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Michael Wakeman MSc MA BSc MRPharmS is a pharmacist, writer, researcher and healthcare consultant. He has master’s degrees in pharmaceutical analysis, nutritional medicine, clinical oncology and is currently completing a PhD examining the impact medications have upon micronutrient status. In a previous role of MD of Scotia Pharmaceuticals, which developed fatty acid supplements for clinical use, he had the privilege of working alongside Nobel laureate Sir James Black, and he now works as a consultant in strategic business development alongside writing and performing clinical research. His research on food polyphenols has been selected to promote the scientific conference of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, and he is member of the Royal Society of Medicine, Guild of Healthwriters, and an expert NHS ethics committee member. His book “Medicated malnourishment” forms the basis of an international award-winning personalised nutrition platform www.vitmedics.com  

Articles by Michael Wakeman

  1. A Vaccine may be Here - But Where Now for Vitamin D and Covid 19 Research?

    Listed in infections and inflammation

    With the arrival of multiple Covid 19 vaccines, it is worthwhile speculating the fate of research into the effects that vitamin D might have on the virus, not just in terms of it co...

  2. Unlock Weight Management Secrets with New Zealand Blackcurrants

    Listed in weight loss

    Struggled with Lockdown Weight Gain? Has your Fitness Slipped? Want to Take Control of your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals Fast? 

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