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Sharon William's day job is to handle digital marketing for Koch Orthodontics in Loganville, GA. With a flair for creating compelling content that clears the clutter and connects with the audience in an instant, she writes about dental topics to educate and help her readers. She truly believes that a genuine smile can win a million hearts and talks to her readers about improving their smiles and overall dental health, as well as enhancing their overall lifestyle. In her free time, she likes to organize small meets in her neighbourhood where she brings people together to discuss various topics that she writes about. She may be contacted via sharon@kosmiles.com

Articles by Sharon Williams

  1. Orthodontic Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

    Listed in dentistry

    Orthodontic problems can have a negative effect on your oral health if left alone which makes it all the more important for you to identify the early symptoms of orthodontic problem...

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