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Toxic Teeth

by Ann Crowther(more info)

listed in environmental, originally published in issue 148 - June 2008

Increasing awareness of the toxic assaults on our bodies has resulted in an array of products designed to protect our health. We buy water filters, air cleaners, eat organically grown produce and take herbal and alternative health products. However, in spite of all this, many of us are still walking around with what is considered to be a toxic time bomb in our mouths.

Exposure to mercury from silver dental fillings has been discussed, written about and debated over in the media for the past two decades – focusing on the potential consequences to our health, and the general wellbeing of the global environment.

A silver amalgam (amalgam meaning mixed with mercury) is typically made up of about 50% mercury, 35% silver, 13% tin, two percent copper and a trace of zinc. Mercury leaches from fillings, giving the body a steady, immuno-suppressive drip feed of poison. It is a time release toxin which works in three major ways:

  • We swallow chunks and globules of it;
  • We breathe in toxic vapours given off by fillings;
  • We can suffer allergic reactions to it;
  • In addition, a fourth effect can be caused by amalgam and metal fillings turning into miniature batteries as they are washed by saliva. They generate electric currents in the mouth, and the effects of this on a patient’s health are still being investigated.
Over time, mercury accumulates in organs, even when blood and urine tests show ‘normal’ levels. The metal penetrates the patient’s bloodstream and continues into the central nervous system or the brain. As little as 0.03mcg of mercury present in the body has been shown to lead to psychiatric symptoms in humans. Other documented side-effects of mercurialism are OCD behaviours, depression, aggressive behaviour, sleep difficulties, chronic fatigue syndrome, eating disorders, speech disorders, ADHD problems and seizures.

Mercury vaporizes continuously from dental fillings and this is intensified by chewing, tooth brushing and hot liquids. After mastication or tooth brushing, it can take up to 90 minutes for the rate of vaporization to decline.

As a qualified MSAS Health Screening Practitioner, at the request of dentists, I have tested their patients for dental amalgam leakages as a result of minor, chronic or acute health symptoms.

Case Study

Mrs X was a very nervous patient who had been suffering from severe sleep problems, including nightmares, sleep walking and insomnia.

On completion of the scan, the kidneys and nervous system came up as a priority – I searched for causative factors and scanned for heavy metal toxicity using PICE (Pyscho-Neuro Immunological Computerized Electro-Dermal Screening) and came up with A-5 Heavy Antitox as a matched remedy for Mrs X.

This is for symptoms related to toxicity from heavy metals such as silver amalgam, aluminumate, lead, mercury and chemical residues. For deep level ‘toxic specific’ treatment, it helps address the key toxins which can block the cellular metabolic processes. It is contraindicated for persons who either have metal implants or ‘silver’ amalgam fillings containing mercury in their teeth. Ideal for use after removal of fillings, it works on cellular memory after detoxification. It is also used for the relief of fatigue, headache, dry skin
and nervousness.

From this information I came to the conclusion that Mrs X was indeed suffering from what is known as ‘racing brain’, indicative of heavy metal toxicity on the nerve endings at head level.

To summarize, I advised that it would be beneficial to Mrs X’s health and wellbeing to have her mercury fillings removed over a period of time. I suggested she take Bach Rescue Remedy before treatment to calm and reassure her, and a good quality selenium supplement to help neutralize the toxic effect.

Mrs X followed my advice and her sleep problems slowly began to disappear. She also commented that she was of a considerably less nervous disposition.

Selenium is one of the elements that occurs in such minute quantities in the soil, foodstuffs and the body that, in the past, they were impossible to measure. In the last few decades it has come to light that these trace elements play a vital role in the biochemistry of the human body. In fact, the discovery of the significance of selenium has heralded a breakthrough in nutritional science, comparable only to the discovery of vitamins. It is of crucial importance to the immune system and to the protection of the cell walls. The body will use up its reserves of selenium more quickly when it is required to counteract an increased strain, e.g. an influx of heavy metals. It is advisable, therefore, for dentists to take regular selenium supplementation.

Regular research evidence has been clear for some time – dental amalgam, mercury fillings, constitute a significant source of chronic exposure to mercury in the general population.


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