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Paul Harradine MSc BSc (Hons) SRCh MChS CertEd is a Podiatrist and Director of the Podiatry and Chiropody Centre, Cosham, Portsmouth. He has worked as a clinical lead specialist in podiatric biomechanics within the NHS and taught on both under and post graduate programmes. He has published original papers on areas including diabetes, symptom outcomes, first ray function and gait dysfunction theory. He may be contacted on Tel: 023-9237 3737; Mob: 07885 695325; podiathing@yahoo.co.uk www.podiatryandchiropodycentre.com

Articles by Paul Harradine

  1. Podiatry - Importance of the Foot

    Listed in bodywork

    This features look in depth at the way your feet can affect other areas of your body. Podiatry is the profession which specializes in the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of foot...

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