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The Link between an Asymmetric Jaw and Asthma

by M Amir(more info)

listed in dentistry, originally published in issue 260 - February 2020


by  Dr M Amir BDS MSc (U of London) LDS RCS (England)


Republished from Asthma


An extremely popular medical website says:

"There is currently no cure for asthma, and no single exact cause has been identified."

My findings however are very different and I firmly attribute the cause of Asthma to an asymmetry in the dento-cranial complex.


TNJD Asthma

Patients presenting with Asthma and Jaw Pain/ Problems


This is a graph of 104 patients who presented with Jaw problems AND Asthma. We treat the jaw not the Asthma or any other symptoms. Patients usually recover completely from their asthmatic symptoms!


We shall for the purposes of this article concentrate on the breathing issues. Every single person who has a jaw problem, no matter how little WILL have a compromised breathing capacity. Many such patients also have symptoms of Asthma.

Before we proceed, I shall quote some scepticism about the diagnosis of Asthma in other medical circles.

Asthma: It's not a disease after all

(from What Doctors Don't Tell You magazine)

"Here's a little-known and inconvenient truth about disease. When you are diagnosed with a specific disease, such as asthma, the doctor really means that your symptoms in the main fall within a common grouping that allows him to label you 'asthmatic'. Certainly, your 'asthma' will have unique features that fall outside of the spectrum, but the majority of your symptoms are within the accepted classification.

Once conveniently labelled, the treatment can begin and you are prescribed drugs to treat asthma. Unfortunately, the drugs don't treat your version of asthma, just a general consensus view of the disease. That's why as GlaxoSmithKline admitted a year or so back, drugs work in only one-third of cases."

Now, even the Lancet says it's time to drop asthma as a term

Asthma isn't a single disease; instead, the symptoms are a common manifestation that masks a range of possible causes, often allergic, says the journal.

"This thought started occurring to doctors with the alarming rise of asthma cases in children over the past 20 years. [Remember extraction orthodontics has also been rife during this period, causing breathing problems] Recent studies have discovered that the cause is some allergic reaction to the environment. But, says the journal, "the harder one looks, the more questions arise. Hardly a week goes by without anxious parents being confronted with yet another association that supposedly either protects from or predisposes to the development of asthma."

Even drug trials are hampered by the problem because they are rarely matching groups that have asthma from a common cause. In 1995 a landmark study discovered that children don't always go on to develop 'classic' asthma, as those whose asthma is caused by a virus stop wheezing when they reach school age.

So, just as doctors in the 19th century realized that fever is not a disease but a symptom, those in the 21st century may have to come to the same conclusion about asthma."

(Source: The Lancet; 368: 705. 2006).

Some Asthma Drugs Kill More People Than Asthma;

Is Big Pharma Allowed to Hawk Deadly Pills?

Big Pharma and the FDA have known for years that some asthma drugs can cause asthma deaths, especially in children and African Americans.

November 3, 2011

"Big Pharma has been accused of selling drugs that are so dangerous they cause death and drugs that cause the exact conditions they're supposed to treat. The popular asthma drugs Symbicort, Advair Diskus, Serevent Diskus, Dulera and Foradil do both and actually warn on their labels that they cause an increased "risk of death from asthma problems."

Testimonials from my Patients who have been able to Come Off their Inhalers

Case Study Issue 89: Holistic Dentistry for Allergies, Skin Problems and Snoring

by Dr Ann Harris

Listed in case studies, originally published in Positive Health Magazine issue 89 - June 2003

Background: This is a remarkable case history which relates to our 14-year-old daughter Claire. When faced with the prospect of having teeth removed because of overcrowding she was determined that she did not want any extractions. My search for a holistic dentist had begun. I initially contacted the British Dental Association but their response was less than helpful. Thankfully, I subscribed to Positive Health and saw an advert for such a dentist practising in London.

Presenting Symptoms: For a number of years Claire had suffered from rhinitis (runny nose), bouts of sneezing, coughing and wheezy-type symptoms. It was quite clear to us that she was sensitive to artificial food additives as well as being seriously allergic to peanuts. These traits were also present in both my husband and myself, so it was easy to blame the 'genetics' for her condition. A variety of complementary therapies were tried all without success. These symptoms were resisting all forms of treatment. At the age of 12-years Claire's skin also became inflamed with acne which turned into scarring, damaged skin often resisted complete healing for months. She also suffered from chronic lethargy. This girl was just not functioning well in all aspects. Again despite diet and lifestyle changes Claire's health did not significantly improve.

Consultation: At the initial consultation with the holistic dental surgeon it was clear that her spine was misaligned at the cervical and sacral regions. This had also been confirmed by previous chiropractic and osteopathic assessments. There was also restricted breathing into her sinuses as her palate was displaced upwards causing obstruction and thereby resulting in mouth breathing. Claire had been snoring at night for many years whilst sleeping with her mouth open. It was explained that her jaw misalignment exacerbated her symptoms as the jaw lacked the correct stimulus to grow normally. She was also not breathing fully into her lower abdomen. Her face was pale with puffy cheeks suggesting poor immune function and her face lacked correct proportion and symmetry.

Using kinesiology with her existing jaw alignment Claire tested weak to a general muscle test. When she purposefully moved her jaws into better alignment, she tested strong correspondingly. It was clear that she had enough room in her jaws to accommodate all her existing teeth. There would be no need for any tooth extractions, and that treatment would be by the use of braces and appliances only.

At the beginning of treatment, Claire was intermittently taking oral antihistamines and a salbutamol inhaler (blue puffer) to control her symptoms.

Treatment: Claire's course of treatment started with her being shown corrective breathing and swallowing exercises. She was fitted with a removable adjustable brace which was designed to increase the space available in her upper jaw. As the treatment continued into the first few weeks guided by kinesiology we noted distinct changes in the depth of her breathing. At about twelve weeks into the treatment programme, Claire dramatically and completely lost her skin pallor. My astonished reaction was to exclaim "Claire, you're pink!".

Treatment continued along these lines for several months using fixed and removable braces on the teeth of her upper and lower jaws. Claire pursed the jaw alignment exercises that she had been given. During this period she also used a removable head appliance mainly at night. It was during this time that it became clear to us that Claire had become 'silent' at night, the mouth breathing had disappeared and she had stopped snoring.

Claire is now in her fifteenth month of treatment and her skin is looking more robust and vital. She has far more vitality overall as well as physical energy. The acne scars which had been a source of concern for her are now beginning to heal, and the acne itself has disappeared. Also, not surprisingly her teeth are very nearly perfectly straight. It is also remarkable to note that Claire has actually enjoyed having braces fitted, she claims that they make her feel 'stronger'.

Conclusion: This course of orthodontic treatment has been the only form of intervention used to improve our daughter's health over the past fifteen months. Compared to her contemporaries undergoing reductionist forms of orthodontic treatment, this approach has been very nearly pain-free without the need for strong analgesic medication and of relatively short duration. She has suffered virtually no head, neck or backache during the course of this treatment. All her presenting symptoms have effectively disappeared. She no longer requires any form of medication.

In fact, many people have commented to me that Claire is a completely different girl from her former self of just over a year ago. I totally agree.

Acknowledgment: I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Mr M Amir the holistic dentist referred to in this case study for his groundbreaking and inspirational work in this area.

Dr Ann Harris has anticancer research and medical information background. She has worked as a pharmacist for the Department of Health on various projects including adverse reactions to drugs. She can be contacted on Tel: 01992 503784;

Asthma and Hayfever

I refer to the article (Issue 87, 2003 Positive Health Magazine) by Mr M. Amir  - Save Your Wisdom Teeth - The Risks of Dental Extraction on the risks of dental extraction, and would like to offer my personal testimony as to the effectiveness of his treatment methods from the field of Cranio-Mandibular Symmetry, alluded to in the article, and their benefits to health.

I became a patient of Mr. Amir about 4 years ago on the recommendation of a friend. I had been suffering for many years, and increasingly so, with sporadic bouts of asthma (triggered by weather conditions, house dust, atmospheric pollution, hay fever), and was becoming more and more dependent on a salbutamol inhaler to ease the acute symptoms of asthma. I was also aware that there could be undesirable side effects on long-term use of this medication and was in search of a cure.

Following a thorough examination, I was fitted with my first brace to correct for a significant misalignment of teeth between the upper and lower jaw. I also received instruction in simple procedures (a breathing exercise, for example), to assist in this process. It was clear to Mr. Amir at the outset that my symptoms of asthma would respond well to his treatment and indeed, within a few months I was having fewer and less severe attacks, to the point right now when I cannot remember the last time I had one or had to use the inhaler - it is certainly well over a year ago. Symptoms of hay fever have likewise reduced (in the ryegrass pollen season, June to mid-July). Last year I was hardly affected at all.

His success in the various other areas of health I can well believe, judging from the experiences of some of Mr. Amir's other patients I have spoken to - relief from irritable bowel syndrome, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, ME for example - and I am convinced that Cranio-Mandibular and Skeletal Symmetry is an important and highly effective methodology for health care and deserves a much wider utilisation with the dental profession. Mr. Amir is a pioneer in this regard and, I should add, a dentist to consummate skill. His work should be taken seriously by all dental and medical professionals. I do hope it is - for the sake of all of those whose health and well-being are at stake.

GB BSc PhD April 2003

Recovery from Asthma and Eczema

Our son Ethan (7 years old) suffered severely from eczema from the age of three months. By the age of three, his allergy also developed into asthma. He needed to be always with the inhaler and was often admitted to hospital A&E for his asthma attacks. Winter was a particularly bad season for him and Ethan was between a hospital and home because of recurring chest infections. Ethan was not only asthmatic but also very thin and slow to grow.

We did everything that we could think of and travelled everywhere seeking any possible treatments to cure him. Finally, we met Dr Amir in the summer of 2013.

Having the treatment over the summer, the first noticeable change occurred in autumn when Ethan’s feet and hands became warmer, which used to become icy cold very quickly when he was exposed to cold air. Then his class teacher was surprised at how he became animated in the class and became an active learner.

Ethan’s asthma has kept improving along with the help of the family’s careful nutritional input. The latest surprise for us was that Ethan didn’t need a single puff of his Salbutamol inhaler in April when it has always been a challenging month for him as a change of a season and at a peek of hay fever.

Now Ethan is asthma and eczema free and growing into a lively boy. These all happened within a year under the treatment with Dr Amir, and the progress was almost miraculous for us given a fact that Ethan was once informed by an allergy specialized paediatrician that he would need an inhaler and steroid for his entire life. We are grateful ever for D. Amir.

S. Courau

May 2014


Strangely I think there is a different element at play that we fail to understand. I had a patient years ago extremely allergic to cats. She could not even go into a room where a cat had been. Within days of starting treatment, she could play with cats!

So the present concepts fail abysmally when it comes to allergies.

The Advisor to the GDC Alleges:

"Asthma is a complex heterogeneous disease that is often associated with atopic sensitization in children. Asthma is believed to arise as a result of interactions in early life between environmental exposures and genetic predisposition. (Copied straight from an American website leaving out the important second part!) Environmental exposure to inhaled substances and particles that provoke allergic reactions or irritate the airways are the prime etiological triggers. It is not related in any way to TMD."

Comment: However, his report to the GDC possibly forgot to add the rest of the conundrum which is:

"Large increases in childhood asthma prevalence were described in the United Kingdom and similar developed countries in the last few decades of the 20th Century. This change was too rapid to be explained by genetic shift and so there has been an intensive search for modifiable environmental factors that are causally related to the development of asthma in children. Although a large number of biologically plausible factors have been suggested, most have only modest effects on disease risk."

The missing factors which can explain the large increases in asthma cases can be explained by the phenomenal increases in:

  1. The consumption of processed foods and unhealthy takeaway foods seriously impacting jaw development. Please refer to the work of Dr Weston Price.
  2. The extraction orthodontics in the last few decades of the 20th century resulting in a worsening of the poor jaw development initially caused by processed foods.
  3. The extraction of wisdom teeth - mostly on referral by maxillo-facial surgeons, contributing to the incidence of breathing problems and lifelong illness which no one can treat.

Please see the images of the patient in the 'wisdom teeth' article above.


The resolution of Asthma, brought about by corrective non-extraction, non-constrictive orthodontics in most patients is a testament that poor jaw development is THE MAIN contributory factor in the incidence of Asthma.

Such corrective treatment is an anathema to the medical profession so their appointed shills and cronies will use every possible tactic to discredit or prevent this knowledge from getting out to the general public. One does not have to suffer from TMD to get Asthma. TMD comes about in adults, not children!

Only slight asymmetries of the jaws can cause serious health issues - not just Asthma

Acknowledgement Citation

Republished from Asthma


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About M Amir

M Amir BDS MSc (U. London) Dental Surgeon was a dental surgeon practising holistic dentistry in London. He specialized in the treatment of patients with medical problems emanating from the dysfunction of the jaw joint. He took particular interest in the field of body symmetry and its relationship to health He may be contacted on Tel: 0208 780 3433 (secretary);


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