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Sue Green is trained in Holistic Massage and is in ongoing training in Core Process Psychotherapy with Karuna Institute. Her background has included work with meditation in various forms, and contemplative bodywork forms such as yoga and chi kung, and her interest is in pursuing increasingly integrative forms of experience which cross or transcend boundaries of culture and thought.

Articles by Sue Green

  1. Pain - Relationship Between Body and Psyche

    Listed in psychospiritual

    Sue Green looks into many aspects of pain and the different ways in which it can be viewed. Pain can be a signal that something is out of balance, for example pain can be a sign of ...

  2. The Mystery of Change: Weaving a Way Ahead

    Listed in psychospiritual

    In my view, many people today sense that their lives need to go through some kind of radical questioning. Without helpful ways to go through that process, we can become cocooned in ...

  3. The Heart in Healing

    Listed in healing

    As complementary medicine becomes more and more established and able to hold its own with proven research showing its effectiveness, there is perhaps room to ask the question, what ...

  4. Coexistence of Body and Mind

    Listed in mind body

    I was stimulated to write the article by Leon Chaitow, reflections on the body in psychotherapy (Positive Health, Issue 16). Rather than reply to it, I would like to offer some thou...

Book reviews by Sue Green

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