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Hanna Sillitoe is 35 and lives in Derbyshire, England. Having finally healed the chronic, autoimmune, skin condition Psoriasis from which she suffered throughout twenty years of her life, she works to coach others on the health benefits of juicing, nutrition, exercise and clean diet. Hanna is the author of ‘It’s a Skin Thing’ a free 28 day skin clear guide, which offers a step-by-step insight into clearing skin problems using fresh fruit, vegetables and vitamins. Hannah may be contacted via info@beyondfit.co.uk    www.BeyondFit.co.uk/skin   @BeyondFitUK (twitter)  www.facebook.com/BeyondFitUK

Articles by Hanna Sillitoe

  1. How I Healed my Skin through Juicing Raw Fruit, Veg and Exercise

    Listed in detoxification

    A study published in the Archives Of Dermatology suggests:[1] 350 Britons each year commit suicide because of psoriasis; 10,400 develop depression; 7,100 are diagnosed...

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