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Case Study Issue 80: Bosiger Energy Alignment Method (BEAM) for Psoriasis and Back Pain

by Ingrid Saag(more info)

listed in case studies, originally published in issue 80 - September 2002

The underlying cause of psoriasis is not known, but it may result from a faulty utilization of fat. Current research points also to an immune system role. The build-up of toxins in an unhealthy colon has been linked to the development of psoriasis. Attacks can be triggered by nervous tension and stress, among other things.


Robert, a 46-year-old solicitor, is overweight at 14 stones. He is of Asian Indian origin and his skin is very dark. His main problem is psoriasis, a condition with which he has suffered for eight years. His skin was dry and covered in raised blackish lesions all over his body, with the exception of his face. It was especially bad on his lower back above the buttocks, where there was a large solid area of crusty, dry, rough skin. Some toenails were totally black, while others were striped pink and black. Interestingly, where the lesions appeared on one side of the body, they were echoed in the same area on the other side, possibly relating to the bilateral aspect of the meridians. The lesions were itchy unless Robert applied cream. He used E45 cream, and Dermovate if it appeared on his face. The psoriasis would improve in the summer or if he went swimming in the sea. He admitted that the condition got him down, and he wore long-sleeved shirts to hide the lesions. He had not tried any major therapies for the condition.

Robert sometimes suffered from back pain, sinus problems and nosebleeds. He got constipated in the winter. He played cricket in the summer, but took no exercise in the winter months, which may have been a contributing factor. It was now October. His work, although enjoyable, could be stressful and the hours were often long.

Diagnosis of the Feet

Robert's fifth toe on the left foot curled under and towards the fourth toe, indicating a kidney/bladder meridian (water element) imbalance. This related to the recurring back pain and sinus problems. The dark skin under his eyes and a tendency not to drink enough were also indicative of a water element imbalance.

His right big toe stuck up, indicating a liver imbalance. A high percentage of psoriasis sufferers have an imbalance in the liver.

There was creasing in the digestive areas, accompanied by psoriasis marks, suggesting a lack of energy in the digestive system. Robert's main area of weakness is with the metal element (lung/colon), characterized by the psoriasis, which is a gut and colon problem. Nosebleeds and constipation are features of large intestine meridian imbalance.

Treatment Strategy

BEAMâ„¢ is an innovative energy healing therapy that stimulates and balances the body's natural energies. The BEAMâ„¢ machine applies pressure to the feet to stimulate reflexes that are connected to the organs, central nervous system and skeleton. The machine gently stimulates energy flow through the meridian system by the use of pressure pads placed on energy points. Compression and magnets are used to release muscle spasm and pain. These techniques release blockages to allow a free flow of energy, which enhances circulation so that vital vitamins and minerals can strengthen cellular function.


I encouraged Robert to make changes to his diet, such as having meals at regular times to avoid problems with blood sugar, reducing or cutting out stimulants like coffee and tea, and avoiding wheat and dairy products, red meat, fried foods, citrus fruits and sugary foods. He began taking essential fatty acids for their anti-inflammatory and skin moisturizing properties.

I also suggested that he take more exercise and try activities like yoga or meditation to deal with the stress.

When Robert arrived for his first session he was walking stiffly and in considerable discomfort. He had had lower back pain since the previous day. By the end of the treatment the pain was very much reduced and he walked out moving more easily than when he had arrived.

A week later Robert's back showed a 75% improvement, but there was still some remnant of discomfort. By the end of the second session, which included a five-minute vertical reflex therapy (VRT) treatment, he left with no pain or stiffness, only a slight numb sensation. The numbness lasted for a few hours before disappearing.

After only two sessions Robert found that he was sleeping better, resulting in increased energy. With the exception of the patch on his back, the psoriasis lesions had stopped itching. Normally, they were itchy every day. This meant that there were no new lesions, which tended to come up every two weeks.

By the time Robert had received three treatments his bowels had become more regular, once or twice a day. He was more relaxed and, apart from the patch on his back, the lesions on the rest of his body were healing nicely.

Robert continued to make good progress until he arrived for his seventh session with lower back pain again, but in a different place this time. The treatment brought about an immediate reduction in pain by 75%. Two days later his back was completely fine. Robert began going to the gym twice a week, which increased his energy.

At this stage Robert began taking colloidal minerals, also acidophilus and colloidal silver to deal with any Candida that may have been present, to be followed by a formula with silymarin to cleanse and protect the liver.


Robert had 12 sessions in total: eight weekly sessions, followed by four more widely spaced. Four months since starting treatments, the patch on Robert's back is not as solid as it was, his skin is less dry, and the remaining lesions on his trunk, arms and legs have healed. His bowels are regular, his circulation has improved and he has more energy. If Robert is careful with his diet, continues taking regular exercise and can reduce the stress in his life, I believe he has a very good chance of overcoming this difficult condition.

Further Information

The BEAM School and Clinic Tel: 020-7935 6888; E:; W:


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