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Case Study: Joey Bull Recovery from Knee Injury

by Guy Holland(more info)

listed in case studies, originally published in issue 93 - October 2003

Competitive, arduous and gruelling sport has not always been the most likely home for advocates of complementary and alternative medicine. Yet one lady owes an enormous amount of her success and on-going condition and performance to a little known, but startlingly effective, system of diagnosis and treatment.

Joey Bull was set to attain her dream of becoming a professional dancer. Years of training at Surrey’s respected Elmhurst Ballet School had groomed her for a successful and acclaimed career. However, those years of toil, training and study were erased in a split second. A skiing accident resulted in a horrifying knee injury, major surgery and a complete re-appraisal of her life and goals.

A concerted period of rehabilitation ensued and a growing sense of bloody-minded determination. Ironically, the accident that led to the end of Joey’s dancing dreams led to the most active, exhilarating and accomplishment-filled years of her life.

“I just threw myself into every conceivable activity,” explained Joey. “I decided to take my intensive rehab’ work to its furthest conclusion and set about entering body-building, cross-country running, fitness and crosstraining events, hurtling from one to the next armed with little more than absolute determination and a desire to see how far I could go both physically and mentally.”

Joey quickly decided competitive body-building was not for her, but dance school tuition proved to be an ideal training ground for fitness competition – events designed to test speed, agility, strength, endurance and presentation. “Thanks to my dance background, I had always been good at kicking and smiling,” as she self-deprecatingly commented.

Clearly good at rather more than that, Joey picked up the IFSB National Fitness title, won the EFBB British Championships, became Miss Galaxy UK, Tropicana Fitness Champion and was placed highly in a number of European and World Championships.

She identified early that, to rise from her position of serious physical adversity (following the shattering anterior and posterior knee ligament injury), she would open herself up to more than conventional medicine and treatment. She was pointed in the direction of Allison McQueen-Luzar whose McQueen Clinic had achieved remarkable, well documented results in such ailments, allergies and injuries as chronic fatigue, eczema and broken bones.

As a Vega/Quantum Diagnostics Practitioner and Bioresonance Consultant, Allison gave Joey an edge in terms of physical capability and appearance that proved to be a mixed blessing. “On the one hand I was in the best shape I could possibly be in; unfortunately some fellow competitors on both National and World levels suggested that it could not be possible without illegal, unnatural assistance. It couldn’t have been further from the truth so I decided to take it as a compliment,” she explained.

Allison’s Vega Diagnostics work provides a total body screening, which accurately defines organ and system status, pinpoints food intolerances, allergies, heavy metal intoxication, electro-magnetic stress, fungi, bacterial, virus and dental problem identification.

By measuring a change in resistance in flow of electricity over an acupuncture point – which can be brought about by the introduction of a substance into that circuit – the Vega can assess organ functioning and detect precise intolerances. This entirely personal, accurate and bespoke diagnosis ensures that appropriate advice is given and results can be achieved quickly.

Bioresonance Therapy balances the body’s electro-magnetic oscillations in order to restore health. A sophisticated form of energy medicine, Bioresonance is able to desensitize those on restricted diets and address specific health issues – like tuning an instrument, the body can be tweaked to tune into the vibrations and frequencies emitted by all living matter.

“What impressed me about Allison and work at the McQueen Clinic, is its ability to deal with any condition or health situation that comes its way. I have had my absolute dietary requirements outlined, which is critical when striving to attain peak performance levels and to eliminate a particularly ugly skin complaint (caused by a leg waxing product). But it has been the recovery from injury that has probably provided the starkest evidence of Allison’s expertise and the validity of her therapy.

“The origin of aches and pains and joint weaknesses have all been correctly identified, which has allowed me to train accordingly, focus on correct rehabilitation and preventative measures and attain the goals that I have set myself.”

As something of a real life Lara Croft character, Joey’s work and hobbies rely on a continued degree of extreme fitness levels and sense of health and well-being . A keen mountaineer (she has most recently been to the summit of the Matterhorn, Eiger and to 20,000ft in the Himalayas) and as an Adventure Athlete she recently competed for a GB team in the Eco Challenge – a 500km race through jungles, up mountains and across seas in Borneo. When not taking on such extraordinary challenges she has gained a reputation as a highly respected personal trainer, motivational speaker and writer.

Joey’s belief in Allison and her work with Vega Diagnostics and Bioresonance is such that she has evangelically spread the word to fellow athletes, adventurers and friends, adding to The McQueen Clinic’s 16,000 strong client list (a large percentage of which have come from GP referrals). “If people can benefit from a fraction of the assistance that I have had, I really cannot state strongly enough that they should look to Vega Diagnostics and Bioresonance.

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