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A Simple Guide to Voyaging the Energetic Universe

by Mike Webster (Deceased)(more info)

listed in energy medicine, originally published in issue 222 - May 2015




An amazing and very tangible world lies beyond what is considered to be the ‘normal’ range of the five senses. The reason we do not perceive this ‘other’ world that we are totally immersed in, is due to the limited view of reality that we have created for ourselves. Once we know what these limitations are and how to transcend them, we find ourselves in an environment beyond our imagination. Distance and time are flexible, allowing us to voyage and access energetic and emotional information wherever we wish, whenever we wish even facilitating energetic changes remotely as required in a distant location.

The well-worn phrase stating that we are ‘Masters of our own ship’ takes on a whole new meaning, as we realize that are creating our own reality and are in an environment that has been listening to our desires and wishes since the day we were born.  Despite the confusion and mixed messages, we transmit every moment of our lives, the Universe tries to bring our wishes to fruition.

Because we are unaware that we are constantly transmitting and receiving Energetic and Emotional information to the universe, and to everyone else who is aware enough to realize this, we do not realize that we are sabotaging our own future and creating the turmoil we experience in the present time.

The good news is that we have the means to address this confusion, bringing clarity of perception, enhancing our awareness and performance in our daily lives…’Magic’ becomes a normal part of our view of reality and we realize that we are part of a world that greets us as a friend and acknowledges us as energetic and spiritual beings.

If miracles and the paranormal were a normal part of your everyday world, how would that change your life, your relationships and your business?


We Create the Barriers to Seeing what Lies beyond the Normal Range of the Five Senses

Today’s miracles and the paranormal are however, tomorrow’s new scientific discovery and the reality is that everything is possible, it is just a question of discovering how to do it.

The truth is, that we all have exceptional abilities well beyond what is considered ‘normal’ and if anything is stopping us from realizing this, it is us. To be more accurate, it is the continual programming we receive from birth to death which shapes our view of the world, creates our prejudices and our belief system; limiting factors that prevent us having a clear view of reality.

What does not Fit into our Map of the World does not Exist

There is a longstanding joke in our family about me being unable to find the butter in the fridge. I open the fridge and completely fail to see the butter that is right in front of me. The reason is that subconsciously I am looking for butter in a silver wrapper – butter in a plain wrapper does not exist and therefore is completely invisible to me.

In other words if we do not perceive what we are expecting to perceive, we do not see what is actually there. If however, we are fully present and aware without programming and preconceptions, we clear a space for a shift in perception to take place and reality to be experienced.

We are Constantly Transmitting and Receiving Energetic and Emotional Information

One does not require the passing of time, good deeds or certain practices in order to transcend the perceived limitations of the five senses. We can choose to have these realizations right now at this moment in time. An interesting irony is that we are unaware of the reality that we are constantly creating and reshaping every minute of our lives. It may appear to us that we are just pawns in a game of chance, or that our lives are governed by a random roll of the dice. This view of life could not be further from the truth.

We are constantly transmitting and receiving information on energetic and emotional levels of being. Our subconscious mind relays our true feelings, our desires and wishes to the Universe which starts the process of transforming our wishes into reality.

A client or customer cancels their appointment with you. Look deep inside yourself, where did you really want to be during their appointment time - walking the dog, out in the sun, with your loved one? The Universe is not interested in the fact that your conscious, rational mind says that you needed the consultancy fee.

In most cases your client does not cancel their appointments with you - you cancel them.

Alignment between the Conscious and Subconscious Minds Enable us to Understand the Messages we are Sending out to the Universe

Alignment between the conscious mind (which the Universe doesn’t listen to) and the subconscious mind (which the Universe does listen to) enables us to understand the messages that we are sending out to the Universe and, when we have freedom of choice, we have responsibility for the world that we create for ourselves. Without alignment between these two aspects of ourselves, we create, and live in a world that we always seem to be at odds with. What we are transmitting and receiving is also accessible to everyone else, if they know how.

Perceive the World as if through the Eyes of a Child

If we wish to perceive the world as it really is, we first have to see the world as through the eyes of a child. This requires us to put aside our individual map of the world, our preconceptions, labels, prejudices and our intellect and be fully present and aware of where we are right now.

This is easier said than done, but is attainable if you take it one step at a time.

The First Step is to Understand the Energetic Environment

If we do not understand the energetic environment we are immersed in, we will not recognize the changes that are taking place.

A very good example of understanding / recognizing the environment took place in our home a few years ago when we were hosts to two Canadian friends, Olga and Jean-Gil.

One morning, I saw a deer down the field close to the woods. I pointed it out to my guests.

After a slight pause Jean-Gil saw the deer, but Olga didn’t.

I started to explain to Olga exactly where the deer was using points of reference like a single large oak tree, and a fence which ran down to the wood, and still Olga didn’t see the deer which eventually wandered off.

I realized that seeing, or not seeing the deer depended on your recognition and understanding of the environment. Jean-Gil was from Rigaud near Montreal, and his home was amongst the trees and woods which surrounded his house.

Olga lived in Ottawa and was surrounded by buildings. Nature was present in the gardens and verges but it played very little part Olga’s life.

Within the Energetic Matrix your Mind is Free and Unhampered by Distance and Time

Our understanding of what is present and what is changing within the energetic matrix is assisted by two sensory ‘tools’ we already possess, energetic receptors and emotional resonances. These two tools are born of ‘readiness’ and are not within the scope of this article but of guided experiential preparation, on a one to one basis within our Waveform workshops.

Once we have access to the energetic matrix, its moods, colours and textures which are constantly changing we experience a new and exciting world.

This world has no limitations - distance and time are no longer obstructions to accessing people and events, even emotions. Our mind is free, we can be where we wish to be and focus enables us to extract information, even from past events, enabling us to bring understanding and/or closure to those, ‘What was that all about?’ situations.

We are Unique as Individuals and we are Unique as Energetic Beings

As we are constantly transmitting energetic and emotional information, not only can the transmission be received but the source of the transmission can be located and identified.

Your energy field is as unique as your individual fingerprint, so we refer to an individual’s unique energetic field as their ‘Fingerprint’.  Once recognized, any person’s ‘Fingerprint’ can be located and accessed no matter where they are. Anything energetically and emotionally perceived when present with someone can also be observed remotely at any distance in a space we call a ‘non-locality’ and taking place in ‘real’ time. The observer, or ‘Fingerprinter’ can also create changes in the receiver’s energetic field as required. Very useful for therapists who work with energy.

Energy and Spirit

Awareness of energy and the ability to voyage through the Energetic Matrix is not the same as the realization of one’s Spirituality and oneness with the Universe. Expanding awareness opens the door to the Energetic Matrix and also the Universal mind. Here we are faced with a choice. To ‘Do’ or to ‘Be’, or to both ‘Be’ and ‘Do’.

Direct experience of energy, and that it has no borders in time and space raises questions about us as individuals, and our place in the Universe.

If you want to know what your place is in the Universe, how you fit in, just listen to a piece of music being played by a large orchestra. You are a part of that universal orchestra, adding to its depth and colour. As long as you listen to the music you will contribute to the quality of sound, the magnificence of the composition and you will recognize your place within the universal orchestra.

How can we Apply our Energetic Skills in Daily Life?

In life, a greater understanding of what lies beyond the five senses enables us to keep in closer contact with our loved ones. In situations of conflict, deeper understanding comes with feeling the fear or anxiety that lies behind the mask of angry words. Emotional transmissions received tell you that a particular place is not safe to go into. In life and business you can detect what you are not being told; that all too good CV, Investigations, negotiations, in the boardroom, the emotional response to a carefully worded question is received before the verbal response. Are the words and the emotion congruent? Is your child happy or in distress? (Mothers just know without being taught).

The Universe; Teacher, Friend and Home

Be very present and aware and the field will welcome you as an expected friend. It will reveal its secrets to you and it will teach you.

Listen to your subconscious mind which is your connection with the Universal mind and you will discover that the Universal mind has been listening to you all of your life.

Bring congruence between the conscious and subconscious minds, shed your map of the world, your labels and programming and the way is open for you to voyage through the energetic Universe.


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About Mike Webster (Deceased)

Mike Webster – 1943 -2016 – passed away from cancer on January 24th 2016Mike had been involved in Complementary medicine for approximately 30 years, and was one of the most experienced Shiatsu teachers, practitioners, and practitioner assessors in the UK. He was a Certificated NLP Master Practitioner and the founder of Waveform Energetics, one of the worlds most advanced energy awareness, training and research organizations, with graduates and students from all walks of life in 10 different countries. Mike was also an operational Remote Viewer and RV Teacher.

In the early 1980s whilst farming on a small island in the Orkneys, Mike became apprenticed to a unique spiritual training group. The training he received completely changed the course of his life. Nine years after his return to Scotland Mike had a profound realization which became known as Waveform which he now teaches. Mike was a columnist for a Complementary Health Magazine and published articles on Shiatsu, health, energy, and the path of spirituality in a number of periodicals.

He was the author of A Simple Guide to Voyaging the Energetic Universe available from or directly Mike and his wife Stella lived beside Loch Lomond in Scotland and provided Waveform and Remote Viewing workshops which held annually in the UK . They can be contacted via

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