Issue 39 April 1999


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  1. Holistic Treatment for People and Pets

    Midi Fairgrieve

  2. The Effect of Aromatherapy Treatment on Raised Arterial Blood Pressure

    Jolanta Basnyet

  3. How to Maintain Glucose Levels

    Marilyn Glenville, PhD

  4. Weight Loss Through Well-Being

    Paul Smith

  5. NLP in Education - A Magnificent Opportunity

    Don A. Blackerby, Ph.D.

  6. Self-Belief in Sport using NLP

    Peter Cohen and Michael Breen

  7. Biodanza

    Karen Woodley

  8. Massage for Detoxification

    Mario-Paul Cassar

  9. Letters to the Editor Issue 39


  10. Editorial Issue 39

    Sandra Goodman PhD

  11. The Bat Method

    Joel Carbonnel

  12. A Mercurial Cure for Colitis

    Dr Angela Jones

  13. What is 'gestalt' about Gestalt Therapy?

    Sheldon Litt, Ph.D.

  14. An Holistic Approach to Optimum Sports Nutrition

    June Butlin

  15. Why develop degrees in Complementary Therapies?

    Dr Brian Isbell

Research updates in this issue:

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  1. acupuncture

  2. alternative medicine

  1. cancer

  2. immune function

  1. women's health

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