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  1. An Interaction between 7 Elements in Harmony

    by Marc Samson

    At 55, without warning, bang… We wonder what's going on in our body. All of a sudden, I felt an unknown pain. What is that pain? Quickly I thought that it was possibly a heart attac...

  2. Balancing Chakras for Optimum Health

    by Sarah Williams

    The author explains about the chakras - the energy centres, situated at various levels in our body - in Sanskrit, the wheel or vortex of spinning energy emanating from our core.

  3. Body Harmony

    by Susie Jewell

    Body Harmony is a hands-on form of body work, that acknowledges the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual as one. It is an experience in personal empowerment, that allows us to...

  4. Bulimia Nervosa

    by Kim Langdon

    Bulimia nervosa, a psychiatric eating disorder according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM5)[1] is a mental health condition that mani...

  5. Case Study: Soul Harmony Creams can Reduce Pain and Balance the Chakras

    by Sarah Williams

    My client was feeling very drained and tired, had a cough, and was suffering acute abdominal pain over the gall bladder and liver area (mainly at night, often waking her). She su...

  6. Coexistence of Body and Mind

    by Sue Green

    I was stimulated to write this article by Leon Chaitow’s reflections on the body in psychotherapy (Positive Health, Issue 16). Rather than reply to it, I’d like to offer some thoug...

  7. Common Denominators Across Healing Modalities

    by Dr Daniel Benor

    This article discusses the elements common to the various alternative/complementary therapies. The author says between Acupuncture and Zen, one's problems may be addressed at many ...

  8. Conversations between Mind and Body

    by Harry Dalford and Julie Kingston

    The particular Approach I follow is that devised by medical Doctor Milton Trager MD a man that was both interested in mental health, neurological disorders and meditation.

  9. Discover your Inner Strength and Resilience to enjoy a Positive, Empowered and Happy State of Mind

    by Dominique Antiglio

    We are now aware of the need to exercise regularly and to eat well to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Many of us can be quite open about trying to lose weight or when we have start...

  10. Finding Happiness When There is so Much Pain in the World

    by Dave Markowitz

    “God, sometimes I hate that spiritual rhetoric! Yeah, I know it’s true. Everyone has his or her mission. Both victims and perpetrators are filling a much deeper destiny than my mind...

  11. From Deathbed to Ironman Triathlete - Brian Boyle's Inspiring Recovery

    by Brian Boyle

    In this article the author shares his amazing recovery from a near fatal accident that had left him comatose and on life support for two months at Prince Georges Hospital Centre in...

  12. Holistic Journey to Health From Ground Zero

    by Anastasia Ashman

    New York based writer Anastasia Ashman gives an account of how she witnessed the destruction of the World Trade Centre on September 11th 2001, her subsequent descent into ill-hea...

  13. How to Optimize Your Health with Mindfulness

    by Camilla Moore

    While mindfulness is a recent trend, the practice has been around for centuries. It is a practice that encourages individuals to be aware of their thoughts and feelings in the prese...

  14. How to Unlearn Your Pain

    by Dr Howard Schubiner

    Dr. Schubiner explains that much chronic pain is a result, not of structural disease processes in the body, but by ‘learned nerve pathways.’ (He makes it clear that he does not wor...

  15. Is Placebo the Untapped Future of Pain Relief?

    by Vikki Rimmer

    Vikki Rimmer, writer, NLP coach and hypnotherapist speaks with Dr Phil Parker PhD, Professor Irving Kirsch and Dr David Hamilton PhD about how the power of belief is integral to eff...

  16. Labels - Shortcuts, Assessments or Limiting

    by Linda Pecaut

    We like our labels. Labels are a shortcut to understanding. A quick assessment. But often we stop there, draw conclusions, and don't look deeper. Sometimes our labels become stereot...

  17. Mental Health Benefits of Nature

    by AXA PPP healthcare

    What if there was a natural way to uplift your mood, destress, promote a sense of wellbeing, leave you calm yet energised, without side-affects, dependency or prescription? What if ...

  18. Sit Up Straight - A Simple Technique to Feel Better and Have More Energy

    by Catherine Dowling

    Sit up straight, a command never far from the lips of mothers just a couple of generations ago, is not something you hear very often today. But depression is something we hear a l...

  19. Soothing Vibes for Hectic Living

    by Simon Cole

    “In your face” is how life seems to be so much of the time these days. And in so many ways… banner headlines, sound-bites, bright lights, advertising… high speed, high volume, hig...

  20. Synchronize Mind and Body - Instant Brain Boosters

    by Frances Coombes

    Do you ever get one of those days where your fingers and brain don’t co-ordinate? You may hit the wrong computer keys, or transpose letters in words you would normally spell correct...

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