our man in Amman for the production team.

It was during this time that he was asked to obtain pictures of the annual Passover Feast of the Samaritans. He set out at midnight with two female companions, who had asked to join him, to be driven the eighty miles through the desert to film the Feast he had been promised took place at first light. On arrival at four am, after eventually finding signs of life, he was informed that it started at midday. The party found a hotel to rest and, having woken the manager, were shown a room with no furniture except a single bedstead. 'For you sir', said the manager 'a single bed for three!' He later used this as the title of a book he wrote recounting his adventures during the filming.

Declining to work on the film Cleopatra he set up, with the aid of a partner, a show business organisation eventually representing Peter Sellers, Dirk Bogarde, Richard Attenborough, Andre Previn, and Shirley Bassey among others. This was followed by more film work before, after a brief flirtation with theatre ownership, he became actively involved in yoga.

This had been an interest from his early days when, as an elected member of the Executive National Committee of the Indian Freedom Campaign, he intensively studied the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and became a firm opponent of group violence. It became a passion for the rest of his life, working initially for little or no pay as he built the Foundation up.

When Ickwell Bury had become operational he initiated various trials in the use of yoga to combat multiple sclerosis, a disease for which conventional medicine offered little effective treatment. Ickwell Bury has become a world renowned centre, having treated over three thousand sufferers who have attended residential courses there. It is known internationally for its range of treatment for this and other diseases.

He undertook many trips abroad, often to Australia and New Zealand lecturing on yoga.

Howard's health was excellent until his mid-seventies. Two to three years ago he was told he had prostate cancer. In recent years the struggle to ensure the Foundation's future has become ever greater and Howard continued this fight until very nearly the end of his life. His spirit remained indomitable and, assisted by the yoga techniques he had developed, he bore his illness with exceptional dignity, fortitude and resilience.

Howard has been an inspiration to thousands of people and will be remembered for his vision, strength, courage and leadership as well as his immense love of life and mischievous sense of humour. A truly remarkable man, those who knew him will no doubt be feeling they will not see his like again. Howard Kent died on the fifteenth February following a long illness. He is survived by his wife of over 50 years, Eve, five children, eleven grandchildren and one great grandchild. Also friends and supporters worldwide.
Howard Kent – born April 2nd 1919, died February 15th 2005.

Further Information

The Yoga for Health Foundation have launched their New Start Appeal as funds are needed to help the Foundation regroup and make plans for the future. Donations are gratefully received – cash or otherwise – please forward to the Yoga for Health Foundation at Ickwell Bury. Tel: 01767 627271;;


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