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Case Study Issue 81: Spiritual Healing for Severe Eczema

by Chandrika Vaghela(more info)

listed in case studies, originally published in issue 81 - October 2002


My client is a 70-year-old man called 'Ravi'.[1] He retired a year ago, with not many friends, or any kind of social life. He is a quiet and calm-natured man who has spent the past year with his wife at home. He came to see me with a severe rash all over his body. His hair had been cut short, as he could not bear the weight of it. He was unable to sleep and was restless. His condition was diagnosed by his GP as eczema and he was referred to the local hospital. The consultant prescribed a steroid cream and advised him to go out for a walk every day, or increase his social activities.
The patient visited me two years ago for pain, both in his back and in his knees, and benefited from the treatment.


On Ravi's first appointment, I observed that he was short of breath and coughing. His skin looked pale, he was tired and it was a struggle for him to walk.

I gave Ravi spiritual healing. He knew the procedure as he had had healing previously.
For those of you who have never experienced healing, I will summarize the steps that are recommended by the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) below:

1. The client can lie down or sit in a chair. We connect to the subtle energy around us. There are seven major energy points on which we focus in turn;
2. Energy is then channelled from the left to the right side of the body;
3. The process usually takes around 30-45 minutes;
4. The client may experience heat, coolness, tingling, pressure and a dispersing of pain, etc. The healer is able to boost energy levels and correct the imbalances within the patient's self (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level if needed). This heightens the patient's natural ability to recuperate and heal himself.

Ravi went into a relaxed mood quite quickly. I placed my hands above his head. I sensed the energy begin to flow. For the next ten minutes I kept my hands concentrated above Ravi's head until I felt the energy change. I then proceeded to the second energy centre, and this time I felt a different energy, I kept my hands there until the energies settled again. This applied to all parts of the body I moved to. The energy was strong, and in most parts I could sense the colour blue transmitted around the body. This is one of the many beautiful colours both healers and clients are aware of and are pleased to share with myself and others. I looked at Ravi, he looked relaxed, his breathing had slowed down, his eyes were closed and he was fully relaxed. His face did not look as drawn as when he had entered. He had submitted himself up to the gentle healing energies around him.

The whole process in this case took 65 minutes, which is much longer than the estimated time that I usually work to. I finished the session by separating our energies and offering him a glass of water to help settle him back to normal. At the end of the session I asked him if he had felt or sensed anything while I was channelling the energies. Many times he would say:

* "I felt heat on my shoulders and back".
* "When you were healing near my brow I felt someone blowing hot air at me".
* "I felt a tingling sensation on my head".


Ravi came for 12 sessions at regular intervals. Initially this was twice a week and then reduced to once a week.
There was always some improvement in his health after each treatment and the following comments were made:

* "The rash on my back has dried up/is slowly receding. It does not sting anymore when I have a bath."
* "It's not flaring up all over my body, only a little bit on my legs now."
* "I think I must have been depressed; my mind feels calm now."
* "I am making an effort to go out for a walk every day."
* "I feel stronger and happier."

I noticed that the colour of his skin had changed from pale to a healthy brown. He was no longer short of breath and had stopped coughing. There was also a smile on his face.

I suggested that Ravi visit a Herbalist in order to help him clear up the final traces of the rash on his legs. He took a week's supply of herbs and his rash did not flare up again for three weeks. I recommended that we stop the treatment for a few weeks and see if it reoccurred. Two months have now passed and the eczema has not flared up again.


1. Name has been changed.

Further Information

NFSH, Old Manor Farm Studio, Church Street, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex TW16 6RG, Tel: 0845 123 2777.
For referrals, Tel: 0845 123 2767.


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About Chandrika Vaghela

Chandrika Vaghela is a Spiritual Healer belonging to the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) and has been practising channelling energy into patients' bodies for five years now. She works at Northwick Park Hospital, in the Finance Department, and is trying to encourage Spiritual Healing to be incorporated within the hospital, via the Research Department. She can be contacted at E:


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