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Root Cause Healing - A New Healing Paradigm

by Peter Donn(more info)

listed in healing, originally published in issue 116 - October 2005

Imagine if there was a way to find out the true roots of any issue in your life right now – be it a bad back, or bad luck, stress, a chronic illness, relationship challenges, or even a vendetta against God!

Whether you believe it or not, there is a reason for everything in your life – "God does not play dice with the Universe" as Einstein's famous phrase goes.

This article reveals a new therapy called Root Cause Healing™ that is designed from the outset to find those reasons and to give us a chance to heal them. In-so-doing it opens us to new possibilities and freedom in our lives.

Before describing this intriguing therapy, we need first to find how it is that our lives are blocked or sabotaged, or why we feel painful or negative emotions.

The World of the Sub-conscious Mind

Held within us is a vast legacy. Our subconscious mind holds the entire experiences of our past from womb to the present. It also holds limiting beliefs we have inherited from our parents and our ancestry – individual and collective. Our most powerful blocks and sabotaging influences are kept alive by these experiences and beliefs that are held in our minds and in our bodies.

We perceive our world through the filter of our sub-conscious mind, seeing only what we believe – everything else washes by. We are continuously getting emotionally re-triggered as aspects of our world unconsciously brings up faint recollections of past events, situations or experiences – maybe even those experienced by our ancestors. Negative emotions surface, appearing to be relevant only in the Now, but actually they are re-actions – re-enactments of the past.

For example, if we hold an unconscious belief that we will be abandoned (very commonly held by babies left to cry), this fear can cause a clinginess with those close to us. This can cause those around us to feel trapped. This can often result in relationships breaking down with our partners feeling their freedom compromised. The problem here is not the relationship but the beliefs that are held.

How does a Belief come into Being?

In the beginning, there is only objectivity, things 'just are'. But then this gets split up by the creation of beliefs.

Suppose John was going along merrily enjoying life at age five and his father said "come and help me in the garden". Really wanting to help his dad, he agrees, and dad gives him a broom to sweep with. He starts and hears his dad saying to a neighbour: "John can't sweep to save his life, but it keeps him out of mischief". John is only five and cannot rationalize that he is only a kid and therefore it's fine he can't do a great job at sweeping. Instead, in that moment he takes things at face value. Several beliefs are born (with varying strengths) and follow him all through life, perhaps even being passed onto his children:
• I am useless at everything;
• My dad doesn't value me;
• If I try to help people I will get hurt and I will prove I am a failure;
• I refuse to help anyone (even though I secretly want to feel wanted);
• Those I love are out to hurt me;
• There is nothing I can do feel approved of, because if I try things will get even worse.

Such a small event, yet the effects are dramatic! Every event in John's life that strikes a resemblance to this one will cause one or more of those beliefs to be re-triggered, and will sabotage appropriate behaviour and experience. By healing the emotional charge and clearing the original beliefs created, John's experience of the world – and other people's experience of John will change as if by magic.

In summary, beliefs are created from experiences where some kind of defeat occurs due to a misinterpretation of reality. Once created, they can follow you around for a lifetime. Root Cause Healing™ is designed to quickly release emotional charge and transform belief structures.

Am I being run by any Beliefs? Do I have any Sabotages affecting me?

There is a saying that goes "your body never lies". Most people feel their emotions in some part of their bodies. When you feel an emotion in your body, you can be almost guaranteed you have beliefs or sabotages that are behind this. Alternatively, you may 'resonate' in other ways. To find out some beliefs you may be holding, do the exercises in the 'Body Talk – Test Yourself' box. You may find out some interesting things!

Body Talk – Test Yourself

Try this to find out if you are running some sabotage patterns or hold limiting beliefs. The exercise below reveals areas that you might resonate with. If you resonate, you are holding beliefs about the area concerned.

Write out three columns on a piece of paper – let's call this your Resonate Sheet.
1. Area of body (e.g. you will write chest, heart, whole of body, two feet in front of my head!);
2. Emotion/feeling (e.g. confusion, anger, hate, fuzziness, heaviness);
3. Belief (e.g. I am vulnerable).

With ALL of the tests below, as soon as you resonate – by feeling an emotion or sensation in part of your body, write down an entry in each column, if you can. If you can't, don't worry.

• Questions

For each of these, write down the first answers that pop into your mind, and as you do so, fill out new entries on your Resonate Sheet. Don't forget to check for all body parts that resonate.
1. What is your deepest fear?
2. Who is the one person in your life YOU could never forgive? (Do NOT filter, write down the first person who comes into your mind. They may or may not be living). Think about that person then fill out one or more entries on your Resonate Sheet.
3. What are you most ashamed of?

• Statements

State each of these aloud, filling out one or more entries in your Resonate Sheet as you become aware of them. If you resonate with these, yet you don't remember a situation that could have caused it, maybe it could have come from another time period or through your parents, as mentioned in the article! If through your parents, which parent could it have been? And how many generations back?
4. I can achieve ANYTHING I want to in my life. Fill out the Resonate Sheet for your immediate reaction. Then, write out in the third column the beliefs you are holding that immediately pop into your mind – e.g. "only if society wasn't so racist" or "I don't have what it takes", etc. Then as you focus on each of those beliefs, fill out the first and second column for that belief.
5. I spoke my truth and was annihilated because of it.
6. I have betrayed.
7. I long to return to God/Source.
8. I love myself unconditionally. Watch out especially for emotional charge and beliefs that oppose the truth of this statement.

Now scan over your results. Do you find the same areas of the body coming up again and again? Do those parts of the body figure strongly in the physical conditions or diseases you are prone to?

For many of you, you have now had a first-hand experience of how you are holding the past within you and you can be sure these are unconsciously affecting your perception and experience of the world subtly or significantly.

Let's Get Physical

Not only are beliefs held at an emotional level, they are also represented directly at the physical level. Author of The Biology of Belief,1 Dr Bruce Lipton proves that our DNA responds to perception. Each cell has receptor sites that are triggered chemically and electrically. In the latter case, thoughts themselves – subconscious and conscious – generate tiny electrical charges that trigger cell receptors, causing cells to function in a specific way. What he says is that the DNA within the cells responds to those signals, generating life-enhancing or life-degrading activity. The important point he makes is that perception itself is a major part of cell functioning, causing the DNA to respond in specific ways. Behind perception is belief. If you believe you are only going to live to 60 years-old like your parents, your DNA is going to be affected by this – you are limiting your own potential. The bottom line is that held beliefs and emotions have a direct effect on your physical body.

Even before looking at true cause, chronic stress results in high levels of stress hormones in the blood, causing the body to be in a 'fight or flight' state – albeit a mild version of a truly acute situation. In this state, immune and digestive function is reduced, leaving the body open for disease, and not able to absorb adequate nutrition. Unconsciously held muscular tension around the body can cause structural imbalances, affecting nerve pathways, inappropriate constriction of vascular arteries, and many other effects, ultimately leading to chronic degradation of the natural body system and a myriad of dis-ease symptoms.

Healing Chart

Introducing Root Cause Healing™

Root Cause Healing™ is an extraordinary model of healing designed to track down the beliefs, emotions and sabotages sitting behind any issue asked of it. It is based on Guided Self-Healing (GSH) ( – a powerful therapy developed by Andy Hahn – a clinical psychologist with 20 years experience. GSH is a multi-levelled psychospiritual framework and healing system capable of tracking down with precision the root causes of any given problem or block, and the optimal healing methods to heal those causes. Root Cause Healing™ is an extension of this work – as created by the author. It adds on a powerful new healing modality – Quantum Transformation, and additional checking for environmental factors, such as heavy metal toxicity. The work of Dr Dietrich Klinghardt2 shows how some environmental factors in fact block emotions from being released, whilst at the same time amplifying them!

The Miracle of Muscle Testing (MT)

Psychokinesiology – as mentioned above – is a truly amazing tool without which Root Cause Healing™ would not exist. Psychokinesiology is the specific use of MT to question the body to find out unconscious information – for example finding out what is the true origin of a block that prevents someone being able to speak in public for fear of being 'annihilated'.

hr2Muscle Testing reveals the secrets of the unconscious mind – in seconds

How does MT work? When stating a true statement, all your muscles instantly experience an increase in strength. If the statement is false, the muscles in the body lose their power – they are weak. MT works this way even if the conscious mind doesn't know the answer – and the conscious mind cannot override this effect. Although there are many factors to take into account when muscle testing, a skilled facilitator can use MT to great effect and with incredible accuracy.

Nail down the exact sabotage structures that are blocking you

MT is used to guide us through a complete protocol. It reveals exactly the sabotage patterns (out of a large list – created mainly by Guided Self-healing) that are blocking the resolution of the issue. It takes us through exactly what past events – if any – we need to find something about, and what we need to find about them. The definition of 'past' is wide open! Depending on your belief system, this could be a past life (or imagined past life) event, genealogical past (coming from your ancestry), in the womb, or during your lifetime. Most often it is within childhood.

MT then reveals what healing methods – again out of a large list, including that in the repertoire of facilitator and client – are best to be used to heal the causes found.

Finally MT tells us if all causes are cleared, if any on-going work or behavioural changes are required, and then if the session is complete!

What is amazing to me is that our body wisdom directs the whole show. Over a very large number of sessions I have facilitated I can say that this wisdom accessible through the body is real, and is truly extraordinary.

Does RCH work for Physical Issues?

Physical issues are particularly interesting. I find often that people hold much of their 'emotional baggage' in the same places in their body. People are generally reluctant to deal with emotional issues, but quick to take action when it comes to physical pain or illness. So it is often a physical issue that brings someone to me and in the process of healing its cause, the person resolves whole sections of their past!

I had one client who had chronic back pain and neck stiffness for ten years. One cause was found to be a life-long relationship issue with her mother. After clearing the problem, and in the closing moments of the first session, she felt her back and neck adjusting itself and she had a flexibility she hadn't experienced in years. Three weeks later it came back and in another session more material was resolved and the back again clicked into place! In another case, a client with chronic jaw pain that many other approaches couldn't help experienced complete resolution in three sessions. Several causative factors were found, including being on the receiving end of a dominative father, and her having to 'bite her tongue' perpetually in childhood to avoid physical punishment. This was getting continuously re-triggered by her boss at work who had the same personality characteristics as her father. Invariably, and very interestingly, when the causes are tracked down, I find that the emotion experienced is felt in exactly the same area of the physical symptom or illness.

I believe that sometimes very challenging situations, including chronic illnesses such as arthritis, chronic fatigue and cancer, come along in our lives to force us to heal our past and to reach a new potential in our lives. From that point of view, issues from physical disease to emotional stress of all kinds, if healed holistically, can catalyse beneficial changes in an individual's life. Root Cause Healing™ is designed to facilitate this process of discovery and healing in a time-scale that fits in with our busy lives.

Case Study – Jason Holmes, Essex

Jason came to see me because of a sense of confusion, a feeling of not belonging, and because of having a very short fuse, moving to a dangerous rage in an instant when he felt a sense of injustice. We identified various causes, including wanting to follow the only person who loved him – his grandfather – to heaven when he died (hence the sense of not belonging on Earth) then proceeded to let go of the emotional charge – however – after an hour – he was just skating around the surface. I checked for metal toxicity – which often causes emotion to be locked into the body. I found mercury in various places including the spleen. Using Quantum Transformation – as developed by the author – we used his subconscious mind to start eliminating the mercury. Within minutes all the emotion started to flood up and out, with a myriad of realizations. After that session, his lifelong problem with rage left him completely. He wrote to me: "I am more relaxed, easy-going. This is this year's biggest understatement… The road rage has all but gone… I just can't seem to get irate about anything!!! It's most weird but I'm grateful I feel this way".

Case Study – Betty Cheadle, Hertfordshire

Betty was having a problem with relationships. She had a deep belief that she couldn't have a man who really cared for her, supported her, and liked her physically. All her previous relationships had landed her with violent boyfriends. After writing down the attributes of her ideal partner, we identified various sabotages which caused her to unconsciously attract the wrong partners, and also the parts of her holding beliefs that she didn't deserve a 'good man'. A month later we spoke. Miraculously, a man holding the exact qualities she had been looking for had come into her life – in abundance. The only problem is, she said, was that she didn't find him physically attractive and so didn't know if she wanted to continue the relationship! She had another session and we found three more sabotages that were behind that. Two weeks later, she called back. "Actually, I'm starting to fancy him now", she said! This is an interesting example of how our belief systems and our past can really distort our perception of reality.


1. Lipton B. The Biology of Belief – Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles. Mountain of Love Publications. ISBN 0975991477. March 2005
2. Klinghardt D. Autonomic Response Testing (ARTI). The Klinghardt Academy. 2002.


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About Peter Donn

Peter Donn has spent the last decade and a half investigating different techniques in his search for the 'Holy Grail' of healing. Meditation, Anthony Robbins, Chuck Spezzano and Brandon Bays' The Journey, all played a part. EFT (Emotional Freedom techniques) showed enormous promise but had difficulties getting to the root cause quickly. He then trained in Guided Self-Healing, which in his opinion took healing to a new level, enabling the root cause to be quickly found, and allowed the body's infinite wisdom to guide the healing process through psychokinesiology. He then spent two years developing a new healing modality – 'Quantum Transformation' – to integrate into this process. Root Cause Healing™ was born. As well as being creator and founder of Root Cause Healing™ and Quantum Transformation, Peter is a certified practitioner of Meridian and Energy Therapies, as well as a practitioner of Guided Self-Healing and Scenar. He practises from Hertfordshire, London and by telephone. He may be contacted on Tel: 01923 250 050;;


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