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Jackie Waters is the mother of four beautiful and energetic boys who live on their  three acre hobby farm in Oregon. Her goals are to feed her family as much fresh and home-grown food as possible, focus on sustainability while doing so, and practice simplicity. She is here to tell you: you can have it all. With diligence and balance, you can achieve a beautiful, clean home. Jackie’s journey has been full of challenges; she has learned so much along the way. She would like to share with you her ideas and tips on how to be...Hyper Tidy. Please contact Jackie via https://hyper-tidy.com/ 

Articles by Jackie Waters

  1. How to Cope with Chronic Pain: Tips for Overcoming Injury and Pain

    Listed in integrated medicine

    A major injury can be life-changing. It can take months to years to recover from injury, and some people never return to their former ability.

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