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Case Study Issue 94: Scenar: Treatment in Stroke Rehabilitation

by Pamela Nancarrow(more info)

listed in case studies, originally published in issue 94 - November 2003


It is generally still accepted by the medical profession that beyond six months after a stroke any clinical change in the patient is extremely unlikely. When I commenced this work, a medical doctor shook his head and actually said those words "no change beyond six months". That is just not true.


Sam was an apparently healthy energetic master butcher. Suddenly, in October 1998 aged 54, he had a stroke. The first stroke was a 'mini' – in hospital he suffered a further, much more serious stroke. A scan revealed a massive bleed but no clot. The surgeon said nothing could be done and that Sam was unlikely to recover. For three weeks, Sam lay in a coma and a second stroke was expected daily which his wife was told would be fatal.

Consultants at the hospital paid little attention to Sam, more or less indicating that nothing much could be done. During the following three months, some attempts were made at rehabilitation physiotherapy to enable Sam to rise from a chair, and some speech therapy was offered. The wait for a stair-lift at home was to be almost a year, so Sam discharged himself. At home he had a small amount of physiotherapy to assist his walking, some sketchy speech therapy and huge help from his wife. The couple were determined Sam was not to be a vegetable.

Other Treatments

The couple had heard that acupuncture could assist in stroke recovery and sought an acupuncturist in the area who assured them he could get Sam 'up and running'. After a year nothing much had happened and, with no funds remaining, treatment ceased. During 2000, Sam went weekly to a Reiki therapist who also assured the couple Sam would be fit for his holidays in a few months. This did not happen.

It was just previous to this time that I trained as a SCENAR therapist. I had come across a small case study about stroke recovery and asked the couple if I could work on Sam as an experiment. It was agreed that I would work for one month three times a week. If nothing happened, sadly, we would have to 'call it a day', but if there was the slightest change we would continue to work together.

SCENAR (Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation)

The SCENAR works by stimulating the brain with constantly varying signals that cause it to instruct the nervous system to generate neuropeptides and other key chemicals the body needs to heal itself.[1]

The presenting problems were typical of a severe stroke with paralysis down the right side. Difficulties included:
• Distorted balance (to the right);
• Right clenched fist and arm tight to the body;
• Little arm and no hand movement; very little speech and tongue control;
• Knee locked straight and stiffness in the leg;
• Walking difficulties; cold and numbness of the right foot and right arm in the elbow area.

The objective was to correct as many of the above problems as possible, primarily with use of SCENAR.

Self-help exercises

Cross crawl – small physical exercises to co-ordinate both sides of the brain.
Reading aloud – at first this was difficult and the patient gave up at first because only rubbish came out. He can now read aloud fluently. Co-ordinates brain, sight and speech.
Exercise bicycle – Sam could not even sit on this at first. After the knee released, he regularly built up movement and stamina.
Reiki was introduced into the treatment to induce relaxation in the patient who was so intent on succeeding he sometimes became tense, which was counterproductive to progress.

SCENAR Protocol

Initially the SCENAR protocol for stroke was used:
1. The whole head concentrating on the area of bleed;
2. Working on opposites i.e. bad arm better leg then bad leg better arm;
3. 3 paths i.e. spine and paraverticals and 6 trigeminal nerve points of the face.

After 10 treatments there was some feeling in the arm, lifting slightly eased and the leg felt more flexible. The right foot began to be warm for short periods.

After month one I began to work more adventurously:
• Always working on the head;
• Worked on the tongue;
• Muscles on the face relating to speech;
• Neck and throat;
• Concentrating working on shoulders arms and hands;
• Worked across shoulders, front and back;
• Worked on both hands, back and front.
After 2 months:
• Speech began to improve;
• The foot was warm for 48 hours;
• Hand loosened for a short while of it's own accord.
After 3-4 months:
• The arm hung down unaided for the first time;
• Reported tingling feeling down the arm and some warmth detected;
• Can say the alphabet and some nursery rhymes;
• Walking improved – going out alone;
• Fingers began to relax.

Small gains were made in month 10. Sam had unbearable pain in his right lower leg for ten days – the leg was too painful to touch. Three different diagnoses were made. Treatment had temporarily ceased and I wondered whether the SCENAR treatment had caused the pain. After ten days the pain went and Sam found he could bend his knee. He said the pain was worth it.

The treatment continues now following developments as they occur. One of the treatments used weekly this last eight months has been the 'Cranio Therapy' protocol. This has produced considerable progress in speech and a speeding up of movement. Sam describes the treatment as making 'everything clearer'.

Results and Outcome

Throughout the treatment Sam has looked and felt in wonderful general health. Results to date are:
1. Body balance restored;
2. Arm has dropped; hand unlocked;
3. Arm can be raised and lowered;
4. Right knee unlocked; walking much improved. Can now walk with feet flat. Ankle can be flexed;
5. Sits with normal posture;
6. Tongue in proper place in the mouth;
7. Can speak in sentences and reads aloud;
8. Warmth and feeling has returned to foot and arm and is beginning to return to the fingers;
9. Reports a general improvement in mental clarity;
10. There are very slight indications of movements in the fingers.


Such a long course of treatment is expensive, with sessions ranging from £25 to £40, depending on your postcode. One solution would be to buy an Acuscen (a home SCENAR) plus a comb for the head treatments (£800). I have felt very honoured to work with Sam and his wife and to share with them the joys of his gradual return to fuller use of his body – who knows what is yet to come!!


1. Positive Health. Issue 60. January 2001.


Paralysis – Case Study Life Energies International.;
SCENAR Healing Devices – Roger S Meacock BVSc MRCVS.
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    Dear Sir/ Madam;

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    We are Happy to have Submitted this Press Release to the General Public and Media on behalf of all offering SCENAR Technology ...We hope you find it useful in your business.

    Thank you.

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    Ludivina Ballan, AB

  2. David Schlute said..

    Hello, my name is Dr. David Schlute and I am a Chiropractor/Health Practitioner in Long Beach, California (USA). I recently purchased a SCENAR device and have been using it on my patients for about 3 weeks with positive results mostly treating musculoskeletal conditions. I have a patient who suffered a stroke about 4 years ago, and when I was doing some research online to find out if the SCENAR could potentially help her, I came upon an article you wrote (see below):

    It sounds like you had success treating your client/patient using the SCENAR. I'm writing to you to inquire about the treatment protocol you used as well as if you have had any other success using the SCENAR with similar people who have suffered a stroke.

    Any information will be greatly helpful!

  3. David Schlute said..

    Please contact me at

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