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Jenny Brickett lives in South Shropshire with her husband John. She has qualified as a practitioner and teacher, recognized by the British Focusing Teachers' Association and The Focusing Institute in New York. On coming to Shropshire in 1981, she and John spent some years growing organic vegetables and keeping goats, sheep, cattle, poultry and bees. For 13 years Jenny and John hosted workshops and courses on all of these subjects, with speakers coming from all over the UK and abroad. She can be contacted on Tel: 01588 680663; focusinshropshire@brickett-thegranary.fsnet.co.uk

Articles by Jenny Brickett

  1. Focusing With One 'S'

    Listed in mind matters

    When we bring our awareness into the Present Moment and begin to notice what is happening in our own inner space, we are amazed at how much is there. We begin to notice subtly diff...

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