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Lorinda Weatherall BSc has been a Natural Health and Wellness Mentor in the Barrie, Ontario area since 1995. Her love of science culminated in a Bachelor of Science, Specializing in Physical Anthropology from the University of Toronto - Mississauga. While she was unable to pursue a career in Anthropology, it expanded her horizons to look at the world differently. Lorinda’s modality of choice is Reiki and she learned this to use on her own family. Little did she know that this Energy Therapy would become a passion in her life. She defines Reiki as a light touch or no-touch Japanese Healing Art that helps to rebalance, restore and recharge the body to balance.  Her introduction to Reiki was the Western Takata style and is now focusing more on the Hayashi based styles of Komyo Kai and Jikiden. In 2010, Lorinda hosted a successful fundraiser for the Hospice Capital Campaign. Currently, she is a volunteer with Hospice House Simcoe - in the community and within the residence offering Reiki weekly to those in need.  Lorinda has submitted many articles (Privacy Act, 2009; HST, 2011, Do We Really Create A Karmic Debt When Doing Reiki With Others, 2013) to the Canadian Reiki Association for publication; she has been a registered member and promoter since 2001. Her book Integrative Healing Merging with Modern Medicine was published by John Hunt Publishing/Anyi Books and released November 2013. She may be contacted via queries@ihwreiki.com

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    Listed in integrated medicine

    In an effort to establish some common ground this are the working definitions for the term: Alternative, Complementary and Integrative. Please understand that these are broad genera...

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