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Case Study Issue 65: Scenar Therapy

by John Halford(more info)

listed in case studies, originally published in issue 65 - June 2001

As published in Issues 44 and 60 of Positive Health, a Russian Radio-Engineering Institute worked on a device during the mid 1960s which was developed over the next twenty years. This device is now beginning to alter the way healthcare is delivered in Russia. A team of Russian scientists originally worked on this device as a means of looking after the health of cosmonauts in space. It has never been used in space as funds ran out at the time of perestroika, but four of the original scientists carried on with their work. Two members of the team were subsequently awarded the Order of Lenin (in their terms, equivalent to a Nobel Prize). The Scenar device became available not only in Russia but also in early 1999 in the UK.

In my 15 months experience of using Scenar I have had results that confirm my confidence in Scenar. My experience treating acute conditions is that Scenar will not only effectively control pain but also promote rapid healing, With chronic conditions it is not as easy to know how successful Scenar has been. Chronic conditions will take longer to resolve and although I have confidence that improvement has taken place, how long that improvement will last needs time to tell. I have not used Scenar for long enough to express a firm opinion but I am optimistic and consider Scenar to be a responsible treatment for chronic conditions. As with many treatments the speed of recovery is noticeably enhanced with the mental co-operation of the patient in a positive atmosphere.

Scenar treatment is licensed in the United Kingdom for pain relief ONLY. Scenar should not be used if the patient has a pacemaker.

The following are photographic case histories of some of the patients I have treated with Scenar.
Burns sustained on 5th December 2000
Burns sustained on 5th December 2000. Admitted to hospital. I treated patient the evening of the 14th  and the morning of the 15th  of December 2000. The patient was having oromorph 20ml twice daily to try to control the pain. I used Scenar treatment on reciprocal hand that evening. Pain on burned hand went and did not come back until 16th December when the plastic surgeon did a skin graft operation. Following Scenar treatment the patient did not take oromorph or any other pain relief until after the skin graft.
The morning of the15th December 2000 with plastic bag removed.
The morning of the15th December 2000 with plastic bag removed.
Photograph burn hand 21st February 2001
Photograph burn hand 21st February 2001. I had not seen the hand between the 15th December and the 21st February 2001.


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About John Halford

John Halford has qualifications in Acupressure and Reiki and has been helping people (and animals) over many years. He has also studied Thalassotherapie in France and Hydrotherapy in the USA and England.


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