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Lee Dover BA (Hons) is a senior copywriter at Mediaworks with an interest in sports as well as researching into healthier ways of living. He has a BA (Hons) in Magazine Journalism. Away from work, Lee is also a keen runner and is an athlete and coach for Houghton Harriers & Athletics Club. Since joining the club in 2015, Lee has competed in various road, track and cross country competitions - on a regional and national scale. Highlights of his running career to date include his victories at the 2017 Lambton Run 10K and the 2018 South Shields 10 Mile race. You can follow his progress on Twitter via the handle @leedover1. He may be contacted via lee.dover@mediaworks.co.uk

Articles by Lee Dover

  1. How will Care Homes Look in Years to Come?

    Listed in ageing

    People across the globe are beginning to live for longer. While this is great news for the overall health of the world’s population, it does also mean that individual requirements r...

  2. How to Integrate Cycling into your Everyday Life

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    Cycling isn’t a pursuit that just needs to be undertaken by those with aspirations to one day compete in the Tour de France or as a sole means to get fit; getting on your bike and p...

  3. How to Spot the Signs of Different Conditions

    Listed in medical conditions

    There are a variety of conditions and illnesses which can prove very detrimental to our health. However, many have telltale signs that can be detected early to either stop the proce...

  4. The Importance of Promoting Good Posture in the Workplace

    Listed in back pain

    Slouching might feel comfier in the short term, but it causes long-term complications. Particularly with the rise of technology, paying attention to your posture has never been more...

  5. Future Advancements of Medical Operations

    Listed in clinical practice

    With technology providing rapid advancement across so many sectors, it isn’t surprising that an independent Commission on the Future of Surgery from the UK’s Royal College of Surgeo...

  6. Why you should Forget a Low-Carb Diet when you’re Training Regularly

    Listed in exercise and fitness

    We’ve all heard people talking about ‘cutting carbs’ when they’re trying to lose weight, but it’s not always the best way to improve your health. Carbohydrates are important energy...

  7. Planning for your GP Trip: Six Steps to Understanding your Pain

    Listed in medical conditions

    It’s one thing to go and see your doctor. It’s quite another to be able to accurately describe your pain. After all, we all have different pain thresholds, so describing the intensi...

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