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Jo Dunbar-Lane MSc Dip Herbal Medicine Hypnotherapy runs a busy practice from her two herbal apothecaries. She helps patients through a broad range of health problems using herbal medicine, essential oils and nutritional supplements; and has a strong interest in helping people to recover from chronic fatigue. She has written a book focusing on how to recover from Candida (How to Cope Successfully with Candida, (Wellhouse Publishing), and more recently Recovering from Stress, Burnout and Fatigue, available from Amazon www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00J65GV30  www.amazon.com/Jo-Dunbar-Lane/e/B0034OS0IS. Jo may be contacted on Tel: 01372 470990; info@botanicamedica.co.uk   www.botanicamedica.co.uk

Articles by Jo Dunbar-Lane

  1. Herbal and Nutritional Approaches to Candida

    Listed in colon health

    The article outlines the origins, symptoms, treatments and prophylaxis for Candida, one of todays most widespread fungal diseases. It is caused by an aberrant overgrowth of a benign...

  2. The Devastating Effects of Stress on our Health

    Listed in stress

    We know that our contemporary life-style is not sustainable for the health of our planet, but it can also be unsustainable for our individual health

Book reviews by Jo Dunbar-Lane

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