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Mario-Paul Cassar DO ND is well established as a practitioner and teacher in osteopathy, bodywork, clinical massage and sports therapy. He has also written several article and books including the Handbook of Clinical Massage published by Churchill Livingstone available from Elsevier or direct from the author who may be contacted via mario.cassar@virgin.net

Articles by Mario-Paul Cassar

  1. Massage for Detoxification

    Listed in detoxification

    This article describes what toxins are, the different types that exist, where they originate, and how different body functions work to get rid of them. The latter part of the articl...

  2. Maintaining Standards in Massage and Bodywork

    Listed in bodywork

    Osteopath and bodyworker Mario-Paul Cassar begins his piece with the case of a 72-year-old woman with severe lumbar pain who had been advised to keep moving her back. This resulted ...

  3. Assessment of the Body Regions - the Back

    Listed in back pain

    A fundamental aspect of bodywork is the assessment of the presenting symptoms and the aetiology. The particular region of the body must be assessed for malfunction, contraindication...

  4. Assessment of the Body Regions - The Back (continued from Issue 92)

    Listed in back pain

    In this column, Mario-Paul Cessar continues with his assessment of the back by looking at dysfunctions of the skeletal structure. He discusses signs and symptoms and how to palpate ...

  5. The Application of Massage in Psychogenic Disorders

    Listed in massage

    It is well known that massage relaxes us and can benefit us on emotional levels, but can it help with more complex behavioural and neurological dysfunctions? Recent research has bee...

  6. The Importance of Palpatory Skills

    Listed in bodywork

    Mario-Paul Cassar is well established as a practitioner and teacher in Osteopathy, Bodywork, Clinical Massage and Sports Therapy. He has also written several article and books inclu...

  7. The Importance of Good Posture in Bodywork Part I

    Listed in bodywork

    As part of his series on massage and bodywork, the author advices on the correct posture and handwork of practitioners in this article. Postural awareness is a combination of body p...

  8. The Importance of Good Posture in Bodywork Part II

    Listed in bodywork

    Mari-Paul Cassar looks at the use of hands, thumbs and forearms in this 2nd part of his Bodywork piece aimed at practitioners. The palm and fingers are the fundamental tools for the...

  9. The Importance of Good Posture in Bodywork Part III

    Listed in bodywork

    In this the final of a 3-part series on bodywork, the author focuses on the importance of good posture in massage and bodywork and considers the benefits and indications of carrying...

  10. The role of soft tissue work

    Listed in bodywork

    Soft tissue work was incorporated in physical therapy many years ago. Its efficacy has been demonstrated by the extent of its utilisation and by its continuous evolvement, sometimes...

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