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Editorial Issue 219

by Sandra Goodman PhD(more info)

listed in editorial, originally published in issue 219 - January 2015

My heart sings when I read books and articles which totally embody comprehensive and inclusive integrative / alternative treatments which actually achieve a result. Examples of this abound in Positive Health PH Online Issue 219

Exactly such can be said of You Can Beat Lung Cancer by Carl Helvie RN DrPH, reviewed in this issue;

the author also wrote an article Longest Living Lung Cancer Survivor Used Natural Interventions in PH Online Issue 218 about his experiences of not only surviving the death sentence meted out by his oncologist 40+ years ago, but positively flourishing:

Carl Helvie describes in minute detail every circumstance of his diagnosis, the oncologist’s proposed treatment which he rejected, as well as research, statistics, aspects of diet, nutrition, supplements, exercise, spiritual and mental and thought exercises. He give us the benefit of his 40+ years of analyzing why alternative treatments, which may obtain superior survival rates compared with conventional cancer treatment are not standard practice and are indeed eschewed, obstructed and even destroyed by the medical and pharmaceutical establishments. And, to top it off, he includes ‘Guest’ chapters by Dr Francisco Contreras, Dr James Forsythe, Dr Bernie Siegel, Dr Kim Dalzell; and Tanya Harter Pierce on additional alternative medical, and nutritional interventions for lung cancer used in clinics and at home. I have described these detailed interventions in the review:

“Dr Contreras describes in valuable clinical detail the IRT-C protocol employed at the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, including a fully referenced description of Oxidative Stress in lung cancer and how the IRT-C protocol employs several “novel adjuvant measures intended to boost production of hydrogen peroxide in the tumor.” These include a ‘perfluorocarbon’ oxygen-carrier molecule known as ‘Perftec’, originally developed in Russia - ‘Perftoran’ which when infused intravenously, greatly enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood, as well as on the day prior to ascorbate infusion, treatment with ozone autohemotherapy, which renders red blood cells more flexible, able to more readily surrender oxygen to tissues.

“Dr Contreras compared the survival rates at Oasis of Hope with conventional treatment for years 1 through 5 also documented graphically:

“Comparing IRT-C with conventional therapy, 1-year survivals were 82% vs 20%; 2-year survivals 50% vs 6%; 3-year survivals 27% vs 3%; 4-year survivals 23% vs 2% and 5-year survivals 9% vs 1.6%. At the conclusion of their clinical study, results with IRT-C were nearly 6 times better than the results using conventional therapy.”

“Dr James Forsythe MD HMD describes his integrative  treatment protocols at Cancer Screening and Treatment Center of Nevada and Century Wellness Clinic which include sugar-free diets, alkalinizing diets, bio-oxidative therapies, specific vitamin supplement therapies, herbal therapies, amino acid supplements, together with low-dose fractionated chemotherapy or insulin potentiating therapies and chemosensitivity testing. Dr Forsythe has also conducted studies, the results of which have shown over a 30% continued overall survivorship, compared with 2.1% survival rate in conventional oncology.”

“July, 2014 marked 40-years since my diagnosis making me the longest living lung cancer survivor known.”

Likewise, Hanna Sillitoe’s article in Positive Health PH Online Issue 219 How I Healed my Skin through Juicing Raw Fruit, Veg and Exercise describes how using juicing, eating raw fruit and vegetables and exercise, she transformed her miserable and painful psoriasis into perfectly healed skin, losing 65 lbs in weight as well.

“As a self-confessed sceptic I could never have predicted the journey that was to follow, when I first embarked on a juice cleanse back in January. I’ve had plaque and guttate psoriasis for over twenty years. This year saw a horrific flare which left my skin looking worse than it’s ever been. I was covered from my scalp to my ankles in this bright red scaly rash. It was so painful there were days I was unable to leave the house. On the days I had to go out, I covered myself in moisturiser and wrapped my body in cling film. The feeling of clothes brushing against red raw skin would leave me crying in agony and I was exhausted from the relentless itching, which kept me awake at night. In addition my mouth and eyelids were covered in eczema. Despite my severe physical and emotional distress, the doctors kept telling me, aside from temporary remission using steroid creams or immunosuppressants, they could offer no permanent solution to this unbearably painful skin condition.”

Yet another inspirational article The Clinical Impact of Vitamin C: My Personal Experiences as a Physician - Commentary by Vitamin C world expert Thomas E Levy MD JD describes the positive and successful clinical outcomes which may be achieved with this essential nutrient. His books on this and other subjects are totally commended:

“Vitamin C is truly Nature's gift to health and healing. Virtually all medical conditions are associated with increased oxidative stress, and the relief, or at least partial relief, of this oxidative stress with the vigorous administration of vitamin C and other quality antioxidants, will always help. The oxidative stress caused by disease and environmental toxins can deplete the body's level of vitamin C and other antioxidants. In serious illness, the body's reserve of vitamin C goes to zero because the rate at which the body regenerates it is far lower than the rate of depletion. This can require huge doses to bring it back to normal. Even if you are taking antibiotics or other prescription medicines, bringing your levels of vitamin C in your body back to normal, or temporarily supranormal, will virtually always result in profound benefits.

The treatment is effective and, compared to the expense of conventional treatment, it is inexpensive. Few medicines and therapeutic interventions are more affordable than, and as non-toxic as, vitamin C. Even though something as extraordinarily beneficial as vitamin C might seem too good to be true, that's definitely not the case.”

Other successful clinical outcomes are described by Dr Amir’s article Treatment Approaches for Visual Snow and a Letter to the Editor - How to Avoid the Diagnosis of ME / CFS / FM or MS - describing the documented recovery of Mari Gay’s daughter Hannah from acute symptoms diagnosed as ME / CFS or Fibromyalgia.

Clare Harvey’s The Practitioner's Encyclopedia of Flower Remedies is reviewed by Anna Jeoffroy-Salmon who glowingly refers to the title as an inspiring and extraordinary book:

“I am grateful to Clare for her dedication to her craft that has enable her to produce such an epic tool for the world of essence users and practitioners.”

The darker side of Medical / HealthCare 2014 is eloquently if chillingly described by Martin Martin in his Letter to the Editor: Orwellian World - Totalitarian Perception of Misinformation Reinforced and yet another problematic aspect of  medical practice is addressed by Dr Mark Sircus in his Letter to the Editor: Trouble With This Year’s Flu Shot

With more than 40% of adults in the UK prescribed 9 prescribed medications, with healthcare costs soaring into the stratosphere swamping the capacity of A&E departments and social care budgets, when will the healthcare, political establishment and the media realize that to achieve good health and prevent many illnesses requires more than more pills. It actually needs integrative / alternative programs described above to restore health and happiness to most people.


Happy New Year 2015.


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About Sandra Goodman PhD

Sandra Goodman PhD, Co-founder and Editor of Positive Health, trained as a Molecular Biology scientist in Agricultural Biotechnology in Canada and the US, focusing upon health issues since the 1980s in the UK. Author of 4 books, including Nutrition and Cancer: State-of-the-Art, Vitamin C – The Master Nutrient, Germanium: The Health and Life Enhancer and numerous articles, Dr Goodman was the lead author of the Consensus Document Nutritional and LifeStyle Guidelines for People with Cancer and compiled the Cancer and Nutrition Database for the Bristol Cancer Help Centre in 1993. Dr Goodman is passionate about making available to all people, particularly those with cancer, clinical expertise in Nutrition and Complementary Therapies. Dr Goodman was recently featured as Doctor of the Fortnight in ThinkWellness360.

Dr Goodman and long-term partner Mike Howell seek individuals with vision, resources, and organization to continue and expand the Positive Health PH Online legacy beyond the first 30 years, with facilities for training, to fund alternative cancer research, and promote holistic organizations internationally. Read about Dr Goodman and purchase Nutrition and Cancer: State-of-the-Art.  She may be contacted privately for Research, Lectures and Editorial services via:   and

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