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John Minard has been in the practice of spiritual healing for over twenty years. As a Christian Science Practitioner based in Philadelphia, USA, John helps others find healing cures and spiritual value in their lives using the prayer-based system as explained in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. Exploring the spiritual nature of God and man as His/Her image and likeness, well-being is found for physical, mental, emotional, relationship and financial problems. John also writes and works via the Internet. He can be reached at johnminard@mail.com. For more information on Science and Health, visit www.spirituality.com.

Articles by John Minard

  1. Tempering Temper

    Listed in mind matters

    John Minard, a practitioner of spiritual healing, discusses the implications of temper and outbursts, and how to overcome them. He uses the example of having his ideas interrupted i...

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