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Sally Ann Hutcheson was formerly a teacher. In the early 90s she qualified as a Classical Homeopath and immediately commenced full time practice. She later added Kinesiology, Naturopathy & Craniosacral Therapy to her range of skills and incorporated those modalities with her traditional homeopathic treatments. In addition to lecturing, teaching and writing she runs a busy practice in North London. For more information please contact Sally Ann on Tel: 020 8446 7935;  www.sallyannhutcheson.co.uk/north-london/1/Welcome.html

Articles by Sally Ann Hutcheson

  1. The Limbic System, Disease and Homeopathy – How Emotional Stress Affects our Health

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    Science has now established that it is a crucial player in neuroendocrinology.[2,3] As somebody who is interested in complementary therapies, you no doubt will understand and subscr...

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