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  1. Age is Just a Number: How to Live Long and Healthy

    by Rajgopal Nidamboor

    Ageing is inevitable, albeit its cadence is not. As the American writer Betty Friedan rightly said, "Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength." While we ...

  2. Caring for Yourself and Your Elderly Loved One

    by Holly Clark

    Are you a carer for your elderly loved one? Do you feel exhausted, worn out, and sometimes frustrated? Or are you at the beginning stages of care and worried about your future as yo...

  3. Eat Correctly and Live Long

    by Samm Kweku Richardson

    This article focuses on why, how and what we should eat correctly, to live a long and healthy life.  In order to enjoy the pleasures and profits which are possible in health, one m...

  4. Four nutrients to stop aging

    by Dr Michael Colgan

    Back in Abraham Lincoln's day, a newborn American could expect to live to age 39. Aging was not a problem because most people died before they had time to age. But for you, aging w...

  5. GH3: Procaine Hydrochloride

    by Conrad S Myers Ph.D.

    As we age an inevitable decline in our physical and mental health occurs. We all fear these debilitating aspects to ageing and strive to avoid them through controlled diet, exercis...

  6. How Healthcare Technology can be Utilized to help People Remain Independent for Longer

    by Helen Dempster

    It is now well documented and understood that our population would like to remain independent for longer, with 97% of people stating that they’d like to receive care in their own ho...

  7. How will Care Homes Look in Years to Come?

    by Lee Dover

    People across the globe are beginning to live for longer. While this is great news for the overall health of the world’s population, it does also mean that individual requirements r...

  8. Recognizing Ageing as a Disease

    by Ben Fielding

    Imagine a world where no one aged by default, except for in rare instances. Standing out in a crowd of the eternally young and healthy is an unfortunate soul; shuffling along with a...

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