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Michael A Clark Dip Official Buteyko is the head of The Well Natural Health Clinic. He is also the executive director of The Well Naturally Health Company established in 1991. He helps clients from all over the UK with a range of issues but specializes in four key areas: Natural Healthy Permanent Weight Loss, Asthma treatment, Diabetes II and Stress Management.

He holds full qualifications in Effective Stress Management, Buteyko Breathing Therapy (One of Only two Buteyko Therapists from the UK who was classically trained at the Buteyko Clinic Of Excellence in Moscow) Diet, Nutrition, Self Reliant Exercise, Counselling, & hypnosis. He is also the head of The Well Naturally Health Foundation that aims to offer free Buteyko treatment for all asthmatic children in the UK. Michael has designed the ABED MethodTM  to be flexible enough to be used  for individual clients as well as for groups and could be adapted just as well for children’s health as well as staff health protection on a corporate level.

Now that the ABED MethodTMhas finally been recognized as a useful model for inspiring others to take care of their own health, Michael is offering to train others to become ABED A.C.T. Practitioners TM, covering areas of health including Asthma, Diabetes II, Stress Management & Weight Problems. Michael describes himself as a Healthy Lifestyle Coach. With what he sees as a revolution that is set to start in April 2013 when UK GPs become fundholders, Michael sees the future of health care moving very much in the field of prevention through education. For this reason alone Michael sees the demand for healthy lifestyle coaches rising significantly. If you are interested in training as an ABED ACT Healthy lifestyle Coach then for more information including a free prospectus and for more details on upcoming training courses please contact Michael on Tel: 01482 342100wellnaturally@abedmethod.com    www.abedmethod.com

Articles by Michael A Clark

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