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Black Hole Principles, Biology and Belief

by Gina Pickersgill(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 176 - November 2010

"They say this dark energy makes up 73 to 75 percent of the mass-energy budget of the cosmos.
"It's the equivalent of us not knowing what water is," as Livio puts it,
"even though it covers 70 percent of the Earth."
Mario Livio -

Take some time to notice how you feel inside. Has it been a while since you really focussed on how you are feeling lately? If so, then you will be surprised to know that you have been experiencing your emotions as ways of knowing how to respond to certain situations and you have been noticing them in the form of ideas.

Ideas are the manifestations of your thoughts which first become a way to gain perspectives on what will be in your future. Dr Manjr Samanta-Laughton had noted that she was able to see the whole of the Universe as one song, in a vision she had when sitting on an Oak Tree one day in 2001. The Black Hole Principle (BHP)[1] spells out a unified theory of everything and proves that science is beginning to notice that it has similarities with quantum physics and spirituality. So what is this all about?

Image of the Chakras as spinning energy vortices

This article will explain the Laws of physics that govern the BHP in detail. But first we have to understand the rationale behind the idea.

The rationale behind the BHP is that there is more than one galaxy and that each of those galaxies have their own Black Hole. The way to notice this is using telescopes that can see far and beyond what the eye can see.[2] The posture of those that seek to understand the workings of the Universe is one of knowing that they don't know what Black Holes are, much less having actually seen one. According to Dr Samanta-Laughton, Black Holes are 'not the guzzling monsters' previously thought to exist by scientists, but instead are vortexes of light[3] that are spewing out of them and then slowing down when it reaches the perception/event horizon as known to physicists.

At this moment in time Black Holes are creating matter constantly in every level of life in the Universe due to the holographic nature of the *Vortex Appendage.[4] As we breathe in and out, so the Universe creates and decays particle by particle in the fractal elements of the cosmos as we know it. *Dark Matter[5] being one of those elements, is responsible for all that we see before us. Without Dark Matter energy wouldn't exist and neither would we. Wow! What a concept and what has this got to do with the price of anything?

The fact that Black Holes are a creative substance is tantamount to the living Universe (Samanta-Laughton, 2006). Because of its ability to jump from one dimension to another they can be seen at every level of existence including the chakras - Yes! Black Holes exist 'inside' our chakras and have often been referred to as spinning Vortices of energy each with its own vibration pattern and *charm.[6] I say 'charm' because snake charmers use these energies to entrance their snakes in public. Chakras are very trancy things;

So, before you begin to wonder where all this is going, take a moment to tune in to your body and find a space that lets you know how you are feeling. What do you notice about the energy centres in your body? Is one more intense than another? Or do you feel drained or 'fulfilled'? What is it that lets you know how you are feeling? Feelings are the manifestation of your thoughts and so what thoughts are you holding that affect your energy either negatively or positively? What thoughts are holding you back? And which ones are driving you forward?

Noticing your thoughts are the key to good health simply because if you are aware of them, you become more able to change their signature tune, usually through breathing and centring yourself in the Now. Very Zen, you might think. But it's true, and now science is catching up. To read more about this topic I recommend Manjir's book Punk Science, because it has pulled all the science together in a way that makes complete sense to those who need explanations for mystical experience.

In 2003, I wrote an article for Positive Health PH Online that outlines the benefits of exercise as related to mind/body health and fitness. The initial article was backed up with 'hard' science, but the last two parts where written in trance (See issue 84 - January 2003 Holistic Movement for Health). In it, I mention that DNA can be affected by "tak[ing] one watch per minute and you can affect your own DNA". When I wrote this I was not sure what it meant, until some years later when I noted that Bruce Lipton was backing up my 'mad' theories with 'hard' science in that he agreed that our DNA does not control us.[7] So what was going on here? DNA not controlling us? Black Holes emitting light? Particles coming in and out of existence everywhere? The word we are looking for here is 'Perception' and the significance of a change in perception. So what changed and how?

The Universe made changes according to what we were able to see, in that, Dark Matter made changes in accordance with what we wanted to see become a reality.[7]

The Law of Attraction is based on this idea. But how does it work? If you visualize something and want it bad enough, why haven't we got all the things we visualize so hard? The reason is a gross misunderstanding of one fundamental idea. And that is that people were desiring from a place of knowing nothing. By that I mean they didn't know how to pull all the ideas together in one unified theory. Manjir has succeeded in making this a reality through her work and now we are just beginning to understand even more about how our Universe works. So for those of you that want to learn more about the BHP, I highly recommend the book. Not just because she is a friend of mine, but because her work has helped me understand what happened back in 2001 when I first started to channel information and made it ok for me to feel good about and, dare I say it, even proud.

So as far as affecting our DNA by observing our own feelings, you now have the chance to change how you respond to your environment and affect your whole being in ways that we are only just beginning to understand. In a nutshell, Manjir has shown evidence for being able to be a true master of your destiny and how what I wrote in 2003 is making perfect sense.

*Glossary of References for Terms used in this article

Universe - What does the word 'universe' mean?
The "observable universe," Sweitzer explained, "is the one astrophysicists generally talk about because it's the one open to empirical measurements. In fact it's the only one we can or ever will be able to talk with any certainty about."
He goes on to explain that 'universe' (sans the word 'observable') is a larger concept that scientists think "conforms to our laws of physics and all the assumptions that go with them". Comprehending this universe, Sweitzer said, "requires a leap of faith into unobservable realms". Finally, there is 'the Universe', which, by virtue of its capital 'U', includes "absolutely everything, even possibilities of dimensions, modes and regions that obey laws of physics we don't know or maybe even can't know."  

Vortex Appendage - related to the study of being able to predict the manoeuvring qualities of deeply submerged submarines. It is known to occur when "The flow around a manoeuvring submarine is dominated by the vortices which are shed from the appendages and the hull". Further research into the use of this term led me to the work of Mario-Ludvico who has studied the "vacuum from which particles of any kind originate and into which they disappear". In his Philosophical draft essay on Vacuums Vortices and Gravity, he states that "a number of physicists are reconsidering the vacuum as a medium with physical consistence, as either a sort of super-fluid or a special kind of continuous medium" (p. 5).

Fractal Elements of the Cosmos - describes the basis for a new understanding in how the Universe is structured. The new cosmological paradigm states that the fractal elements consist of "an infinite fractal hierarchy that has 'universes' within 'universes' without end" (Oldershaw R L. The Infinite Fractal Universe, 2005).

Dark Matter - possibly now renamed as 'Plenum' by Mario-Ludvico which he defines as "...the basic essence of our universe and the matrix of all possible physical phenomena". I Quote his explanation of his view of Vortices and Matter "The formation of vacuum cores - as per the above hypotheses and description concerning the Plenum - is here a fundamental assumption. It must also be considered as a basis for attempts to answer some serious conceptual problems inherent in quantum physics where no satisfactory solution has so far been giving to the 'problem of the infinities', which regards basic definition of quantum electrodynamics" (Pg 11).

Charm (Quantum Physics) - Charm (meaning)- In quantum physics: Charm quark, a subatomic particle. Charm (quantum number), the "flavor" of that particle.

Relates to the idea "that Quarks undergo transformations by the exchange of W bosons, and those transformations determine the rate and nature of the decay of hadrons by the weak interaction."

Chakras: (Chakras are the energy centres in the invisible auric body of a person They are located in the inner aura on the midline of the body).


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