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Recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Fibromyalgia

by M Amir(more info)

listed in cfs me long covid, originally published in issue 226 - November 2015


Republished from,-Myalgic-Encephalomyelitis-and-Fibromyalgia.html

The following data demonstrates how patient, Hannah Gay, eliminated almost 100% of her symptoms associated with ME/CFS with only 7 months of treatment. Hannah was lucky that she discovered our treatment within a few months of falling ill. Here is a graph showing her recovery following corrective symmetry treatment without the use of any medication:

Progress Changes in Symptoms

You can read Hannah's story here.

I discovered a treatment for these conditions more than 20 years ago with some 95% of patients who have either completely recovered or are very substantially better. There is no mystery to these conditions. They are simply problems of an asymmetric jaw often coupled with other skeletal asymmetries.

This relationship to illness is easily diagnosed and does not need any complex exams or tests. Recovery starts almost immediately for most patients after embarking upon treatment. Please read the numerous testimonials on this website.

Doing a further preliminary analysis amongst our patients this graph merges the records of our patients who presented with 'Chronic fatigue' and other symptoms into a comprehensive graphical representation:

Graphs Symptoms Incidence

In this graph we have merged our patients records who presented with 'Jaw pain' and other symptoms into a comprehensive graphical representation:


It is pretty obvious that patients presenting with jaw problems have almost identical symptoms to those presenting with chronic fatigue.

CFS and ME are unnecessary medical pigeon holes and serve no purpose other than to make a mundane jaw problem into chronic serious illnesses, the true cause of which, never gets treated while the patients waste away.

I thought I would let you all see these graphical representations as I also just read an article in the New Scientist magazine with this alarming title:

“Antibody wipeout found to relieve chronic fatigue syndrome”

The article quotes a study making stupendous claims which I fail to understand having successfully treated very many ME/CFS patients how killing someone’s immune system can possibly make them better.

In short the study basically says that your doctors are still very confused about this condition and think that you should use a drug to kill your immune system to help you along your way.

It is very understandable that the medical profession is thoroughly confused because they have absolutely NOTHING to do with such patients. 'Confusion' has this uncanny ability to be very profitable. One can put this 'confusion' into very good use by putting patients through thousands of dollars worth of useless tests and drugs.

These tests inevitably produce no answers. The patients are then prescribed further useless and dangerous drugs for this 'mysterious' illness at rip-off prices. Patients are also prewarned that "because we do not really know what is causing your 'mysterious illness' the drug might not work" - and people WILL ACTUALLY pay for this nonsense. The outcome of the drug treatment is a foregone conclusion - no benefit but plenty of adverse effects and often life threatening harm in this case.

In September 2006 the British Medical Journal printed the following comment from me:
"Temporo Mandibular Joint dysfunction as a Differential Diagnosis in ME/CFS patients
“My experience of treating many patients with CFS is that this aspect [Jaw dysfunction] must always be excluded in the differential diagnosis as it gives similar symptomatology as many other causal relationships. Asking the patient if they have any jaw pain is not sufficient.

“Palpation of the Lateral Pterygoid muscle by running a gloved finger on the buccal aspect of the upper molar teeth backwards and upwards will often produce acute pain in most patients. The pain might be worse on one side than the other. Evidence of jaw clicking, limited mouth opening (Normal 50mm), deviation of the lower jaw on slowly opening the mouth, tooth grinding and jaw clenching while asleep should be inquired into. A history of orthodontic or wisdom tooth extractions is also often indicative of TMJ dysfunction. Dental splints over the teeth provide limited and symptomatic relief and should not be perceived as "TMJ treatment under control" as the proper dental management of such patients is far more complex. I shall be grateful if this can be brought to the attention of those in medicine that the patients so depend on. It might even give some an alternative to "psychosocial" relationships."

It is imperative that if you have been branded with any of these illness labels or you suffer from multiple symptoms you seek symmetry treatment. You may want to complete our very comprehensive pre appointment questionnaire here.

I received emails from a number of recovering patients most concerned about this misconceived proposal to give patients this immune ablating drug:

Jean warns:

"This drug has been linked to PML !
This monoclonal antibody medication is foisted onto unsuspecting 'MS' patients; this is a cancer medication, not for people with healthy, properly functioning immune systems!

Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) is a rare and usually fatal viral disease characterized by progressive damage (-pathy) or inflammation of the white matter (leuko-) of the brain (-encephalo-) at multiple locations (multifocal)

Here is what Amy had to say:

"This makes me very angry and concerned about the safety of anyone vulnerable and desperately ill enough to be a guinea pig for this very serious and dangerous sounding drug!! As is obvious in the article it simply masks the immune system dysfunction without addressing the fundamental root cause which cannot be cured with drugs and after stopping it the participants simply become sick again.

“Apparently they are going to recruit participants via the NHS referred CFS services at St. Heliers and Epsom. The former is where I previously saw the immunologist Dr X……...… who wasn't able to help my condition whatsoever and recommended pacing for my fatigue and Echinacea for my weak immune system. A “charity” is involved in a separate trial at UCLH. God help us all."

©2015 Dr. M. Amir. All rights reserved.

Posted by Doctor M. Amir in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at 22:17

Published from,-Myalgic-Encephalomyelitis-and-Fibromyalgia.html


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About M Amir

M Amir BDS MSc (U. London) Dental Surgeon was a dental surgeon practising holistic dentistry in London. He specialized in the treatment of patients with medical problems emanating from the dysfunction of the jaw joint. He took particular interest in the field of body symmetry and its relationship to health He may be contacted on Tel: 0208 780 3433 (secretary);

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