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  1. A Decade of Complementary Therapies Provision

    by Dr Brian Isbell

    This article focuses of the development and growth of complementary therapies provision, which began to accelerate from 1995 in universities. However, the first mainstream provider...

  2. Alternative Ways to take Pain Away

    by AXA PPP healthcare

    If you’re fed up with taking pills or want to try something different, there are plenty of alternatives to consider. Many can be used alongside traditional painkilling options. Mode...

  3. An Integrated Approach to 21st Century Medicine

    by Dr Shamim Daya

    The author takes an integrated approach to 21st century medicine with the view that it encourages us to see a far bigger picture of who and what we are and the many different facto...

  4. An Integrated Clinical Approach to Optimum Health

    by Dr Rajendra Sharma

    A fully qualified doctor who specialises in the use of Complementary Medicine. A member of the Faculty of Homoeopathy, London, he has a broad knowledge of diagnostic techniques and...

  5. Another Side to Medical Treatment

    by Vivienne Bradshaw-Black

    When national health care was in its infancy, people could get to see their GP even if they sat in a waiting room for a couple of hours. GPs weren’t tied to 5-10 minutes per patient...

  6. Challenges Facing CAM Education Providers in the New Decade

    by Dr Brian Isbell

    Education in Complementary and Alternatives Medicine faces challenges as Further and Higher Education Colleges, and universities face funding cuts. Private educational institutio...

  7. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) for Patients with Mental Health and Musculoskeletal Problems: a Scoping Study

    by Dr Ava Lorenc

    This article reports on a study conducted by the University of Bristol and a team of researchers from across the UK. We were funded by National Institute for Health Research -NIHR ...

  8. How to Cope with Chronic Pain: Tips for Overcoming Injury and Pain

    by Jackie Waters

    A major injury can be life-changing. It can take months to years to recover from injury, and some people never return to their former ability.

  9. Integrated Medical Approach

    by Dr Atul K. Shah and Dr (Mrs) Rupa A. Shah

    We are making a quantum leap into the next century. We have witnessed and are enjoying the fruits of incredible research done in every field of life. Medical research is a major ar...

  10. Integrated Medicine - An Approach to Optimum Health; Removing Divisions in Health Care

    by Dr Rajendra Sharma

    We must remember that originally medicine used in healing and treatment by the evolving human species was entirely ‘natural therapy’. This included herbal/botanical medicine that de...

  11. Integrated Medicine - Philosophy and Clinical Practice

    by Dr Mark Atkinson

    This article focuses on Integrated Medicine,  which the author says, is the Medicine of the New Millennium that is here to stay, but still not easy to define as there is no univers...

  12. Integrative Healing - Practical Guide to Professionalism

    by Lorinda Weatherall

    In an effort to establish some common ground this are the working definitions for the term: Alternative, Complementary and Integrative. Please understand that these are broad genera...

  13. My Experience of Publishing Positive Health PH Online for >22 Years

    by Sandra Goodman PhD

    David Lorimer’s invitation to describe the impact of publishing Positive Health PH Online for >22 years has provoked within me an intense period of reflection and introspection....

  14. People-Powered Health - Co-creating a New Story of Health: Reflections inspired by the Quilligan Seminar on Health Commons [2]

    by Anna Betz

    My health, your health and the health of all of us is more important than to leave it in the hands of medical experts alone. People know that. More and more often they come togeth...

  15. The Importance of Professional Organizations in Integrated Medicine

    by Dr Brian Isbell

    For as long as there have been complementary therapists, there have been organisations formed by individuals or groups to promote that therapy. Frequently, early professional organ...

  16. Why develop degrees in Complementary Therapies?

    by Dr Brian Isbell

    By September 1998 at least ten Universities in the UK were enrolling students in degrees on Complementary Therapies. Some of the universities were offering places on up to six diff...

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