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Case Study Issue 96: ACMOS Quantum Medicine

by Naheed Brooking(more info)

listed in case studies, originally published in issue 96 - February 2004

It was 4pm on a Monday afternoon in June. I had just finished my last clinic session of the day and was getting ready to leave, when I heard a feeble knock on the front door. I opened it to find a young lady in a wheelchair accompanied by her mother.

She was 25 years old and suffering from extreme fatigue and stomach pains. She had been going to the doctor for 3 years and had had every test done to try and find out what was causing the pain. The doctors had even operated on her with an appendectomy but the pain still remained. Gradually, over the years, her energy levels had declined to the stage where she did not have the energy to walk and had to use a wheelchair. ACMOS was her first venture into Complementary Medicine. Was there anything we could do to help?

We began with an ACMOS energy diagnosis, which entailed getting a detailed picture of Susan's (not her real name) energy fields with the ACMOS Lecher Antenna. This is a specialist instrument that is able to measure the body's deep Centripetal Energy (internal energy). Susan's energy field deviated 5 metres from her body, which showed she had severely depleted her reserves. Her main energy channel at the head and the feet was blocked including the energy centres (chakras), which supply each cell with vital energy.

Susan's low energy was again confirmed by using the ACMOS Biofeedback Tester which measures the surface Centrifugal energy – a device that replaces Chinese Pulse diagnosis. The Tester takes vitality readings from each of the meridians on the hands and the feet. On an average healthy person one would expect to find readings of 50-65 on the scale; in Susan's case the readings ranged from 0-10.

Once the energetic diagnosis had been completed, we were ready to commence the ACMOS Balance session by using the ACMOS Protocol, which is a language of communication between the Client's energy body and the therapist via the ACMOS Lecher Antenna. The objective of the treatment session is to be guided by the energy body to replace energetic disconnections in order of priority, and then ensure that the energy is flowing throughout the body through stimulation techniques and then check for any environmental aggressions that are contributing to the health issue.

Dr Rene Naccachian, a French engineer, who received acupuncture on a severe knee injury whilst on business in Taiwan, invented the ACMOS Method in the 1980s. The success of the treatment so amazed him, that he wanted to scientifically understand what had occurred. He developed his own system of Energy Medicine which was initially based on Chinese acupuncture. However, he soon found it was not enough. He added essential oils, herbs, homeopathy, seasonal remedies, minerals and colour therapy to develop a comprehensive system of Energy Medicine that would address the needs of the West.

Susan's energy body selected an essential oil first (Rosemary) – showing there was a deep hereditary disconnection located in the stomach. The oil was "Acmodynamized" into a specific area of the stomach. This is a method of energy transfer that is unique to ACMOS and entails transferring each individual frequency from the oil into the client's energetic body. Herbs, homeopathics, minerals and even prescription drugs can be energetically transferred or imprinted into the body in this way to reduce side effects and speed up the healing process.

The next remedy selected was an ACMOS Brain Connector (ABC), which showed that an area of the Susan's body had lost its energetic communication with an area in the brain. Her energy body showed us through the ALA where the precise area of the disconnection was in the body. It was located in the same area as the pain.

The ABC 'quantum fluid' was Acmodynamized into the stomach area first and then into the brain. This energetic communication between the brain and all the cells in the body is vital for energy balance as, in ACMOS, the brain acts like an 'operating system', managing all the systems of the body.

We carried on with the protocol and a homeopathy was selected next (Arnica). This indicated that she had been poisoned sometime in the past. In most cases homeopathics are Acmodynamized but in this case Susan's body needed to take the remedy. The dosage was 2 granules in the morning for 3 weeks. Lastly Susan's body requested a herb (Dandelion) to help ease the symptoms and enable her to eliminate her toxins quickly and efficiently. The herb was imprinted in the stomach area through Acmodynamization so, when it was taken orally, the herb would go straight to the area needed instead of being dispersed through out the body.

We then began the ACMOS stimulation, a type of streamlined acupuncture that uses points that are relevant for everyone. Susan requested the Yin Keo Marvellous Vessel, which is a collection of points for low energy and fatigue. Later an oil (Marjoram) was once again Acmodynamized in the stomach area to restore a disconnection due to Geopathic Stress.

ACMOS research shows that Geopathic Stress causes leaks within the energy field resulting in chronic tiredness. We repair these using special colour filters. Lastly we ensure that the lymphatic system is working efficiently to eliminate toxins by using colour filters.

At the end of the session, Susan's energy fields were in alignment and the readings on the Tester had increased to an average of 55. She looked like a completely different person, bright and radiant and she informed me that the pain had gone. A few weeks later she called into the clinic still looking radiant to tell me that she did not need to use the wheel chair anymore and that she had applied for and got a job as a Manageress in a care home.

For Susan a single treatment was sufficient for a breakthrough in her health due to her youth. However, someone who has had long-term chronic ill health may need 5-6 sessions, spaced 6-8 weeks apart.


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About Naheed Brooking

Naheed Brooking is a health researcher and parent committed to promoting health issues and energetic medicine. She can be contacted on Tel: 020 8961 7509; Fax: 020 8838 2288;


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