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Simon Martin is an award-winning natural health journalist who is a former editor of Here's Health magazine and the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. He currently edits Health Guardian, a bi-monthly paper distributed in independent health food stores, and is consultant editor to the Journal of Sports Therapy. He is a nutrition advisor and associate member of the Fellowship of Sports Masseurs and Therapists. Contact him at PO Box 12932, London N8 8WL.

Articles by Simon Martin

  1. Superbugs: Is this the final warning?

    Listed in infections and inflammation

    Although critics of orthodox medicine over-reliance on antibiotics have been sounding the alarm on behalf of a long-suffering public for at least the last ten years, previous warnin...

  2. Intestinal Permeability

    Listed in colon health

    Intestinal permeability, or leaky gut syndrome is receiving increasing attention as the hard-to-deal factor in patients being treated for food intolerances. Hyperpermeability is als...

Book reviews by Simon Martin

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