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  1. A Disorderly Diaphragm

    by Joel Carbonnel

    Following on from his previous column on the diaphragm as the king of muscles, Joel Carbonnel now looks at the consequences of an 'unhappy' diaphragm.

  2. A Review of the 20th Global Inspiration Conference

    by Catherine Dowling

    The opening event of the Global Inspiration Conference (GIC) lets everyone know that this is not the usual sit quietly and listen to the latest research papers type of conference.<...

  3. ABED (formerly BEDA) Method™ - Empowering Clients to Optimum Health

    by Michael A Clark

    The author, inspired by a TV documentary on the work of Professor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, travelled to Russia and had the good fortune to spend some time with Buteyko short...

  4. Benefits of Breath Analysis and Breath Coaching

    by Nevsah Karamehmet

    Breath Coaching is a highly evolved and revolutionary approach to all breathwork. How? Because over the years, scientists who have invested a great deal of research into breath, hav...

  5. Breath Taking

    by Joel Carbonnel

    What is your favourite kind of breathing? Do you prefer upper thoracic or abdominal breathing? Costal or diaphragmatic? Rhythmic or yogic? Buteyko breathing or re-birthing breathin...

  6. Breath Testing for Development Disorders?

    by David Taylor

    Regular contributor David Taylor discusses dyspraxia, a childhood neuro-developmental disorder that is thought by some to affect around 5% of the population. The disorder is charac...

  7. Breathing in a Circle - Transforming Consciousness Through Breathing

    by Catherine Dowling

    On the last Tuesday of every month, around the world, small groups of people gather themselves into circles. They come together not to debate an issue, form a committee or follow a ...

  8. Every Child Can Grow an Attractive Face - Mouth Breathing Causes Crooked Teeth

    by Patrick McKeown

    This well-researched article provides a careful explanation of the effects that untreated allergic rhinitis can have, including being a causative factor in the other conditions lis...

  9. Mindfulness and the Breath

    by Dr David Beales and Jonathan Nunn

    We are usually unaware of our breathing. The authors, a holistic medical doctor and an osteopath, both find that how we breathe is of fundamental importance in maintaining health, ...

  10. Optimizing Breathing Chemistry: Foundation for Healing

    by Kim Upton

    This feature looks at the impact of dysfunctional breathing on our health. The author states that such breathing methods can upset the body's chemistry and lead to symptoms such as...

  11. The Buteyko Method in AsthmaThe Battle for Recognition

    by Dr James Oliver

    In this feature we learn about the Buteyko Method – a breathing therapy that can help many asthmatics control their symptoms. The author goes into some details about how it works a...

  12. The Clear Link Between Breath Work and Immunity

    by Timothy Ives, Rita Ghelani and Dr Gustavo Ferrer

    Leading experts in the field of breathing techniques and respiratory health discuss the positive impact breath work can have on immunity and overall well-being.

  13. The Journey of Holographic Breathing

    by Martin Jones

    The author had a long, undiagnosed illness that was eventually diagnosed as Lymes Disease, and he was told it was incurable and eventually fatal.

  14. The Umbrella Muscle

    by Joel Carbonnel

    This article by Joel Carbonnel looks at the construction and function of the diaphragm using the analogy first made by the doctor and gymnast, Tissié, of an umbrella. Such similari...

  15. Why We Should Change the Way We Breathe

    by Stefanie Broes

    We all breathe. It’s the first thing we do, and the last thing. And everything in between. As babies, we are born perfect breathers. Just think of a baby, and visualize how it takes...

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