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Peter Donn has spent the last decade and a half investigating different techniques in his search for the 'Holy Grail' of healing. Meditation, Anthony Robbins, Chuck Spezzano and Brandon Bays' The Journey, all played a part. EFT (Emotional Freedom techniques) showed enormous promise but had difficulties getting to the root cause quickly. He then trained in Guided Self-Healing, which in his opinion took healing to a new level, enabling the root cause to be quickly found, and allowed the body's infinite wisdom to guide the healing process through psychokinesiology. He then spent two years developing a new healing modality – 'Quantum Transformation' – to integrate into this process. Root Cause Healing™ was born. As well as being creator and founder of Root Cause Healing™ and Quantum Transformation, Peter is a certified practitioner of Meridian and Energy Therapies, as well as a practitioner of Guided Self-Healing and Scenar. He practises from Hertfordshire, London and by telephone. He may be contacted on Tel: 01923 250 050; info@hertsholistichealth.co.uk; www.hertsholistichealth.co.uk.

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  1. Root Cause Healing - A New Healing Paradigm

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    The article looks into Root Cause Healing, a therapy that helps to unlock the subconscious mind where limiting beliefs and experiences, including our past pain from our womb to the ...

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