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  1. A Case for Tarentula hispanica

    by Dr Angela Jones

    GP and homeopath, Dr Angela Jones, looks closely here at the case of one of her patients whose serious mental condition was finally brought under control by the medicine, Tarentula...

  2. A Case of a Stubborn Anal Fissure

    by Dr Neil Slade

    This column focuses on homeopathic treatment for a 30-something woman plagued by an anal fissure for some years who, despite undergoing surgery twice for her condition, was still e...

  3. A Case of Angelman's Syndrome

    by Dr Neil Slade

    This column presents a case summary of a baby with Angelman’s Syndrome. As the condition is not widely known, the author explains what it is and how the baby was diagnosed with it....

  4. A Case of Bloody Diarrhoea Responds to Homoeopathy

    by Dr Angela Jones

    Adam was in dire straits when he came to see me. He had been suffering from diarrhoea for nine months and was getting nowhere with conventional therapy.

  5. A Case of Complete Exhaustion

    by Dr Angela Jones

    As a general practitioner, I frequently have patients whose chief complaint is that they are tired all the time. As you can perhaps imagine, it is a symptom to strike horror into t...

  6. A Case of Copious, Foul, Spluttering Diarrhoea

    by Dr Neil Slade

    This article is a detailed explanation of homeopathic remedies chosen for the treatment first of diarrhoea in an eighteen-month-old boy, and subsequently for the same in his mother...

  7. A Case of Homeopathy and Terrifying Dreams

    by Dr Neil Slade

    This describes the case of ‘Andrew’, a practical person with a satisfying personal life and rewarding job which he enjoyed. He came for a consultation about terrifying nightmares...

  8. A Case of Remedy Relationships

    by Dr Neil Slade

    Leon was a five year old boy brought into clinic by his mother. For just over a year he had been suffering from recurrent bacterial conjunctivitis.

  9. A Case of Treating a Foetus

    by Dr Neil Slade

    The author presents the case of a pregnant client diagnosed to be carrying a foetus with lung problems – specifically Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation.

  10. A GP Homoeopath's View Regarding Research

    by Dr Angela Jones

    This short article argues the case for research in homeopathy to ensure its survival as a therapy. The author, herself a GP homeopath, realises that colleagues, as well as the pati...

  11. A Mercurial Cure for Colitis

    by Dr Angela Jones

    Joan had suffered from ulcerative colitis for sixteen years when she came to see me. This particularly nasty bowel disease causes heavily blood-laden diarrhoea and can necessitate ...

  12. A Subtle Cuttlefish Case

    by Dr Angela Jones

    The name Eira means "snow" in Welsh. The brunette in front of me in my consulting room explained that she had had white hair as a baby, hence the appellation, which had subsequentl...

  13. A Tricky Case of Eczema - or 'If at First You Don't Succeed...'

    by Dr Angela Jones

    The little boy developed eczema at the age of six months, initially inside the elbow and quickly spreading down to the wrists, onto the legs, and onto the face and behind the ear...

  14. Addictions and Homeopathy

    by June Sayer

    The Little Oxford Dictionary defines the word addicted as being given over habitually to (drug etc), devoted to.

  15. Ailments from Grief

    by Dr Angela Jones

    One of the great strengths of homeopathy as a therapeutic tool is that it is ideally suited to the treatment of problems which cannot be given a medical diagnosis. The phrase "I ...

  16. An Unusual Case

    by Dr Angela Jones

    This case, though not stunningly exciting, is none the less an important demonstration of how homeopathic treatment sometimes has to progress. One cannot always find THE REMEDY str...

  17. Another Case of Depression

    by Dr Angela Jones

    It is interesting to ponder on the statistics regarding depressive illness. 20 to 30% of the population are thought to suffer from symptoms of depression in the course of one year....

  18. Another Childhood Eczema Case

    by Dr Angela Jones

    Childhood eczema is an aggravating skin condition involving itching, bleeding and scratching, which is usually only controlled rather than cured with conventional treatments such a...

  19. Another Headache Solved by Homeopathy

    by Dr Angela Jones

    Darren has migraine – or at least, he had migraines for the last five years. It had the typical features of associated nausea and dislike of the light, but no visual symptoms. Some...

  20. Aurum and Despair

    by Dr Angela Jones

    In her Case Study this month Dr Jones looks at several different issues in the case of a woman who had had serious surgery in the past and had got through it relatively easily. She...

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